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Expertise Centre VET PowerPoint Presentation
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Expertise Centre VET

Expertise Centre VET

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Expertise Centre VET

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  1. European developments in Vocational Education and Training. (VET) International CoordinationPasqualino Mare, Athens 27/09/

  2. KCH International Human Capital Management Expertise Centre VET Exams • exams • tests • assessments • evaluations • audits • RPL • promote and support international mobility within formal educational programs • initiate and participate in international projects in order to innovate and improve the functioning of the labour market and educational systems • advise and support companies in setting up HCM • competence analysis and development • provide companies and organization with HCM advise, tools and support • development and maintenance of National Vocational Qualifications • Trade sector and Fashion and Textile production sector • accreditation and support of companies that participate in formal vocational education • research labour market in relation to VET pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  3. Qualification landscapefrom labour market to education pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  4. Competence based learning Head Hands Heart pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  5. Specific European, National, Regional VET Policy : European Tools Socio-economical, technological : Developments in service sector and Trade sector LLL policy and VET Policy pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  6. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  7. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  8. Emerging skills and competences + multiskilling and new combination of skills pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  9. Emerging skills and competences: per sector pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  10. VET Policy : European Tools • Single framework for transparency of qualifications and competences, EUROPASS • Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET • Credit system for VET (ECVET) and HE (ECTS) • Common principles for validation of non-formal and informal learning • Strengthening policies, systems and practices for lifelong guidance – Council recommendation • European Area of Higher Education • European Qualifications Framework pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  11. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  12. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  13. What is the European Qualification Framework (EQF) ? • Is a common European reference system • Will link different countries’ national qualifications systems and frameworks together. • In practice, it will function as a translation device making qualifications more readable. This will help learners and workers wishing to move between countries or change jobs or move between educational institutions at home. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  14. EQF Level 8 Q NQF/NQS EQF Level 7 NQF/ NQS Q EQF Level 6 Q NQF/NQS EQF Level 5 NQF/ NQS Q NQF/NQS EQF Level 4 Q EQF Level 3 Q NQF/NQS Q NQF/ NQS EQF Level 2 EQF Level 1 Country A/Context A Country/context B pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  15. What is ECVET The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training: In ECVET, learning outcomes acquired by an individual in different contexts, whether abroad or under another system, can be easily transferred to the individual's home context for accumulation and the achievement of a qualification. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  16. ECVET in practice pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  17. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  18. Is it worthwhile to talk about sectoral qualifications or sectoral framework at European/international level ? At European/international level agreement by the relevant stakeholders about the requirements of the workers or future works in the commerce sector National systems and frameworks of Qualifications will have less problems in integrating , valuing commerce qualifications. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  19. Is it worthwhile to talk about sectoral qualifications or sectoral framework at European/international level ? - A Mean for local stakeholders to implement, to discuss get about better quality, more adapted VET provision for the sector and other players in the chain. For example career guidance and labour offices. - On a longer term this will benefit the sector , the Image will improve, the sector will become more attractive if coordinated with other actions. pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  20. Is it worthwhile to talk about sectoral qualifications or sectoral framework at European/international level ? - workers and learners mobility will be easier. Recognition of skills acquired outside context will be made easier. Looking at the challenges based on the study of new jobs new skills referring to possible shortages due to demographic evolution. (ECVET ) pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  21. Actions and how can you play a role ? pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010

  22. Thank you Pasqualino Mare, Manager KCH International 0031 6 22 99 30 30 pasqualino mare Athens 27/9/2010