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Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom Etiquette …What you should know… #1…WASH YOUR HANDS! Self explanatory…germs are spread through contact.

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Bathroom Etiquette

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  1. Bathroom Etiquette …What you should know…

  2. #1…WASH YOUR HANDS! • Self explanatory…germs are spread through contact. • Washing your hands not only helps disinfect the germs that were on you before you went into the bathroom, but also makes sure you walk out with less germs on you than when you walked in.

  3. #2…Sink Usage • If you are going to use the sink do not make a mess…you should not be splashing water all over. • If you: shave, brush, or cut your hair around the sink take the time to clean up after yourself.

  4. Rule #3…NO TALKING • If you do not know the person…you should not be talking to them. • Do not talk on your cell phone while in the bathroom.

  5. #4…Urinal Choices • You should always chose the urinal which gives both you and other people in the bathroom the most “buffer room”. • If there is only one urinal left…wait…No one wants to feel crowded.

  6. #5…Where to look • When you are using a urinal the correct place to look is at the wall. • Do not look up, do not look down…and really…don’t look left or right. • Look at the wall…it is the proper place in this situation.

  7. #6…Seat Usage • If you do not need to use the seat…put it up. People do not enjoy sitting on wet seats. • If you are in a male floor do not worry about putting the seat down…guys expect that if they need to use the seat they will have to lower it…better to do that than have to clean it.

  8. #7…Aim • It is understandable that mistakes sometimes happen…but they should be few and far between. • If you have trouble…move closer. • If you are currently unable to stand (balance) please sit and do not attempt such a complicated maneuver.

  9. #8…FLUSH • Honestly…this should be common sense…no one wants to see what you may think is “impressive”. • Urinals need to be flushed too…it will help remove the stench from the bathroom.

  10. #9…No Peeing in the Shower • We have designated areas for such things…please use them. • Who likes standing in a pool of there own urine…or for that matter someone else's. • It does not make you smell “manly”.

  11. #10…Spitting • The sink is ok for spitting out toothpaste or mouth wash…but it is not ok for “Luggies”. • You should not have to “Hawk” back to spit in the sink…if you need to spit like that spit in the toilet. • Any kind of spitting not associated with teeth care should be done into the toilet.

  12. Submitted by…Brandon Tilus, Resident Assistant,Southwest Minnesota State University

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