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Best weight loss centers

Best Slimming & Cosmetic Clinic in Hyderabad for Weight Loss Treatment that includes customized programs for weight reduction, body contouring.

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Best weight loss centers

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  1. 7 Killer Diet Tips to lose Weight Diet is the first word on your lips when you think of losing some serious weight. And, if you’re one of those who tried and failed losing weight via dieting, then you might conclude diets won’t work. You’re partially right since some diets don’t work at all and none will work for everyone as our bodies respond differently. Also dieting takes way too long stretching our will power far too thin to stay with it. But, taking a long term approach to weight loss is wise as you lose weight slowly and steadily and more likely keeping it off. So, there is no silver bullet to losing weight but, there are seven killer diet tips, done consistently will yield lasting weight loss. Green Tea Green tea contains metabolism enhancing antioxidants called catechins which rev up your metabolism to burn more calories. In a recent study comparing green tea drinkers to those on a placebo found that those who drank green tea burned

  2. additional 70 calories. These 70 calories per day will add up to 7.3 kilos of fat per year and this is science not magic. Water, Water and More Water Drinking about two liters of water a day is the easiest way to speed up weight loss. Your body needs water in order to efficiently metabolize stored fat and this process slows down when you shortchange the supply. Eight glasses of water a day at least will keep your fat burning going smoothly. Jackie Warner of the “Personal Training with Jackie: 30 Day Fast Start” fame recommends drinking 3 liters of water with lemon each day to take the fat burning a notch higher. Adding lemon helps to detoxify the liver and metabolize fat pushing up the metabolism by about 33 percent. And this burns an extra 100 calories per day. Spice It Up Study done at Laval University, Canada by Dr Angelo Tremblay indicates eating hot peppers can boost your basal metabolism – the total calories the body burns at rest. The secret is Capsaicin, a compound found in jalapeno and cayenne peppers. Eating peppers may also reduce your appetite and curb your cravings. So, spice up your food and see those pounds come off faster. Eat Every Meal Skipping meals to lose weight backfires because your body thinks food is in short supply and it slows the metabolism down to conserve energy. Over time even you eat the same amount of food your body will not burn fuel faster creating a backlog of unwanted pounds. Also, eating full blown breakfast with a good serving of protein is a must to stay fuller longer which in turn makes you eat smaller and smaller meals during the day. Start With Soup

  3. According to the research from Penn State University, people who ate a low- calorie vegetable soup ate 20% fewer calories during their meal. Eat a low-calorie veggie soup to reduce the calorie intake while keeping the cravings at bay. Eat Fiber Foods replete with fiber can help you keep feeling full, which is perfect for losing weight. Fiber is found only in plant foods such as: fruit and vegetables, oats and wholegrain bread, brown rice and pasta and bean, peas and lentils. These seven killer diet tips when enforced will keep calories and cravings at bay leaving you lean and lithe. Life Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic provides special diets for you to reduce weight. Consult our dieticians today.

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