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Facebook Application Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Facebook Application Development

Facebook Application Development

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Facebook Application Development

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  1. Facebook Application Development Jason Banico Presented by Wilson L. Chua

  2. Why create a Facebook app? Primary Account Creationand Login = Real Identities Facebook users are already profiled. (No need for more info forms.) Distribution:You have a global audience that you can tap on –2.767 M as of Oct 2008 Automatic Social Graph Users can find their Facebook friends on the site. Facebook Connect’s ability to Publish content to the Facebook News Feed in a social and therefore highly relevant way

  3. Facebook Application Development • Popular Facebook Apps... GAMES! • Texas HoldEm Poker • Mafia Wars • Zombies • Embedding Facebook Connect • Trazzler


  5. Trazzler Case Study • Stats (February 2009) • Monthly Visitors: 70,000 • Total Trazzler Trips: 15,098 • Writers: 7455 • Most prolific writer: 286 trips • Monthly Active Users:14,000 today, climbing fast • Page Views Per Visit: 14 • Average Wishlisted Trips: 13 • Demographics 63% Female, 70% between the ags of 25-44

  6. Starting with a Facebook Idea Target your audience.Look for a niche interest not currently served by Facebook, such as books, stock market or manga. Think viral.Imagine how your initial users "infect" their friends with the app. Make it sticky.Offer something fun or useful that will engage your users. Keep it simple.Sophisticated apps can turn off users with short attention spans.

  7. Facebook App Anatomy • Applications DirectoryThis is where beautiful imagery and concise, descriptive text pay off. You need to submit your application to Facebook so it can be included in the directory.

  8. About Page • The About page tells users about your application and is accessed from the Facebook Application Directory. • It should inspire users to interact with your application. The About page is a Facebook Page

  9. Canvas Page • This is the main page of your application on Facebook. • Application canvas pages appear within the Facebook frame and can either be FBML (Facebook's version of HTML) or an external Web site presented within an iframe

  10. Profile Box • The profile box is usually the place to show the most recently updated information or the most recent actions of the user. • This information should reflect how the user would want to represent their identity through your application on their profile

  11. Facebook Application Development Facebook.NET – By Nikhil Kothari, author of Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Server Controls and Components Facebook Developer Toolkit – Developed by Clarity Consulting and endorsed heavily by Microsoft; integrates very well with Visual Studio Express. Visual Studio Starter Kit for Facebook – By Steve Trefethen Facebook API Client Library for VB.NET – By Jay Lagorio; this is earliest implementation of the API that I had come across.

  12. Facebook Application Development Jason Banico, (insert contact details here) Wilson Chua, wilson@bitstop.phBitstop Network Also Learn how Microsoft was used:Visit