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Oracle Fusion Sales PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Fusion Sales

Oracle Fusion Sales

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Oracle Fusion Sales

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  1. Oracle Fusion Sales Insert Presenter’s Name HereInsert Presenter’s Title Here

  2. Program Agenda • Oracle Customer Experience • Fusion Sales Release July 2013 • Fusion Sales Integrations • Fusion Sales Roadmap • Fusion Sales and ISVs

  3. Safe Harbor Statement The proceeding is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  4. Oracle Customer Experience In Store Contact Center Social Field Service Mobile Direct Sales Channel Sales Oracle Commerce OracleSales Oracle Marketing Web Oracle Social Oracle Service Foundational Tools Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services Oracle Data Integration and SOA Tools Oracle Mobile, Portal and Content Tools Oracle MDM, BI and Decisioning Tools Deployed modularly for discrete business problems or as a suite of applications to address touch points across the customer lifecycle Open and standards based, enabling extension and integration with existing and third party solutions Complete portfolio of best-of-breed solutions to deliver better customer experiences

  5. What Oracle Brings Experience Breadth Pragmatism • The software provider market is highly fragmented, leaving customers to fend for themselves, cobble solutions together • Only Oracle brings an open standards-based application and technology strategy capable of addressing the scope of customer experience A Different Approach

  6. Portfolio Strategy Create the Future of Customer Experience Maximize Value by Enabling Client Success • Bring it together in the technology. • Bring it together in the market.

  7. Fusion Sales Release July 2013

  8. Oracle Sales Key Investment Priorities

  9. Key Capabilities in July 2013 Release • Simplified UI to enable sales to complete most common tasks • Contextual collaboration on Customer, Partner, Lead, Opportunity objects • Integrated Lead generation from marketing & Social channels • Access SFA on Android devices • Enhanced Address Cleansing capabilities • Enhanced reporting and scheduling capabilities with BI Answers • Configurable approval workflows • Programmatic migration of configurations

  10. Key SFA Capabilities by RoleInside Sales

  11. Key Capabilities for Inside Sales Rep • ‘No Training’ User Experience • Simplified UI to enable sales to complete most common tasks • Standard UI for advanced capabilities • Native look and feel for Outlook, Smart Phone & Tablet • Faster data entry with Quick Edit & Type Ahead capabilities • Account and Contact Management • Leverage faster access to customer information with a 360° view of all customer information • Improve information retrieval with smart search across customer and related objects

  12. Key Capabilities for Inside Sales Rep • Lead Management and Distribution • Receive intelligent recommendations of potential opportunities with predictive analysis of customer product and sales data • Leverage prioritized Lead follow up with numerical Lead scoring and Lead ranking • Have leads routed to direct and indirect channels with a robust Assignment Manager

  13. Key Capabilities for Inside Sales Rep • Social & Enterprise Collaboration • Improve sales force collaboration with Conversations throughout the sales cycle • Enhance sales team productivity through purposeful social networking based on focused conversations: Customer, Partner, Lead, Opportunity • Collaborate on shared documents with annotations from tablet devices • Upload email attachments, photos, videos, and recordings to a conversation from tablet devices • Enhance cross-team knowledge by integrating conversations with other applications • Automate Response and Lead capture from social channels

  14. Key SFA Capabilities by RoleField Sales

  15. Key Capabilities for Field Sales Rep • Opportunity and Forecast Management • Collaborate on Opportunities with sales team members using Oracle Social Network • Execute sales campaigns using an intuitive and wizard based interface • Convert more with Intelligent/Contextual Reference and Competitor recommendations • Leverage guided selling tools at the appropriate sales stage • Review up-to-date performance, earnings and commission statements and automatically route disputes to relevant compensation analyst • Provide “no-click” Forecasting for the Rep and real-time visibility for the Manager with business rules

  16. Key Capabilities for Field Sales Rep • Access on Smart Phones • Leverage comprehensive transactional capabilities including and not limited to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Leads, Opportunities, Notes, Custom Objects • Be productive by capturing customer interactions from smart phones like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android • Have faster access using Location / “Around Me” capabilities • Synchronize Calendar and Contact to smart phone and tablet address books • Leverage a consistent set of configuration tools to extend smart phone and tablet functionality

  17. Key Capabilities for Field Sales Rep • CRM Desktop for Outlook • Transactional UI within email clients • Intelligent auto-suggest of interactions • Social collaboration from within Outlook • Enforce data quality with built-in validation • Offline support for CRM and PIM data • Sales Rep Analytics (Desktop, Smart Phone, and Tablet) • Pipeline analysis, Stalled opportunities by stage, Customers with a low win rate among others

