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  1. Employee Website

  2. Log on to Click New User First Time User Log In

  3. Please complete the information on the screen The following fields must match what we have in our system: Social Security Number Date of Birth Email Address First Time User Log In

  4. First Time User Log In • You may select your own user name and password • These are not kept in our office so please keep in a secure location

  5. This tab will allow you to view the activity on your account. You can view any pending payments You can view any completed payment View Account

  6. View Account • You can view details about your account that include: • Current balance • Deposit & paid to date • Plan Year dates • Claims deadlines

  7. View Account • You can get a list of qualified expenses for all of your plans including: • Health Care FSA • Dependent Care FSA

  8. You can now fill out a claim online Once you have completed the information; you click on “Add an item” File a Claim

  9. File a Claim • You can add multiple items to one claim form • Once complete, click “View Form”

  10. Review the expenses for accuracy and click the blue “continue” button. You will be prompted to print a claim form. Simply fax this form with your receipts to the number provided. Check the status of claims submitted online under “pending payments” in the view account section. File a Claim

  11. This tab will allow you to see all the demographics for your personal profile You can submit changes to your personal information here as well, just be sure to notify your employer of any changes as well. User Information

  12. User Information • You can also change your password to keep your information safe and secure

  13. This tab will give you all the information needed to contact us directly You also have the option to send us an email directly from the website. Contact Us

  14. Help • Click on the “Help” section to get help on filing a claim

  15. Conclusion • If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Flex Team at: • 1-800-815-3023 option #4 • Email us at