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Energy Drink Presentation

Energy Drink Presentation By Trinh Au Christine Roy Date: March 23 rd , 2007 Energy Drinks-General Introduction Energy Drink suddenly takes the market of beverage by storms. This type of non-carbonated drink has shrunk carbonate soft drink market in a short period of time.

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Energy Drink Presentation

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  1. Energy Drink Presentation By Trinh Au Christine Roy Date: March 23rd, 2007

  2. Energy Drinks-General Introduction • Energy Drink suddenly takes the market of beverage by storms. • This type of non-carbonated drink has shrunk carbonate soft drink market in a short period of time. • Energy drink claims to be healthier beverage type • Energy beverage industry targets towards those people who need some sort of energy boost

  3. Overview of Energy Drink Target Audience • The primary consumer group of energy drinks includes extreme sports enthusiasts, young adults and teenagers, and the hip hop crowd. • This may be the result that many energy drinks are sponsored or created by extreme sports teams, hip hop stars, etc. • This crowd is a group excited by speed, energy, flash, and instant thrill.

  4. Target Market • Energy drinks are mainly targeted towards those who need some sort of energy boost. • Now everyone is susceptible to the fatigue of the super-charged, over-worked lifestyle, but young people are especially vulnerable to persistent exhaustion and insufficient energy.

  5. Specific Age Group and Rise in Popularity • More specifically they are male teenagers and people in their 20s because they are most likely to believe in the fact that energy drinks will give them the boost they need. • The popularity of energy drinks may have risen due to busier schedules and more complicated lives people are going through. It is becoming easier, more expected, and even necessary for people to overload their lives. When most people think that cutting responsibilities and commitments is not an option they are then looking for an alternative to get through each day, that choice would be energy drinks.

  6. Designing and Packaging • Many energy drink companies are more exclusive in their marketing efforts because they gear their products and advertising to appeal to a very specialized group. These groups include gamers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and the hip hop crowd. You can see the effects of this emphasis on such a target market because it is seen in the advertising campaigns of energy drinks. A lot of the names of the beverages, like Crunk or Go Fast!, appeal to specific consumers. Also marketing strategies such as sponsoring public events or celebrity endorsements are very appealing to the consumers. The way the energy drink is packaged affects the target audience as well. For example, Energy Fizz is an energy drink but in the form of a powder that you mix with water. This energy drink appeals to people who are constantly on the go because they can just take a packet with them and grab some water and they are set.

  7. Types of Energy Drinks

  8. Brands of Energy Drink • Red Bull Energy Drink • Monster Energy Drink • Full Throttle Energy Drink • Amp Energy Drink • XS Energy Drink • Redline Energy Drink • Rock Star Energy Drink • Spark Energy Drink

  9. History of Energy Drinks • Jolt Cola was released in the 1980s • Jolt Cola pioneered the marketing strategy which has been still used until today by marketers for energy drink. • Targets of the marketing research are younger audience, mostly students, young professionals, and people on-the-go. • Energy drinks become significant in 1997 with products like Red Bull and similar products. • In Japan and UK, energy drinks were known for as far as the early 1960s and 1929 respectively.

  10. Table of Some Energy Drinks

  11. Rockstar History • An energy drink created by Russell Weiner • Sold in the U.S. and Canada • Well-known for having high levels of Guarana • Fluoresces when exposed to UV light • Vitamin C later removed from its products due to industry-wide benzene scare

  12. First, there is a picture of two sexy ladies in swimsuits laying down on opposite side and in heads to toes position. Each lady holds a bottle of Rockstar energy drink. They are smiling show to that they are happy and satisfied with their desire. The swimsuits are so small that they cannot fully cover the attractive big breasts of both ladies. Also, both ladies wear sexy jean skirts and they are so tiny on the hip that one of lady's shirt shows half the middle body and her bellybutton. The ad of rock stars has many images about the products. Text message likes “Party like a Rock Star” is very persuasive to consumers. This web ads has three flash images.

  13. The next image is a sexy girl who is wearing a tiny swimsuit that exploses all the secrects of her hot body. Her legs are tall and thin with her big breasts and she seems to have a perfect weight which will make ladies become jealous of her hot body and also will make men desired too. Her body, faces, and hair look very attractive just like a real movie star of Hollywood.