  18. Key Capabilities for Field Sales Rep • Indirect/Channel Sales Capabilities • Recruit, train, and manage partners with life cycle management • Register Deals, manage Leads using a personalized, self-service portal • Deploy scalable partner enrollment programs for eligible partners • Track partner enrollment status, renewals and termination requests • Define detailed account management and go-to-market strategies

  19. Key SFA Capabilities by RoleSales Operations

  20. Key Capabilities for Sales Operations • Territory Management • Automatic assignment based on simple-to-use territory definitions, using logical boundaries such as geography, industry, product • Conduct what-if analysis using real-time analytics to understand the business impact of the proposed changes • Stage territory changes with future effective dates without impacting production • Quota Management • Set intelligent quotas based on empirical data such as market potential and historical performance of the territory

  21. Key Capabilities for Sales Operations • Quota Management (contd.) • Support both top-down quota distribution and bottom-up quota calculations and reconciliation of variances • Enable end-to-end Sales Performance Management processes with fully integrated with Territory Management and Incentive Compensation • Incentive Compensation Management • Gain real-time visibility into performance, earnings and incentive plan information • Leverage industry-standard, modular structures to design plans that can adapt to any industry or business strategy

  22. Key Capabilities for Sales Operations • Customer Data Management • Extend the enterprise view by combining internal and external data as a centralized "mash up“ of customer • Improve the overall data quality with an integrated Customer Data Hub • Provide more complete, accurate customer data with enhanced address cleansing • Get access to standardized, analyzed and cleansed enterprise data using enterprise data quality • Be empowered with accurate customer data consolidated across multiple systems

  23. Key Capabilities for Sales Operations • Sales Operations Analytics • Be proactive with data quality by conducting ‘what-if’ analysis/simulation for data imports and data quality • Create custom reports and subject areas for users with Simple and Advanced Report Writers • Schedule reports to deliver directly to end users • Configure BI for smart phone and tablet applications • Create embedded reports, report action links • Monitor the Data Steward Report

  24. Key Capabilities for Sales Operations • Configurations & Extensions • Extend out-of-the-box capabilities by non IT personnel with easy-to-use, browser based composer including • Simplified UI and Tablets (selected areas) • Pop-ups, Edit, Sub Tabs • Configurable approval workflow • Leverage pattern based capabilities to personalize User Interface at runtime • Integrate data and apps using public API’s • Programmatically migrate configurations and extensions between environments

  25. Key SFA Capabilities by RoleSales Executive

  26. Key Capabilities for Sales Executive • Pipeline and Sales Team Management • Monitor Pipeline performance and make course corrections with quick drill down into opportunities • Improve Pipeline reliability with forward-looking projections using a predictive engine • Keep tabs on Sales Rep performance and stay ahead of attrition risks • Access from Tablets • Leverage transactional access to Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Accounts, Opportunities, Notes, Interactions and Embedded Analytics • Participate in collaboration proactively or as flagged

  27. Key Capabilities for Sales Executive • Sales Executive Analytics • Pipeline health with drill thru to opportunities • Forecasts with insights into win/loss • Top customers by status and rep assignment • Opportunities with size, win probability & close date • Top sales performers with win rate and deal details • Territory analysis with pipeline distribution • Birds-eye, interactive analytics on Tablets, like Deal Radar, Pipeline Analyzer, Account Explorer, Deal Aging Monitor

  28. Fusion Sales Integrations

  29. Sales – Service Integration • Description • Bi-directional integration between Sales and Service • Key Capabilities • Provide sales reps with up-to-date insight on customer service issues • Provide service agents with opportunity information to ensure meaningful interactions • Sync Customer Accounts between Sales and Service

  30. Sales – Social Integration • Description • Bi-directional integration between Sales and Social • Key Capabilities • Auto-create campaigns in Social from Sales • Update Sales contact and social data from Social

  31. Sales – EBS Quote Integration • Description • Provides visibility of E-Business Suite Quotes from within Sales Opportunity and Customer Center • Key Capabilities • Ability to create and update Customer and Account data in Sales, and synchronize those changes in real time to E-Business Suite

  32. CX Foundation – Platform as a Service • Complete, Standards based, Enterprise grade • Build custom apps in PaaS – integrate with SaaS using web services • Extend SaaS apps to invoke custom web services • Leverage standard composers in both PaaS and SaaS • Leverage UI design patters and samples • Enable single sign-on between SaaS and PaaS applications

