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MURCHISON DISTRICT HOSPITAL. KHAEDU PROJECT 29 May 2006. AGENDA. Executive summary Current situation Best practices identified Challenges ( remaining) Clinics Way Forward. Executive summary and key messages.

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  2. AGENDA • Executive summary • Current situation • Best practices identified • Challenges ( remaining) • Clinics • Way Forward

  3. Executive summary and key messages • Murchison is an award winning, well run and managed hospital and the Batho Pele principles are embodied in all aspects of the business • Faces some challenges at clinics, HR, maintenance

  4. Some best practices • The OPD section is working effectively • The facility is clean and well maintained with sufficient signage • It has sufficient human resources and finance

  5. Some best practices • Serves about 200 patients per day • Good food / nutrition for patients • Good support centre for HIV/AIDS • Batho Pele principles in practice • Motivation strategies applied • Effective referral

  6. Good OPD Process

  7. Challenges and recommendations Process and Physical Solutions Organisation design Solutions • Under utilization of the maternity ward • Shortage of space • Overcrowding of mortuary facility • Employment Equity needs to be addressed seriously • Communication system needs improvement • Staff planning (organogram) needs to be reviewed • Extra space at maternity ward could be used for psychiatric / female patients • New building already approved • Expansion of mortuary facility • Develop Employment Equity Plan • Draw up Communication Plan and information flow chart (missing body & death in ambulance) • Review proposed

  8. Challenges and recommendations Finance/ Procurement/ Systems Solutions People management Solutions • Staff shortages in area of Pharmacy and doctors (25% vacancies) • Projected over-expenditure on personnel – currently being investigated • Poor quality of surgical sundries • Lack of sufficient training of staff • Difficulty in attracting qualified staff • Absenteeism and sick leave • Issues of Performance Management System needs to be addressed • Career progression • Improve incentives to attract scarce skills • Ensure controls for transversal systems • Buy SABS quality approved material • Develop HRD Strategies • Improve incentives to attract scarce skills • Workshop staff on sick leave and disability leave • Workshop staff on PMDS

  9. Challenges and recommendations Clinics Solutions • Inability to attract and retain skilled professionals • Centralized management of vehicles • Rural allowance paid only to selected categories • Career progression for clinic staff • Inadequate supervision of security function • Response times of ambulance services in rural clinics (service provider) • Poor infrastructure at clinics • Incentives – free accomodation, entertainment facilities / multi-skill • Decentralize vehicle management • Extend payment of rural allowance to other categories • Develop a Career Progression Plan • Appointment qualified security manager • Proper SLA management for outsourced security function • Proper SLA management for ambulance services • Prioritize infrastructure improvement

  10. Way Forward

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