the baatan death march n.
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The Baatan Death March PowerPoint Presentation
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The Baatan Death March

The Baatan Death March

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The Baatan Death March

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  1. The Baatan Death March By: Chealsie Fajardo

  2. The Start… • My experience in the march was absolutely horrifying, It all started with the Japanese coming in and taking over Manila. They forced us out of there and moved us to the Bataan Peninsula. For the next three months where are people and the us were combined together.

  3. The Journey.. • When we got there we were give very little food and hardly any water. So therefore we all very weak and could barely even carry our own weapons and sadly I even lost one of my best friends that I had made because of the fact that he was so weak and he just couldn’t go on anymore. Also, another friend that I had made there had died because of all the diseases that were going around and the little supply of medicine that was available.

  4. Decisions.. • The General had to make a decision whether to keep on fighting or to just surrender and he decided to surrender because he just didn’t want to see all his men go because of the fact that they were so weak.

  5. The Surrender • The Filipinos and the Americans that surrendered were all gathered together to prepare for the march…

  6. The March.. • Since we have decided to surrender the Japanese soldiers made us march to the camps that we were supposed to be staying in. The march took about 5 days to complete because we had to walk 65 miles. We were divided into about 100 per row and there would be Japanese soldiers standing on the side to watch and torture and if one of them felt like we were weak we were just killed on the spot.

  7. The Dead.. • The ones who were so weak were quickly executed and just left there to die…

  8. The Survivors... • The survivors of the march had returned back home weak but still were acknowledge as brave men because of how strong they were in the battle..

  9. The Ending.. • The commander of the Japanese invasion on the Philippines was later on EXECUTED!!

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