  33. Fusion Sales Roadmap

  34. Fusion Sales – December 2013 • Customer Data Management • Enhanced Survivorship Framework • Real-time Enrichment via DaaS • Configurability, Extensibility • Expand uptake of framework • Dynamic Layout for Simplified UI • Integration • EBS and JDE • Bi-Directional Sync Customer & Account data • Replicate EBS Integration for JDE • Eloqua • Sync Opportunities, Campaigns, Responses • Ease-of-Use • Improvements across UI’s, particularly for Sales Reps • Larger footprint for Simplified UI, Forecasting, Sales Campaigns • Lead improvements • Geo code and spatial support • Mobile • Disconnected for Smart Phone and Tablet • Search Improvements on Smart Phone • Social • Wall/Conversations for custom objects • Core Sales • Product and Unit-based Sales Quotas • Partner Self-Service Registration December 2013 December 2013 Future DirectionsPost 12 month planning cycle July 2013

  35. Fusion Sales - Future • Core Data Mastering • All CX Account anc Contact data mastered via Customer Data Hub • Complete survivorship • Extensibility and Integration • Dynamic Layout for Desktop and Smart Phone • Sandbox auto-merge • “Consumerize” Web Services (Simpler, consistent), REST Web Services • Ease-of-Use • Sales Activity redesign and Activity Center • Improved Global Search Overall • Simplified UI for sales manager, channel manager • Mobile • Enhanced disconnected for Smart Phone • Voice command for Sales Reps • Social • In-app support for conversations on Mobile • Core Sales • Unit-based Sales Forecasting • Multi-Org Support • CRM Desktop for Lotus Notes Future DirectionsPost 12 month planning cycle Future DirectionsPost 12 month planning cycle December 2013

  36. Key Investment PrioritiesFuture Release Highlights • Ease of Use • Improvements across UI’s • Larger footprint for Simplified UI, Forecasting, Sales Campaigns, Sales / Channel Manager • Improve lead search and mass update for Leads • Account Center Improvements, Simplified Activities (Tasks, Appts, Interactions) • Mobile • Support disconnected use, bi-directional for both Tablet and Smart Phone • Search improvements on Smart Phone • Voice Commands for Sales Reps

  37. Key Investment PrioritiesFuture Release Highlights • Social • Comprehensive support for conversations including custom objects • In-app support for conversations on Mobile • Sales • Support for product and unit-based sales quotas and forecasting • Partner self-service registration • Support for multiple organizations / business units • CRM Desktop for Lotus Notes

  38. Key Investment PrioritiesFuture Release Highlights • Customer Data Management • Survivorship framework to improve Customer and contact De-Duplication • Real-time enrichment with Data as a Service (DaaS) • All CX Account and Contact data mastered via Customer Data Hub

  39. Key Investment PrioritiesFuture Release Highlights • Configurability, Extensibility • Expand uptake for Accounts, Contacts, Forecasts and Territories • Dynamic Layout for Simplified UI, Desktop, Smart Phone • Sandbox auto-merge • REST services

  40. Key Investment PrioritiesFuture Release Highlights • Integration • EBS and JDE • Bi-Directional Sync Customer & Account data • Replicate EBS integration for JDE platform • Eloqua • Sync Opportunities, Campaigns, Responses

  41. Fusion Sales and ISVs

  42. ISV Partner StrategyCompetitive Dynamics Require Oracle to Integrate With ISVs Customers need a Customer Experience Platform That is extensible with SaaS solutions from partners & ISVs Oracle Cloud provides a platform for partners to extend and integrate with Oracle SaaS Applications ISVs can run their applications on Oracle Cloud Customers can implement bespoke extensions using Oracle Cloud - Groovy, Java 85 ISVs have already certified Fusion Sales An additional 165 are developing certifications over the next 6 months Oracle already has joint customers with Cloud Partners & Fusion Sales Oracle is introducing an Application Exchange/Store in the second half of 2013

  43. Fusion Sales ISV Ecosystem Configure, Price, Quote Sales Planning & Methodology Sales Productivity Data Quality & Enrichment Sales Collaboration Email & Calendar Integration Integration Security Billing Field Service Lead Generation Telephony Sales Intelligence Document Generation Sales Compensation Contract Management

  44. Take Aways

  45. Take Aways… • Continue to Innovate at a Rapid Pace • Encourage user adoption with ‘No Training’ User Experience • Provide the application and data “where it is needed, when it is needed” • Empower customers with a highly configurable solution 2013