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“QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE RATES”. Table of Contents. The CPE Advantage Management & Credentials The Company & Capabilities Strategic Partners Texas Projects. Section I. The CPE Advantage. C O N F I D E N T I A L. The Value Proposition.

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  2. Table of Contents • The CPE Advantage • Management & Credentials • The Company & Capabilities • Strategic Partners • Texas Projects

  3. Section I. The CPE Advantage C O N F I D E N T I A L

  4. The Value Proposition • CPE is a leader in the design, assembly and operation of cost-effective offshore platforms for global applications with over 50 years experience • CPE offers offshore wind farm owners, developers and rate payers a quality product at prices substantially less than its competitors • Cost saving designs that provide high-quality, safe platforms for applicable water, wind and site conditions • Access to advanced, reliable and cost-effective wind turbines manufactured through a joint venture in the U.S. • Manufacturing and shipping within U.S. that is cheaper than from Europe • The partnering mentality – CPE designs a project’s scope with the client including as much as needed to meet the client’s objectives • Assessment and evaluation – economic viability of project • Design and engineering – best solution for fewest dollars • Fabrication, transportation and installation – domestic sourcing further reduces costs • By controlling all aspects within a project’s scope, the company has a higher probability of meeting all deliverables on time/on budget • Result is a cost model that delivers a project at $2.5-3 million/installed MW as compared to the European cost model of $4-5 million/installed MW

  5. The CPE Assurance • CPE’s leading experience and knowledge of offshore platform design, engineering & construction is based upon its know-how and technical expertise developed in the oil & gas industry over the last 50 years • This global experience is enhanced by the evolution of sophisticated structure design and engineering through • Metallurgy and material advancements • Improved techniques for analyzing water characteristics, soil & wind conditions, and weather patterns • Improvements in offshore wind turbine design, efficiency and dependability • These advancements ensure a high-quality, efficient wind project • All project components are subject to strict inspection, verification and certification processes by global leaders in the industry • A leading offshore engineering firm that provides independent evaluation and verification of project planning, design & engineering, component selection, inspection and oversight of fabrication and installation, and metallurgical analysis • A firm specializing in the certification of design to globally recognized API standards and inspects, verifies and certifies that structures are built according to plan (requirements for insurance)

  6. Section II. Management & Credentials C O N F I D E N T I A L

  7. Management Mr. Miller has been involved in various positions in oil and gas exploration, development, production, marketing and transportation for 43 years in most areas of the U.S., as well as in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, Africa, the Caribbean and the North Sea, including involvement in the initial commercial oil discoveries in several of these areas. In competition with most major oil companies, Mr. Miller obtained the first foreign onshore oil exploration agreement from China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in 1993. In 1994, the initial well drilled under the agreement, directed by Herman Schellstede, resulted in the first foreign commercial onshore oil discovery in China. The technical challenges encountered in this project were more difficult than those to be encountered in the Texas offshore wind energy project. Mr. Miller continues to work with companies in China in the oil business, both within and outside China. Mr. Miller and Mr. Schellstede have worked on projects together for 20 years. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Louisiana State University. Bill Miller Chairman Prior to joining Coastal Point Energy as President, Mr. Hudson and Mr. Miller had worked together for 32 years. Mr. Hudson was the Managing Partner of the Washington, DC office of Brownstein Hyatt and Farber (Denver), which was named in 2006 by Roll Call magazine as one of the fastest growing law firms in DC. Mr. Hudson practiced in the areas of federal and state legislative law, emphasizing energy, environmental, technology, telecommunications and administrative law. Prior to joining the firm, he was the Chief of Staff of US Senator John Breaux for 2 years. Previously, Mr. Hudson was elected to the Louisiana State Senate where he served for 12 years and was elected President Pro Tempore and Chairman of the Commerce Committee. He received his BA and JD degrees from LSU. Thomas H. Hudson President

  8. Management Mr. Schellstede has over 40 years of ocean engineering experience in the offshore oil and gas design, engineering, and construction industry, with a specialized emphasis directed towards solving problems. He has been granted sixty-seven (67) U.S. Patents and ten (10) International Patents. The patents involve machine and drilling equipment, various industrial products and various environmental systems and equipment. During his career, Mr. Schellstede’s has owned and operated two major shipyards, an engineering and development company, and co-founded and operated Wind Energy Systems Technology (“West”) which he formed five years ago. During this time, he managed a workforce of 500 – 750 personnel. His company was responsible for the design and construction of many offshore platforms and drilling rigs. He is a registered Naval Architect and Marine Engineer and President/CEO of WEST. Herman Schellstede Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & V.P. - Project Development Mr. Whitcomb has 20 years of international business development experience with Fortune 500 companies and as an investment banker. Mr. Whitcomb has served in various capacities with Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a $20 billion international IT services company, and as Vice President – Corporate Development of Centex Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S. and Mexico. He has also served as a Managing Director of JMP Securities LLC, a San Francisco-based investment bank. During his career, he has conducted business in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East assembling multiple parties in complex business transactions. Major transactions have included EDS’ entry into the Italian, Japanese and South African markets, as well as substantial business expansion into Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Mr. Whitcomb is a licensed attorney and specialized in the energy business, including alternate energy transactions, and information technology services during his 15 years of legal practice. Phil Whitcomb V.P. – Business Development

