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National News

National News

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National News

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  1. National News

    2013 Fall Conference
  2. Rules Reminder! Remember that our bylaws prohibit local chapters from selling raffle tickets and other fundraisers at our Region & National meetings – please be considerate!
  3. Governance Report

    We adopted a modern governance structure for the 21st Century!
  4. Why design a new Governance Structure? Attract new talent and skill sets Lower cost for members and chapters More emphasis on learning and training
  5. Attract new talent and skill sets Board removed requirement to serve as District Governor before national board service Region Directors now: Must be members for three (3) years Have served as Club President Elections remain in two year rotation After 2013 Region elections at spring conferences
  6. Improvements to the AMBUCS calendar Moved the annual conference to October Regions will hold conferences in April-May Chapter Year remains June 1-May 31 Get Achievement and Merit Awards into the same year. Road Show opportunities increased = more organization growth
  7. Club Operation Scorecard Improvements: Extensive revamping of Club Scorecards for 2013-14: Points changed for many activities Scorecards simplified Points increased Goal points also increased – i.e. for Superior status Program giving now split – earn points for the national programs you support. Study carefully – and use as your planning tool!
  8. Future considerations for improvements: Consider realigning some of the programs: National AmTryke Month National Visibility Month Membership contests Others? Ramp Building Month?
  9. Find Us Online! AMBUCS Message Follow Us on Twitter@AMBUCS / @AmTryke Like Us on Facebookwww.facebook/NationalAMBUCS As always… Stop by for helpful information and current news!
  10. AMBUCS Store ( If you haven’t visited the AMBUCS Store recently… do so today! We have several new items & we know you’ll love them all.
  11. 2013-14 New Chapter Building 6New Chapters This Year! Battle Creek, MI I-80 - IL Eastside Trykers, WA Heart of Florida, FL Lakeside, TX Lufkin, TX
  12. 2013-14 New Chapter Building 2013-14 Goal = 15+ New Chapters Centerville, MN Lacrosse, WI Chicago, IL Michiana, IN Lake Forest, CA Clarksville, TN Moore, OK Memphians, TN
  13. New Chapter Building Efforts Always remember to: KEEP IT SIMPLE! Connect with local therapists community Hold an AmTryke Training Use your chapter’s AmTryke trailer Build New Chapters around providing AmTryke program in their city. Don’t forget about the Matching AmTrykes incentive! New chapters receive 5 or 10 Trykes matched by AMBUCS when purchasing Trykes for their community.
  14. New Club Building Incentives Sparkplugs: Free Registration + One Night’s Hotel Cost at2014 Conference Sponsoring Chapter Presidents: One Night’s Hotel Cost at 2014 National Conference $500 cost reimbursement to sponsor chapter 10 for 10 AmTryke Offer Match first ten AmTrykes purchased & placed for pediatric programs within local community 5 for 5 for Veteran’s Programs; plus free evaluation bike
  15. AMBUCS Magazine Mailed quarterly to each AMBUCS member If you aren’t receiving the Magazine, contact the Resource Center to make sure we have your most recent street address Extra copies can be ordered by chapters… makes a great promotional handout
  16. Chapter Resources Marketing / PR Downloads Print-Ready Brochures Customizable Event Flyers Promotional Videos Logos: AMBUCS, AmTryke, Scholars, Big Hat, & more! Marketing Photos Media Advisories & Press Release Templates And much more! Get your promotional items in the AMBUCS Chapter Resources Store:
  17. The Great AmTryke RodeoPublic access video Inspired by a colorfully illustratedchildren’s book. Excitement of an AmTryke Rodeo captured on video. Request a copy from
  18. Reminder: Tax Returns for 2012 Annual tax returns for 2012 are required by every chapter! All chapters must file a 990 tax return by October 15, 2013 Chapters with less than $50,000 gross receipts can file Form 990-N online Chapters with more than $50,000 gross receipts file – 990EZ or regular Form 990
  19. Reminder: Annual Reports Annual Report by Chapters required by Board of Directors! All chapters must file an annual report Form 136 by new date - November 15!! Certify good governance and practices by AMBUCS chapters To build data about our organization for grants & public relations To safeguard our 501c3 Public Charity Tax exempt status
  20. More on… Annual Reports Copies of financial statements and budgets Form 135 Report of Charitable Giving included with this report Include your clubs Big Hat activity if active Chapters not reporting lose voting rights until reports are received – declared not in good standing!!!
  21. AMBUCS qualified for CFC – Combined Federal Campaign Like the United Way – but for federal employees Federal employees may contribute via payroll deduction Ambucs members and chapter s build awareness at local charity fairs AMBUCS code is 33952 Banners and ink pen giveaways available for exhibits and charity fairs
  22. It’s Branding Time =Energize your chapter & recruit new members In the fall months chapters begin to pick up their activity in projects and socials. It is an excellent time to bring in new members, and easily involve them with the increased activities of your chapter. AMBUC-wide campaign to recruit new members Held annually - October 1 through November 30 Chapter Goal: Net gain of at least 5 new members Reaching that goal, become Top Spread Chapter! Not just for Big Hat Club members… Any AMBUCS member can recruit new members Need tips/ideas?
  23. More About Branding Time Scorecard POINTS! Chapter: Each new member = 10 pts Top Spread Chapter = 20 pts Recruited at least 5 New Members Reporting Your Contest = 20pts Individual Recognition Spur Pin for the sponsor of each new member recruited Branding Iron Pin for each 3rd new member = 20pts for chapter Post your BT contest idea on Facebook!
  24. Big Hat Club News Special thanks to the Big Hat Club Big Hat Stars and Dancing with the Big Hat Stars raised over $55,000 this past year! Check out the AMBUCS page on Facebook – like us!!
  25. National Big Hat Officers President Donna Carlton-Vish Vice President John Davis Secretary/TreasurerGene Waldrum
  26. Soaring to New Heights! What’s in it for you Big Hatters? No raffle tickets to sell! THREE ways to win: Pledge $300 Sponsor 3 new members before 2014 conference Pledge $300 AND sponsor 3 new members Final prize drawings will be held at the 2014 National Conference in St. Louis. Need picture
  27. Scholars Report

