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Making Selection Work

Making Selection Work. GNHRA April 11, 2006. Yikes!. 16% - 40% execs resign or get fired 30% - 35% fail 25% under-perform 77% go home early on Day 1 6.2 months until an new employee starts to create value. Bizarre, but true. Worked for a great leader Worked for a great company

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Making Selection Work

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  1. Making Selection Work GNHRA April 11, 2006 The Crowley Group A coaching and consulting firm

  2. Yikes! • 16% - 40% execs resign or get fired • 30% - 35% fail • 25% under-perform • 77% go home early on Day 1 • 6.2 months until an new employee starts to create value

  3. Bizarre, but true • Worked for a great leader • Worked for a great company • Already a ….. • Reminds me of me

  4. Our focus • What do you need to know? • How to find out? • How to maximize results?

  5. What do you need to know? Specifics! • Job requirements

  6. BARS:Customer ServiceA concern for prompt, efficient, and personalized service to clients and a willingness to go out of one’s way to ensure that individual customer needs are met. Exceeds Expected Levels 5. Treats all customers with high amounts of respect and courtesy. 4. Listens to customers to figure out what drives them (e.g., motivated by safety, profit, personal reason) and uses these “hot buttons” to structure deals to meet their needs. Meets Expected Levels 3. Schedules regular appointments with customers to inquire about their needs for services. 2. Rarely visits customers’ sites to maintain contact with key decision-makers. Fails to Meet Expected Levels 1. Acts rudely towards customers by belittling their questions. • Rating: • Explanation for Rating:

  7. What do you need to know? Specifics! • Job requirements • Candidate requirements • Technical skills • Interpersonal skills • Intrapersonal skills • Organizational skills

  8. “Executive Intelligence” Regarding tasks • Define and prioritize elements of a problem • Anticipate & plan around obstacles • Critically examine underlying assumptions • Articulate strengths & weaknesses of ideas • Recognize what else they need to know & how to get the information • Identify “the splash”

  9. “Executive Intelligence” Regarding people • Recognize conclusions from conversations • Spot underlying agendas and motivations • Anticipate reactions to communications • Identify core issues and POV in a conflict • Identify positive outcomes and “the splash” • Identify and balance needs of various stakeholders

  10. “Executive Intelligence” Regarding themselves • Pursue feedback and adjust • Recognize biases & limitations and use to improve action plans • Take responsibility for own mistakes • Identify weaknesses in others’ arguments & reinforce strengths in one’s own • Know when to resist objections & stay the course

  11. How to find out? • Past Behavior interview questions (PBI) • Describe an actual experience • Really?

  12. Are these behavioral questions? • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? • How important is it to follow the rules? • What do you do about getting feedback? • What values are important in the workplace? • What is your problem-solving style? • How do you handle conflict?

  13. How to find out? • Behavioral interview questions • Case studies

  14. Create a case concerning • Employee communications during M&A • Outsourcing • Accounting scandal • Responding to a whistle-blower

  15. How to find out? • Use interview teams • Divide the territory • Experienced interviewers • Include subordinates and customers • External hires – consensus Internal hires – consultative or consensus • Board involvement increases failure rate

  16. How to maximize results? “On-boarding” • first few days • effective hand-off from recruiter to manager • access to the equipment they need • smooth administrative processes • first few months • integrate them into the organization • make them feel part of the team • part of its success as soon as possible

  17. Culture = How we do things here A learned set of assumptions based on a group’s shared history, that come to be shared and unconscious, and are demonstrated at different levels

  18. Digging Through the Levels of Corporate Cultural • Artifacts • Communicated values • Shared underlying assumptions

  19. Tangible Physical environment Language Technology Products Decor Clothing Address Emotion Stories Published statements Rituals & ceremonies Artifacts - seen, heard, felt

  20. Top 10: Making Selection Work 1. Make no assumptions. 2. Select for intelligence and skills. 3. The manager’s accountable for the right start. 4. Invest in getting the new hire settled in productively. 5. Cover all the territory with the right interviewing team. 6. “Videotape” of candidate’s success. 7. Seek consistent candidate requirements. 8. Get agreement on job requirements. 9. Recruit beyond your own network. 10. Don’t just hire your friends.

  21. Complimentary Newsletter & Article • Navigating Change • “Making Selection Work” Business card or email

  22. About Elaine Crowley In her 25 year career, she has served as VP, HR/OD on 3 executive teams and consulted to over 60 leading organizations in both the private and public sectors. Elaine writes frequently on management and leadership topics, and is completing her fourth book, this one on the most effective executive coaching techniques. She holds an M.Ed. In Psychology. Elaine and her colleagues partner with you as you navigate change. The Crowley Group develops leaders, teams and organizations by • Executive Coaching • Team building and Change Management • Facilitation and Mediation • Custom workshops with follow-up coaching • Building commitment by aligning staff with strategy • M&A launches 1001 Marina Drive, Suite 107 Marina Bay MA 02171 617-471-1800

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