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  1. Introducing

  2. Click on Parents Where do you find the internet link and more info about Family Access?

  3. Defaults to First on the List: Skyward Family Access

  4. Click Here to Login to Skyward’s Family Access (Link to Family Access Portal). Family Access Login Screen

  5. Click here To view a video with more detailed info about Skyward Family Access.

  6. To view info about the Skyward Family Access Mobile App for your Smart Phone or Tablet. To view more detailed info about Skylert, the District’s notification system.

  7. Information about the Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler.

  8. Once your student has been enrolled in a USD207 school, you will receive your Skyward Family Access credentials via the email address you provided at the time of enrollment. If you have questions, call your student’s school office.

  9. Mom Jones Jane Jones June Jones Let’s take a look at “ My Account” This is the HOME Tab. Jane Jones Welcome to the “Wall”. As you login, you will see all messages pertaining to your student (s). You have a choice of viewing information about all of your students at the one screen or choosing to view one at a time. Use the drop down under Family Access. June Jones

  10. Mom Jones The parent has the option to turn on or off the Google Translator. This is very helpful for our International Students. Click this box if your student is at the Junior High and you want to receive weekly emails alerting you to “missing assignments”.

  11. YOUR Email History within Skyward Family Access Mom Jones Mom.jones

  12. The “Message Center” is another means of communication between the School, District and Teacher. Note: Some teachers opt to send email communications and not use the Message Center. You will want to check with your student’s teacher to be sure of the means of communication he or she will use.

  13. Mom Jones The Calendar Tab

  14. CLICK for Options for your calendar display

  15. Mom Jones NOTE: Click in the “assignment box” for an explanation. You can export this to your calendar as a reminder.

  16. Example of the EXPORT TO CALENDAR found in Exchange.

  17. Mom Jones Monday Feb 2, 2013 Jane Jones Science McGill 7th Option to export to your calendar. When there is a red box around an assignment, it is an indication of a Missing Assignment. Click to view the information.

  18. Mom Jones NOTE: Blue indicates a “Tardy”. Click in blue box for an explanation. Monday Feb 2, 2013 Jane Jones

  19. Mom Jones Jane Jane Click on the Class Name

  20. To view details about the Missing Assignment, click on it!

  21. Click on a “grade” See Details!

  22. Mom Jones Attendance Tab Do you want more information? Just click it!

  23. Mom Jones

  24. Mom Jones

  25. From “Request Changes”: the Parent can submit changes to the address, family info or emergency contacts. A member of the Office Staff at your student’s school will review your changes and post them to your student’s record in Skyward. Click “Request Changes” to edit student info

  26. Mom Jones Throughout Family Access, there are opportunities for the parent to click a teacher’s hyperlinked email address and contact that teacher by email.

  27. Mom Jones View your student’s Food Service Account and put money in the account.

  28. Mom Jones Pay by credit card

  29. Mom Jones View your student’s schedule

  30. Click to view details

  31. Mom Jones Teachers may message you to be aware of Teacher Conferences. You can accept or reschedule a conference time through Skyward. Teacher Conferences

  32. Skylert is our automated notification system: phone calls or emails to notify guardians of weather, schedule reminders/changes or emergencies.

  33. Mom Jones Health

  34. Mom Jones

  35. Mom Jones

  36. Click to view results

  37. Mom Jones This will appear as needed.

  38. If you have any questions or difficulty in logging into your account, contact your student’s school’s office.” Created by Gayle Rue USD 207Technology Services Database Manager