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Cisco Smart Care

Cisco Smart Care

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Cisco Smart Care

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  1. Cisco Smart Care Presenter Name and Title Date

  2. Market Dynamics Cause Challenges Changing Customer Business Needs New Business Models Relationships and Ecosystems Solutions and Service Sales How do I… Increase market differentiation? Increase profitability? Invest for growth?

  3. Cisco Smart Services Innovation: Better Visibility, Information, and Understanding at Every Phase …to provideactionable insight. Services that have automated software-enabled capabilities …and collectnetwork diagnosticdata …that is analyzed and compared toCisco® deep knowledge base CISCO DEEP KNOWLEDGE BASE 25 years of networking innovation and leadership 50 million installed devices 6 million annual customer interactions More than 90,000technical documents

  4. What Smart Services Can Do for You • Gain architectural expertise to deliver new professional services • Use Cisco® assets to build a managed services practice • Acquire expertise to deploy certified cloud solutions Optimize Your Existing Practice Quickly Expand intoNew Practices • Increase incremental services revenue • Increase margins using automation • Increase service value and customer loyalty PROFESSIONALSERVICES SUPPORTSERVICES MANAGEDSERVICES

  5. Collaborative Partner ApproachCombining Strengths to Meet Customer Needs • Cisco Partner Integrated Solution Offering • Provide technology expertise using intellectual capital and enabling tools • Complete best-practice comparison and validate report results • Frequently update intellectual capital to incorporate new learning • Add own expertise and value to fully address total customer needs • Offer multi-vendor solution support • Provide personalized customer service

  6. Cisco Smart Care ServiceA Smart, Collaborative Service

  7. 6 Things to Know About Smart Care • Collaborative offer that pre-packages Smart capabilities and Cisco Technical Support • Sold only to Cisco partners, not to end-customers • Partners lead the offer and take the first phone call. • Sold at same price as SMARTnet with a option to qualify for 15% Smart adoption rebate • Partners build a high-value services using the offer to build differentiation and avoid competition • Portal is optimized and co-branded for you. Use it to deliver high value services to the end-customer

  8. Smart Care Capabilities Partner Value Adds Partner Value Add Cisco Smart Care Service Smart Capabilities Disaster Recovery Device diagnostics (SCH) Product Alerts and Notifications Assess and Repair – Security, Core, IPv6 , MediaNet Reports IB & EOX management Partner Defined, Branded & Delivered Service Cisco IOS Updates and Upgrades & Software Updates NBD Hardware Replacement with Optional 4 Hour & Onsite Coverage Licensing ‘4 Pillar’ Capabilities and Smart Care Portal / Tools Access 24 * 7 Partner access to Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

  9. Cisco Smart Care Service • CUSTOMER BENEFITS • Comprehensive care: All covered devices • Dual expertise: Cisco & certified partner • Greater profitability: Fewer outages Smart Care • PARTNER BENEFITS • Strategic advantage • Decreased time-to-market • Long-term profitability with a service-led model • Differentiation with full-featured offering   • Enhanced business growth • Operational efficiencies   The Cisco® Smart Care Service is a partner-led offer with which you can create your own branded managed service solution and quickly take it to market by combining Cisco intellectual capital with advanced “smart” capabilities.

  10. What’s New with Smart Care Faster Customer Onboarding  Revenues Up, Costs Down, Employees Effectively Utilized Easy: Simplified pricing, quoting, and ordering • Seamless: • Integrated workflows, centralized repository, multiple contract imports Flexible: Options for device coverage and onsite service

  11. TACaccess • Hardware replacement • Software updates • access Smart Care Capabilities Provide a Platform for Growth Monitoring with one-stop portal Installed base management Alerts and notifications Device diagnostics Assessments and repair Disaster recovery IPSsignature updates Detailed reporting CiscoProvides Cisco®Intellectual Capital Plus Smart Services Innovation Global Infrastructure CISCO SMART CARE SERVICE

  12. YOUR TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIZATIONS • Application security • Disaster recovery • Remote PC management • Server management …That You Build Upon to Gain Differentiation from Competition • YOUR BUSINESS EXPERTISE • Your Managed Services brand • Understanding of business culture • Local language • Personalized service offerings • Long-standing customer relationships • Vertical industry specialization You Provide CiscoProvides Cisco®Intellectual Capital Plus Smart Services Innovation Your Expertise Global Infrastructure You Own the Customer Relationship CISCO SMART CARE SERVICE

  13. Cisco Smart Care Service Target Customer • Businesses that value a secure and highly available network • Network is critical to business operation • Minimal IT staff with limited networking expertise • Want to out-task to save time and effort to a trusted partner