  14. The third image also show two young girls in bathing swimsuits. One wears a black swimsuit and is sitting on a rocking chair next to two energy drinks. She looks very sexy and seductive when she sits on a chair with her legs on each side of the chair. The chair is symbolized for a man body which makes people think that she is experiencing some sex. On the right hand of the image there is a girl who is wearing a white swimsuit and sitting on her knees. She puts on her right hand on her thigh and her left hand is pulling a white can of rockstar drink from a mini cooler.

  15. Creation of media messages and purpose • Rockstar Energy Drink company created this best media messages to extend its brand name products to new customers and its ultimate goal is o make money. • Target audience • Young teenagers who would like to be rockstars, actors, actresses, and coolest models and who would like attentions by exposing their hot secret bodies. • Young teens to young adults (early 20's to mid-30's) • Adults 40-50 • Message of Subtext • "Rockstar rules the slopes", flashy images of cool-looking guys and sexy girls • Literal meaning of the text message • Literal meaning of the text message is "power, cool, rich, sexy"

  16. Subtext Hidden Message If you like to be financially fitted, physically strong and fitted, and famous like movie stars and models come and join our parties by buying our products. Tools of Persuasion Used Rich people, famous actors and actresses, and sexy images of young girls and guys are posed on web pages to the Internet, billboards, and parties. Healthy Messages Communicated Drinking energy drink will make one strong, healthy, powerful, well-connected to famous people. Girls will have sexy, good body shape, and will stay young forever.

  17. Unhealthy Messages People who do not drink Rockstar energy drink are not well-connected and famous. It puts down the self-esteem of poor young kids who do not have money to buy the products and try to grow up normally. Story Not Being Told Drink energy drink does not make one to become rich, famous like movie star, or strong like a roller-skate champions. Energy drink make people dehydrated and have dry skin. People are being paid for the ads. No actual guarantee whatsoever that drink energy drink will make one become superman, rich, or famous.

  18. A Brief Information of SoBe Drink • Founded in1995 • Located Norwalk, Connecticut • Product Lines are Exotic teas + fruit juice blends, Lizard line, SoBe Adrenaline Rush, Powerline, SoBe No Fear, Sobe Elixirs 3C, SoBe Synergy, SoBe Essential Energy, and SoBe Life WATER

  19. Sobe Ad Description • A SoBe Lean ads shows images of different atheletes are competing for championship. It shows some athletes are running, some are biking, and some are so overjoyed with winning the competitions. On the right side is a big SoBe bottle of juice and it is changing itself with different favor and color. • The slogans “What does SoBe Lean do for you?” and “Shift to a better lifestyle and shift ot a lean lifestyle.” tell the audience to drink SoBe as to change their lives for better lifestyle.

  20. Creation of the media messages • The Sobe company created this media message to promote its products and to boot its sale as to make money for the company. Target Audience • The company has so many different products that it can target wide customers. • SoBe company want people from different ages to drink its products; especially to group of people who are searching for healthy drink. SoBe's target audience is also teenagers who like to be a cool looking, modest, strong, and healthy.

  21. Subtext (hidden message) • If people want to change their life-styles, then drink SoBe beverages. Also it tells its audience that drinking is like drinking water from heaven. Tools of Persuasion Used • Flashy web pages, cool looking T-Shirts, SoBe games, computer wallpaper, screensaver, ring-tones, and phone gears, are the promotional tools to SoBe's target customers. It also sponsors annual events in sports and tours around the country.

  22. Suggestion of t text and images of the ads • There are some images of “real” people holding SoBe bottles underneath the ads and tell stories of their and how their lives had changed after drinking SoBe drinks. Literal meaning of the text message • The slogans “What does SoBe Lean do for you?” and “Shift to a better lifestyle and shift ot a lean lifestyle.” tell the audience to drink SoBe as to change their lives for better lifestyle. The ads suggests to audience to shift to better lifestyle and shift ot a lean lifestyle.

  23. Healthy Messages • SoBe beverages are low in sugar, non-carbonated, and non-alcohol. Unhealthy Messages • SoBe is “for life”. Some loyal customers were confused after learning that SoBe was fined for irresponsible claims. Some were worried that there would be no more SoBe! Story Not Being Told • Sobe energy drink does not cure illness, enhance memory, or reduce stress as it claimed in 2002 and was fined $219 million for such claims.

  24. Conclusion • Energy Drink is here to stay! • More and more people will replace their carbonated soft drink by something “healthier” – noncarbonated drink • Not all energy drink are healthy as they claim to be • Read the fine print before you drink! • Young adults are subjective group for energy drink market

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