    What’s new with the Scholarship for Therapists Program!
  28. AMBUCS Scholars Over $164,000 was awarded to over 200 students for the 2013-14 academic year Next Award Cycle will kick off February 7, 2014 – process… Be sure to report your chapter’s Scholarship chairperson Be sure to request documents from sponsored students (Due May 15th) Scholarship Committee Meets Early June Selections Announced Late June
  29. AMBUCS Scholars What’s new with Scholars? Explosive growth in Named scholarships! Giving to the Permanent Fund now counts for scorecard credit! Over 1,000 students who did NOT get awards! Looming shortages projected in the fields as boomers retire…
  30. AMBUCS Scholars What’s new with Scholars? New system for scorecards to earn points for supporting the Scholarship program Earn scorecard points by donating dollars to the program & sponsoring students.
  31. AmBility Report

    What’s new with the AmTryke Program!
  32. Veteran’s Initiative Get your chapter’s Veterans Cycle program by visiting: Steps to take… build fundraising capacity, find a veteran evaluation partner, schedule your first events But wait… there’s more!5 for 5 AmTryke Incentive for New Chapters
  33. New scorecard calculation Simplified points for AmTryke Giving 5 points for every $600 in AmTrykes and equipment ordered 5 points for riders off the Wish List Year end – earn 100% AmBility credit
  34. AmTryke Catalog Now available in a new, more interactive digital format... check it out today! New issue – coming Spring 2014
  35. New 1500 Series w/ Rear-Steering 1512, 1516 & 1520 AmTrykes models now offer rear-steering and brake control!
  36. October is AmTryke Month Ninth year & still growing! How to participate: Purchase AmTrykes as early as September 15th AmTryke must be given away between October 1st-31st Chapter must post at least one status update and/or picture to National AMBUCS Facebook page relating to the AmTryke being given away Participating Chapters Receive: $75 discount on purchase! (limit one per chapter)
  37. Wish List Club 38 - number of pledges for 2013-14 $51,000 received – since beginning Wish List Riders served 55 riders totaling $37,996 18+Riders now in processing to receive AmTrykes!
  38. Join the Wish List Club It’s easy to join today!All you have to do is go online to & join today! You have the choice to make a single payment of $365.00 or spread the donation over 12 months (initial charge of $5.00, followed by 12 monthly donations of $30). Are you already a member? Then please call fellow AMBUCS and ask them to make the commitment. Together we will make a difference.
  39. AMBUCS NationalConference Recap Jack Bellware, Patty Vannoy & Kent Clingenpeel Installed as 2013-14 National officers. How much $$ was raised in Fort Worth? Trek for Trykes Walk-A-Thon: over $24,000! Veteran’s Ride: 38 veterans received bikes! AmTrykes Rodeo: 52 children received bikes! Big Hat Activities: over $55,000!! 350 pp attended
  40. Make Plans Now to AttendSt. Louis Next Year… SAVE THE DATE! Oct.29 - Nov. 2, 2014