  14. Smart Care Service Key Features • Smart Care Control Panel: One-stop shop for monitoring networks • Installed Base Management: Validation of Cisco®devices’ service levels against Cisco intellectual capital • Proactive Notifications: PSIRTs correlated with IntelliShield alerts to provide security vulnerability information; EOX alerts • Assess & Repair:Proactive, periodic assessments to identify and fix issues • Assess & Prepare: Assessment of network’s readiness for new technologies • Disaster Recovery Services: Backs up configuration offsite • IPS Services: Ensures IPS signature are up-to-date to protect against attacks • Reports: Monthlybusiness reports; weekly network exception reports

  15. Cisco Customer Partner How It WorksNetwork Discovery, Assessment, and Repair Cisco® Smart Care Control Panel Reactive Support Value-Add Partner Services NetworkDiscovery RMA TechSupport TAC BusinessIntelligence Proactive Maintenance Installed Base Network Data Cisco Smart Care Virtual or Hardware Network Collector Network Monitoring and Assessment NetworkAssessment and Repair Device Diagnostics

  16. Smart Care and Collector Security Smart Care provides multiple layers of security. Processing at Cisco Servers behind firewalls and secure switch network; Cisco® IT managed and limited access locked facility; Titan scripts hardened; intrusion detection system Transport and PortalDevice detail only; data encrypted; HTTPS secure transport; no sensitive data; no company or personal data Network Collector at Customer SiteBehind client firewall; all services run locally on Collector, SNMP (RO); Telnet and SSC access only; device configuration data only; encrypted for data transfer; ID login and password required; password rules

  17. Minimum Partner EligibilityPricing Levels and Tools Access Align to Specializations *

  18. Target Partner ProfilePremier + Status and Ability to Field 1st Line Support Calls Collaborative Services Customer Networking Environment Cisco Branded Services Customer Segments “Enterprise-type network complexity Partner Support Service Smart Net Total Care Collaborative Services Partner Maturity “Commercial-type network complexity” Smart Care Resell practice Maturity Level 2/3 practice Maturity Level 4/5practice

  19. Steps to take advantage of Smart Care Awareness Acceptance Adoption Advice • Accept the Smart Care terms and conditions and access the central control panel • Take advantage of the Smart Care Not for Resale program for due diligence, training, and customer demonstration purposes • Access the Smart Care on-demand training • Complete the test • Read testimonials • Participate in either a formal or informal Smart Care partner or peer group to share best practices • Work with your Cisco® business development manager and distributor to embed Smart Care into your portfolio • Learn about available promotions and incentives, including the Cisco Funded Network Assessment Program, which helps to offset upfront costs by earning backend rebates by performing assessments

  20. ECCOM Expands Offerings, Boosts Profits “We are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves, and Smart Care gives us an edge. We especially like the fact that the service can be customized to offer additional value.” – Sophie Shi, Business Development Specialist, ECCOM Network System Co. Ltd • Improved customer productivity and profitability • Enhanced profitability due to value of Cisco® Smart Care customized offering • Increased efficiency with central portal for monitoring customers’ covered devices BusinessValue Challenges Solution • Receive advance warning of customers’ potential network problems • Reduce intervention by senior network technicians and Cisco for particularly complex issues • Eliminate need to manually log in and monitor individual networking devices • Cisco Smart Care Service proactively alerts ECCOM about potential issues on customer networks • Smart Care requires less intervention from Cisco or network specialists to solve customer problems • Cisco Services provide broader and more unique portfolio of network solutions to customers

  21. Besttel Moves Beyond “Break-Fix”Approach to IT Services “Customers have always appreciated that we are a local organization with a personal approach to sales. Now we can reinforce that with the technical expertise and industry-leading tools available from Cisco.” –Paul Cobley, Managing Director, Besttel • Expanded Besttel’s IT services to move from “break-fix” model to proactive network management • Reduced number of system alerts on local university network from 350 to 19 within months • Cut customers’ support costs by 17 percent while providing higher-value service BusinessValue Challenges Solution • Cisco®Smart Care Service increases network visibility • Cisco Smart Care Service helps enable Besttel to offer a wider range of services • Cisco Smart Care Service provides the ability to manage any device reachable by IP under a co-terminated contract • Increase sales by providing more customized services to customers • Move beyond “break-fix” IT approach to more active role in anticipating network issues • Keep track of individual contracts, service-level agreements, and hardware termination dates

  22. Smart Care Support Community • We are now leading all our resource material with our Support Community

  23. For More InformationSmart Care Contacts by Region • Smart Care Partner website: • Smart Care Support Community: • United States and Canada: • Latin America: