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At Your Fingertips

At Your Fingertips. A Guide to Using WeatherBug Achieve. 2005-2006. Table of Contents How Does WeatherBug Achieve Work? 3 WeatherBug Tracking Station & Indoor Equipment 4 Accessing WeatherBug Achieve 5 Your WeatherBug Achieve Home 8 WeatherBug Achieve Support 9

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At Your Fingertips

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  1. At Your Fingertips A Guide to Using WeatherBug Achieve 2005-2006

  2. Table of Contents How Does WeatherBug Achieve Work? 3 WeatherBug Tracking Station & Indoor Equipment 4 Accessing WeatherBug Achieve 5 Your WeatherBug Achieve Home 8 WeatherBug Achieve Support 9 WeatherBug Achieve Activities 10 WeatherBug Achieve Community 12 WeatherBug Achieve Tools 13 WeatherBug Achieve Library 20 Archiving WeatherBug Achieve Resources 21 The WeatherBug Family 24 Contact Information 25 Welcome to WeatherBug Achieve!WeatherBug Achieve turns your school's natural environment into a learning environment. By combining meteorology with technology, it energizes the classroom experience for both teachers and their students in Science, Math, and Geography. More than 8,000 schools across the country participate in our award-winning WeatherBug Achieve program. Its easy-to-install and -use tracking stations feed live local weather data into interactive activities, tools, and standards-based lessons. Even non-tech savvy teachers can quickly incorporate its technology into their curriculum. This guide will show you what’s available and where to find it within Achieve. It is our hope this guide will help you become as comfortable using WeatherBug Achieve in your classroom as you are using other resources currently available in your school. Please contact us with questions, comments, or concerns. 1.800.544.4429, ext. 1721 members@aws.com 2

  3. And into where it is then Accessible… 4 1 Tracking Station on Top of School Measures Data 3 Data is Pushed Across Internet At Home for Teachers and Students In Every Classroom at Your School 2 Measured Data is Collected and Processed Inside School on a Single Computer and WeatherBug Master Control Unit Or from Any Other Computer in the School with Internet Access! How Does WeatherBug Achieve Work? 3

  4. WeatherBug Tracking Station and Indoor Equipment • Records 27 real-time parameters • Anemometer • - Wind speed • - Wind direction • Sensor Shelter • - Temperature • - Relative humidity • - Light intensity • Rain Gauge • - Liquid precipitation • WeatherBug Cameras (Optional) • - High performance outdoor color cameras • - Captures still and time-lapse images Anemometer Digital Display Master Control Unit Sensor Shelter Rain Gauge • Digital Display (Optional) • - Large, easy to read numerals • - English/Metric units • Master Control Unit (MCU) • - Processes and records data • - Stores 4 months of hourly observations • Green/Blue Bug Box (not shown) • - Replaces the computer in some tracking station installations WeatherBug InstaCam 4

  5. Accessing WeatherBug Achieve WeatherBug Achieve is a web-based application you can access from any computer connected to the Internet. To start using WeatherBug Achieve, open a web browser and go to: http://achieve.weatherbug.com WeatherBug Achieve is best viewed at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and with at least Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 6.0 5

  6. Student Login • Students enter: • School’s zip code • Choose school name • Select grade level • WeatherBug Achieve • student version will launch. Registration & Login Process School Key Code User Name: Password: Teachers Registration & Login To access the teacher edition of WeatherBug Achieve, teachers are required to create their own User Name and Password. Select the “Register Online” button and complete the entire form. Use the provided School Key Code from your Membership Certificate. Contact your school’s Achieve Lead Teacher if you do not have a School Key Code. After your initial registration, you will only need your User Name and Password to access WeatherBug Achieve’s teacher edition. 6

  7. The Two WeatherBug Achieve Views • Grades 6 - 16 Teacher and Student Views Grades Pre-K - 5 Teacher and Student Views • The WeatherBug Achieve view you have access is dependant upon the grade levels at your school. • There is no difference in content; the views are designed to engage students at different grade levels. 7

  8. User Identification This section identifies whether you are in a teacher or student mode, your name when in teacher mode, and your school name. Preferences Change units of measure for entire product Your WeatherBug Achieve Home Current Weather Roll your mouse over the weather station components to see your current weather information Navigation Bar Where Your Data Comes to Life! Weather Window Select one of the tabs to view the most recent camera, radar, or picture for your region and school. Click on the image and you will be directed to the appropriate tool for more viewing options. Featured Articles Timely and seasonal news briefs and articles for your reference and use in the classroom 8

  9. WeatherBug Achieve Support AYC Training Over 3 hours of self-paced training is included. Divided into 5 – 15 minutes, the training modules may be accessed when you want and as often as you wish. Update ProfileChange your password, email address, and grade levels in this section. Download WeatherBug DesktopA no-ad version of the adjunct personal PC product Contact UsThe best way to contact us; Your comments, feedback, and request for assistance are important to us! 9

  10. Exploration Zone Exploration Zone allows students to move through pre-designed Weather Units of study. Units are geared to specific grade levels. Weather Units have Interactive Lessons, pre-selected WeatherBug Tracking Stations and WeatherBug Cameras to enhance the lesson, and Worksheets to supplement the Unit concepts. 10

  11. Activity Explorer Activity Explorer allows you to Search By Activity to find quickly an appropriate Lesson Plan or Interactive Lesson by searching subject area, grade level, lesson type and/or keywords. Activity Explorer allows teachers to Search By Standard to find the lessons that align with specific standards you wish to address. 11

  12. Search By Activity Search By Activity to find a Lesson Plan or Interactive Lesson. You can further refine the search with grade level and subject area. And you can add Keywords. 12

  13. Search By Standard Search By Standard to find lessons that align with your state’s standards. Find your state and drill down to the grade and standard you wish to address. 13

  14. More Interdisciplinary Activities Meteorology Match Game An activity designed to test students knowledge of both current weather patterns and geography. Meteorologist of the Day A daily activity that lets students be the school’s meteorologist. Lewis and Clark Weather Portal This activity chronicles weather’s role in the Corps of Discovery’s journey using actual journal entries 14

  15. WeatherBug Achieve Community Let’s Help Puts schools in need after major weather events in touch with schools that can help Info Center All of the shared community resources needed to make Achieve a success at your school! Brainstorm Allows teachers to share best practices. Teachers Academy A group of Achieve users to contact about what works. Connections A newsletter fro registered Achieve teachers. Your PHOTOSStudents and teachers can view engaging images and teachers can Uploadstudent weather photos or photos of student projects. 15

  16. Weather Observations Provides various formats for current and historical data. Graph two parameters to investigate the relationship between. 16

  17. Camera Loops and WeatherBug DataCam Camera Timelapse & WeatherBug Camerasprovide still, enlarged, and time lapsed pictures from the closest, operational WeatherBug Camera. WeatherBug DataCam combines time lapsed images and graphed weather data from the closest, operational WeatherBug tracking station and camera. Move your mouse over the graph to see how the weather data correlates to both current and historical images. 17

  18. Map GalleryTool allows students to create their own weather maps based upon current and historical conditions. The tool contains multiple topographical maps within each region that show satellite imagery and climatic data from WeatherBug tracking stations within the region. Local/Metro Maps display up to 6 school sites allowing you to observe live, local weather information and compare surrounding weather conditions. Weather Maps display isolated radar and satellite imagery outside the Map Gallery tool. 18

  19. Storm Central Satellite, Radar Maps and Outlook statements keep you updated with the latest information. Interactive Storm Tracker Track and investigate current and historical storms and hurricanes. Storm Central has all the tools you need to investigate severe weather due to tropical storms and hurricanes. 19

  20. Local Summary Automatically selects 10 WeatherBug sites in your local area for a comparison of local climate conditions. U.S. Summary Allows you to compare national WeatherBug sites from up to 8 regional areas of the U.S. in the same table. Canada Summary Allows you to compare Canadian WeatherBug sites in the same table. Think EXTREME conditions! 20

  21. Storm Display Allows you to investigate live National Service Service (NWS) advisories posted for the US. These watches and warnings can be viewed on both national and state maps. Drilling down to the county level provides the text for the most recently posted NWS advisories. 21

  22. Change Tracking Station and Change Camera These toolsallow you to enter a different zip/postal code or state/province and city to select a different WeatherBug Tracking station and/or camera. Once a new station and/or camera is selected, all tools, lessons, and activities will use the selected school’s data and/or images. 22

  23. Library A set of resources for teachers and students alike! Three glossaries, more images, and daily weather facts… 23

  24. Exporting Graphics from WeatherBug Achieve into Other Applications • Choose the photo, map, graph, or table you wish to export. • Right click on the image and choose “Copy”. For tables you may need to highlight the entire table by holding down the left mouse button and scrolling over entire data set. • Open the application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Right click within the document where you wish to place the copied image. Choose “Paste”. • The chosen image will now be placed in the document. You can adjust the placement within the document as necessary. • **Flash images require the use of the Print Screen feature rather than copy. 1 3 4 2 24

  25. Import a Table into Excel for Additional Manipulation To create graphs, limit/sort the data shown, and calculate the sum, average, mean, median, and/or mode for weather parameters. 1 • Within WeatherBug Achieve, use your mouse to highlight the section of the table or entire table you wish to export. • Right click on the highlighted table and choose “Copy” or choose “Copy” from the “Edit” options in the Tool Bar. • Open a new Excel page. • Within the spreadsheet, right click in the “A1” cell and choose “Paste” from the option listing or choose the “Paste” option in the Tool Bar. • The data is now in a spreadsheet format and can be manipulated using the Excel application tools. 2 3 4 5 25

  26. Select the time-lapse sequence you wish to save from Camera Loops. • Find the earliest hourly image you wish to save and click on “Export”. The image will appear in a pop-up box. “Copy” and “Paste” this image to a blank PowerPoint slide as directed in the pop-up window. • Advance the image one hour using the slider beneath the camera image. “Copy” and “Paste” the new image onto the same slide. This will paste images one on top of the other on a single slide. • Continue step 3 until all hourly images you wish to use have been copied and pasted. • Under “Slide Show - Custom Animation” set each image to automatically appear. Save file.. Save a Time-Lapse Sequence to Power Point 1 2 3 5 2,3,4 2,3,4 5 26

  27. In WeatherBug Achieve On Television The WeatherBug Family 100+ Local TV Stations Award-winning educational software At Home and Work For Emergency Preparedness Live web content through WeatherBug Students, Teachers, Parents, and the Entire Community View WeatherBug Weather Information Through Many Available Options Fastest alert for possible severe weather! 27

  28. You are now ready to get your students involved in all the real-world activities WeatherBug Achieve provides for cross curricular study! Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns: The Team 1-800-544-4429, ext. 1721 or members@aws.com 28

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