  9. Management’s Past Projects

  10. Section III. The Company & Capabilities C O N F I D E N T I A L

  11. Company Overview • A project management company founded to provide the full spectrum of services needed for the development of offshore wind facilities • Leader in offshore platform technology and know-how • Seasoned management team with over 50 years of experience in the design, development, fabrication and installation of complex offshore platforms • Project manager for largest offshore wind initiative in the U.S. • Significant expertise in all areas needed to design, deliver and certify an offshore wind facility • Project management – from feasibility to final inspection • Government liaison services – relations strategy, government compliance and permitting, and PPA negotiations • Design and engineering – from concept to fabrication • Fabrication services – piles, jacket, platform and tower • Component selection and recommendation – turbines, blades and other components • Project certification – inspection, verification and certification that project is built to plan • Offices in New Orleans, Lafayette and New Iberia, near the world-leading offshore oil & gas fabrication and service industry

  12. Capabilities • CPE, either directly or through it’s partners, has the expertise to manage all areas of wind energy development on a global basis • CPE expertise includes the following: • Project management • Feasibility studies • Wind and wave assessment • Sitinganalysis • Project planning and cost analysis • Manning charts and organization models • Inspection and quality control programs • Government liaison services • Government relations strategy • Permitting and licensing issues • PPA negotiations • Design and engineering • Conceptual and detail design and/or design review • Layout and drafting • Selection of tools, equipment and fabrication

  13. Capabilities – con’t • Component selection and purchasing • Piling, platform and tower component selection • Power supply systems – regular and emergency back-up • Turbine size and design(depends on wind speeds) and selection • Blade size and configuration (number of blades) • Lighting and marine aides – marine and FAA lighting • Marine service fleet design and fabrication • Cargo and lighter barges for component transportation to offshore site • Derrick barges for equipment and living quarters for installation crew • Lifting barge – 500 ton capacity • Tugs to accommodate all barges • Service boats to transport crews and spares • Fabrication and installation • Selection of most suitable fabricator • Production supervision and inspection • Coatings • Coordination of third party inspection and classification for insurance purposes • Coordinate delivery and installation of pilings, platforms, towers, turbines and blades assemblies, and other parts to site

  14. Proposal Process • INITIAL CLIENT MEETING • Project description and scope • Information needed from client • Basic wind farm parameters – size • Site location and lease/permit status • Water depth and conditions • Wind data (if available) • Soil conditions (if available) • Financing sources and status • ANALYSIS & PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT • Determination of necessary services • Project management – planning and cost analysis, manning charts & organization model • Government liaison • Wind farm layout and turbine parameters – turbine spacing, wind direction, annual wind velocity • Site engineering and preparation • Piling, platform, and turbine support tower design and engineering – conceptual and detailed • Metallurgical analysis and consulting for platform/tower • Component analysis and selection – platform &tower components, turbines, blades, , power & lighting systems and transmission components • Review and selection of component fabricator and assembly • Component installation • Cable gathering system - laying and procedures • Marine fleet – design, fabrication and certification • Inspection and quality control • Insurance • Review of operation and maintenance alternatives – operation, monitoring, spare parts and installation, and 24x7 service • Pricing for services and payment schedule Proposal delivered to client within 45-60 days

  15. On Time/On Budget • How we do it • Provide project oversight from start to finish – involved in all aspects of particular project – but with a partnering mentality • Provide CPE’s considerable expertise in project management, government relations and offshore platform design, engineering, fabrication and installation • Enhance CPE’s capabilities with the world-class industry partners needed to deliver all aspects of a project • The client is involved in all stages of a project through regular consultation • Examples of offshore projects performed by company executives • Bohai Bay, China • Designed and engineered and constructed four jack-up platforms to drill for oil in an area plagued with high tides, ice and earthquakes • All manufacturing and assembly in China • The project that lead to the development of the offshore oil and gas industry in China • North Sea • Designed, developed, manufactured and shipped, with all necessary permits, a platform and drilling rigs in 1975 for exploration activity in 350 feet – drilled 60 wells • This technology established offshore drilling production in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea • These drilling fleets originated and were designed in Louisiana and Texas and exported for service to their respective locations

