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Sir Thomas Malory

Sir Thomas Malory

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Sir Thomas Malory

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  1. Sir Thomas Malory Matt Driffill English 12 Mrs. Wozniak

  2. Thesis • Thomas Malory was an extremely influential and significant author in English literary history because of his work on Le Morte d’Artur which is still the premier Legend of King Arthur story used in the world today.

  3. Why Significant? • Wrote the most famous version of the “Legend of King Arthur” stories • Le Morte d’Artur collected and organized all the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table • Malory’s version also included many other tales and adventures that previous editions did not have • Le Morte d’Artur was written while Malory was in prison

  4. Significance Continued • Malory’s Le Morte d’Artur (sometimes known as The Morte Darthur) was the last important piece of English literature before the introduction of printing into the country • Published approximately fourteen years after Malory’s death • Original Manuscript never found….All printed editions were edited by William Caxton • Last great piece of the Medieval Era

  5. Where it falls… Thomas Malory’s legendary Le Morte d’Artur falls with Beowulf in the Medieval English Literature Era It is said to be one of the last great pieces before the Renaissance Over 600 years old and still very relevant to today’s society

  6. Biography • Believed to have been born in 1416 in an area where Warwickshire, Leicestershire, and Northhamptonshire meet • Father John Malory (esquire that owned land in all three counties) • John Malory was a sheriff of Warwickshire twice • Married to PhillippaChetwynd • Three daughters and one son (Thomas)

  7. ….Biography • Of Malory’s early years “almost nothing is known” • Records show that at 23 Malory was “a respectable county landowner with a growing interest in politics” • He had dealt with land dealings, and became a parliamentary elector • Was knighted in 1441

  8. Biography….still • Becoming a knight showed wealth and social ambition, both of which were traits showed by Malory in this time • Married Elizabeth Walsh of Wanlip • Together they had one child; a boy named Robert • He committed many crimes and even spent time in prison

  9. Rap Sheet • 1443- Charged with wounding and imprisoning Thomas Smith and stealing his goods • Jan 4, 1450- Malory and 26 other armed men ambushed the Duke of Buckingham • May 23, 1450- Malory rapes Joan Smith at Coventry • May 31, 1450- Extorts money from two citizens of the Monks Kirby area

  10. More Crime Time • Aug 6, 1450- Rapes Joan Smith again and steals 40 pounds of goods from her husband • Aug 31, 1450- Extorts money from a third Monks Kirby citizen • Mar 5, 1451- Steals cattle in Warwickshire • Apr 21, 1451- Malory is finally arrested and imprisoned • Two nights after arrest he escapes from prison

  11. The Notorious S.T. Malory! • Upon escaping from Coleshill prison he raided the Combes Abbey; breaking down doors, harassing monks, and stealing a great deal of money • He was then imprisoned in London where he would spend the rest of his life awaiting a trial that would never come • It was while imprisoned where Malory began to write Le Morte d’Artur • Is believed to have died either in 1469 or 1470

  12. Literary Work(s) • Thomas Malory’s only known publication is his Le Morte d’Artur

  13. Le Morte d’Artur • Malory’s only published piece • Published by William Caxton in 1485 • Featured previous King Arthur stories with several new ones • Intriguing conclusion in which author addresses the readers directly…. “I pray you all, gentlemen and gentlewomen that readeth this book of Arthur and his knights, from the beginning to the ending, pray for me while I am alive, that God send me good deliverance, and when I am dead, I pray you all pray for my soul. For this book was ended the ninth year of the reign of King Edward the Fourth, by Sir Thomas Maleore, knight, as Jesu help him for His great might, as he is the servant of Jesu both day and night.”

  14. Author’s Style • Malory was not a writer so his style is very plain and direct in Le Morte d’Artur • His speech was accurate to when he wrote it, but it is far outdated English now • The original title of Le Morte d’Artur remained in Latin • The story is third person point of view, and Malory’s biggest strength as a writer in my opinion is plot development

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  16. The Legend of King Arthur • Theatrical Trailer— • The Legend of King Arthur Because of Malory’s epic collection there have been many movies made…..This being the latest