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  1. E-Auction BidderRegistrationProcess

  2. PRE-REQUISITES FOR REGISTARTION OF BIDDER WITH IREPS APPLICATION • Valid Class III Digital Signature Certificate with bidder’s Firm name, issued by licensed Certifying Authorities. • SBI Account with Online Banking Facility enabled. • An Affidavit as per prescribed format duly notarized on stamp paper of requisite value. • Valid Email ID. • One time Registration Fee of Rs. 10,000 • Personal Computer with browser IE 6 or IE 7 and Internet Connectivity.

  3. Go to, clickthe link “AUCTION HOME”.

  4. Bidder Can Register with IREPS for Participating in E-Auction in two ways • Online Registration • Manual Registration

  5. Online Registration

  6. Auction Home Page. Click “New Bidder” link.

  7. Fill login registration form

  8. Click on sign & submit, Insert USB token containing your digital signature certificate in USB port, select certificate and click OK.

  9. Bidder will be directed to payment interface for payment of registration fees of Rs. 10,000 through SBI Net banking interface. Enter your net-banking user ID and password.

  10. Select desired Bank Account and click on confirm.

  11. After Successfully payment, bidder will be redirected to IREPS site and get the success message, Bidder must read carefully this message , take print out andapproach nearest depot with requisite documents. Appropriate Message will also go on his E-Mail.

  12. After approval of bidder registration request by authorized depot official, Login Password (to log into application) and the Bidding Password (for participating in bidding) will be sent on email ID entered at the time of registration.

  13. Manual Registration

  14. The Bidder has to approach to any nearest depot whose addresses/Contacts are given on the site with cash receipt of One Time Entry Fee of Rs. 10,000, affidavit in requisite Performa duly notarized on stamp paper of requisite value, request letter on Firm’s letter pad and public key of valid class III digital signature certificate. Depot authorized user will register the bidder after verifying necessary details. On successful registration, the bidder will receive in his mailbox Login Password (to log into the application) and the Bidding Password( for participating and bidding in auctions).

  15. Working on IREPS E-Auction site

  16. Enter your User ID, Login password and click on Login.

  17. Bidder has to insert USB token having Digital Signature Certificate and click on “Attach Certificate and Login”.

  18. System will prompt to change Login password ( only for first time). Change the password of your choice as per password policy displayed on the same page.

  19. After changing the password, fill in Statutory Bank details for your firm in the form. Digitally Sign the form.

  20. Change Bidding Password of your choice as per Password Policy displayed on the same page.

  21. Bidder Home Page

  22. E-Auction Payments

  23. Manual Payments • Bidder has to approach nearest depot and submit proof of payment (Cash Receipt) and request authorized railway user for making the entry for the same in the system. 2. Please confirm the facility from the depot officials before using this option.

  24. Online payments through Lien Feature • Money on which Lien is marked by the bidder will be blocked in Bidders SBI Bank Account and he will not be able to withdraw this Lien marked amount from his SBI account. The user can however release/modify the amount of Lien at later date subject to verification for availability of the same from IREPS only. • This facility involves following two steps • Integrate Bank Account • Mark/Unmark Lien

  25. Integrate SBI Bank Account with IREPSLogin to your SBI Account and confirm Integration with selected Account. After successful integration, User will be directed back to IREPS site as explained in earlier slides.

  26. Mark/Unmark Lien on desired amount by clicking on left navigation link “Mark/Unmark Lien”.

  27. Click on appropriate radio button to Mark or Unmark lien. Enter the desired Amount on which Lien is to be marked or unmarked. After sign & submit, user will be directed to bank site for confirmation as demonstrated in earlier slides.

  28. View your account transaction by clicking the link “View Account Transactions”.

  29. Bidder can see the Account transaction of Standing EMD transaction(Manual payments made) or Lien Account Transaction on the entering of relevant parameter.

  30. E-Auction BiddingProcess

  31. “view E-Auction schedule“ will display information about E-Auctions scheduled over various Depots of Indian Railways.

  32. Bidder can search all the Auctions by entering relevant parameters.Links“view Auction catalogue” opens complete catalogue for the depot, “View Corrigendum” link shows any changes in Auction schedule or Lot details, “Uniform E-Sale Conditions” links opens terms and conditions for E-Auction, “View Attached File” links opens file attached at the time of Catalogue creation . View Corrigendum ViewAuction Catalogue View Attached File Uniform E- Sale Condition

  33. Auction Catalogue shows details of various lots including Auction Start and Close Date/ Time. Bidder can select the lots for the bidding after click on “Enter” icon.

  34. Enter Bidding Password.

  35. Bidder will get this screen if JRE 1.6 is loaded on the system. It will disappear automatically after few seconds. In case JRE 1.6 is not loaded, appropriate message will be displayed. Load JRE 1.6 on your system as per instructions given in “System Settings” link on Home Page.

  36. Bidding screen showing relevant details of selected lot.

  37. Click On ‘Enter Rate’, pop up will open with message related to rate, read it carefully and enter your rate, then click on submit button.

  38. Your bid will be submitted displaying a confirmation message. You can close this pop up and can submit further bids in the same manner.Any number of bids can be submitted before closure of Auction for the particular lot. Bidding screen refreshes automatically after small intervals. Clicking on “Show Latest Bid” will refresh the screen.

  39. Bidder can see his Bid Rate as well as other bidder’s Rate without displaying their identity. However after closure of Auction, Identity of all the bidders is displayed.

  40. E-Auction Standing EMD & Bidding Limit

  41. STANDING EMD Standing EMD is the amount deposited in the bidder’s E-Auction account and used for the following :- • Deciding the bidding limit of the bidder. • Auto deducting the Earnest Money for Lots awarded to Bidder.

  42. Bidding Limit Total Bidding Limit is the maximum Bid amount for which bidder can bid against any number of lots in E–Auctions of various depots of Indian Railways. Bidding Limit is 10 times the (Standing EMD + lien marked). During live auction, the bidding limit will dynamically change based on status of bid. If the bidder is highest for any Lot appropriate EMD will be blocked and his bidding limit will decrease; if the bid is superseded by another bidder or rejected by Auction conducting officer , his blocked EMD will released and his Bidding Limit will be restored.

  43. E-Auction Bid Sheet

  44. Click on link “View Bid Sheet” after desired Lot in folder “Lots Awarded” View Bid Sheet View Bid History View Lot Details

  45. Check the correctness of the details and digitally Sign Bid Sheet.

  46. Thank You.