  16. Section IV. Strategic Partners C O N F I D E N T I A L

  17. Strategic Partners • CPE is partnering with experienced design & engineering, fabrication, and operating & maintenance companies to provide services to its clients • Schellstede & Associates Engineering – leading oil, marine and environmental industry design and engineering firm specializing in offshore platforms • Twin Brothers Marine, LLC – major heavy industry steel fabricator of offshore platforms • CPE also has strategic relationships with global services firms providing additional needed services to complete a project • A global environmental assessment and compliance firm • The global leader in offshore engineering services for wind and renewable energy projects • Power purchase agreements • Marine boat and support vessels • Coatings • Design certification and inspection of fabrication and installation • A wind turbine parts and sourcing, operations, maintenance, asset management and monitoring services

  18. Schellstede and Associates • Internationally recognized marine and environ-mental industry design and engineering firm • Specializes in offshore platform and marine support vessels • Services provided to customers • Project management including cost analysis, design, engineering, drafting, plant/site layout, organizational models, purchasing and production supervision • Industrial engineering services for manufacturing facilities including layout, design, tools & equipment, fabrication and coating • Drilling rig and vessel design • Offshore platform construction, including design, construction, inspections and quality assurance of platforms used in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea • Research and development projects • Clients include major oil exploration and service companies

  19. Twin Brothers Marine • Major heavy industrial steel fabricator of offshore platforms and steel modules • Offshore oil and gas decks and steel modules to 7,500 tons • Jackets to support platforms to 500 feet of water • Manufacturer of large diameter, heavy wall tubular items – 30,000 tons annual capacity • 28” to 222” in diameter • ½” to 4-1/2” wall thickness • 10’ to 450’ in length • Used as pilings, caissons, deck and jacket legs, pipe for resale, pressure vessels & towers • ISO 9001:2000 certified • ASME Code VIII, Div. 1 (U Stamp) and NBIC (R Stamp) certified • 35-acreyard with one acre of covered work area supported by six 20-ton cranes • Located at Port of St. Mary near Lafayette, LA Twin Brothers Fabrication Yard Exxon Mobil Yoho Project CNG Producing Company Four-pile Platform

  20. Section V. Texas Projects C O N F I D E N T I A L

  21. Texas Coast – Proposed Offshore Wind Sites Texas Projects 1. Galveston Offshore Wind Phase Lease Area: 12,345 Acres* Projected Capacity: 300 MW Grid Connect: ERCOT * 6,172.5 Acres available through an Exclusive Development Agreement 2. Jefferson Offshore Wind Phase Lease Area: 23,040 Acres Projected Capacity: 300 MW Grid Connect: N/A Jefferson Galveston 3. Brazoria Offshore Wind Phase Lease Area: 12,240 Acres Projected Capacity: 500 MW Grid Connect: ERCOT Brazoria Corpus Christi 4. Corpus Christi Offshore Phase Lease Area: 18,189 Acres Projected Capacity: 500 MW Grid Connect: ERCOT Gulf of Mexico Galveston Wind Project 5. Brownsville Offshore Wind Phase Lease Area: 19,628 Acres Projected Capacity: 500 MW Grid Connect: ERCOT Proposed Wind Farms from current leases Brownsville ERCOT is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas C O N F I D E N T I A L

  22. Galveston Project • Project manager for the design, development, fabrication and installation of Phase I of the Galveston Lease – a 150 MWe wind farm located 8.5 miles off the coast of Galveston, Texas • Site design and orientation completed with permitting underway • Design and engineering completed for all project components, including installation and support vessels • Initial platform erected with meteorological tower in 2007 – 31 months wind data collected • Tower designed to withstand hurricane force winds – 2008’s Hurricane Ike passed directly over met tower and tower remained active and transmitting data throughout storm giving CPE team important data about high wind gusts and the effects on offshore towers Meters per Second Galveston Platform w/ Met Tower

  23. Contacts Tom Hudson President CPE Development LLC Office: (337) 233-2099 Cell: (225) 235-4172 thudson@coastalpointenergy.com Phil Whitcomb Vice President - Business Development CPE Development LLC Office: (337) 233-2099 Cell: (214) 762-7195 Herman Schellstede Chief Technology Officer and V.P. Project Development CPE Development LLC Office: (337) 365-0108 herman@coastalpointenergy.com

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