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  1. SUVARNA ALLOYS PVT LTD Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting

  2. BACK - GROUND • New High Pressure Die Casting Aluminium foundry. • Location – Kagal Five Star Industrial Area, Kolhapur. • Established in 2013. • New venture of Esmo group. • Esmogroup is in the following business sectors, • Mining. • Logistics & Warehousing. • Information Technology. • High Pressure Die casting SAPL - Company Briefing

  3. INFRASTRUCTURE • State of the Art Infrastructure – • Melting – Crucible less gas fired furnace. (500kgs/hr) Fuel – Bio-Gas. • Melt Treatment - Nitrogen Degassing Machine. • Die Casting - Buhler Ecoline – Multi step HPDC. (Locking force - 340T and 660T) • Holding Furnace – Crucible Less, low energy consuming top heating electric furnace. (500kgs/hr) • Compressor – Atlas Copco GE series screw type. (200 cfm) SAPL – Machinery & Capacity

  4. INFRASTRUCTURE • Cooling Tower – Inductokool IK-10 & IK-40. Seperate cooling circuits for die and machine. • Material Handling – EOT Crane 10T & 2T double girder, Trolley mounted Transfer Ladle. • Quality Assurance – • Alloy testing – Spectrometer with 32 element detection. • Melt testing – Density Index Tester. • Component testing – Gauges, Tools and CMM. SAPL – Machinery & Capacity

  5. INFRASTRUCTURE • Fettling – At HPDC cell fettling and manual inspection with go-no go guages. • Shot Blasting – Shot Blasting machine for surface finish requirement. • Machining- Ace Micromatic VMCs and CNCs with tooling capability. SAPL – Machinery & Capacity

  6. INFRASTRUCTURE BBUHLER ECOLINE Features of Buhler machines:- Proven 3 Platen toggle system. High shot speed up to 8.5 m/s filling velocity with metal. Shot profiles set manually or by multistep remote control Multistep Technology for more flexibility Auto Ladle, auto sprayer and auto extractor. SAPL – Fully Automatic Cell

  7. Quality Lab Equipment Density Index Tester Spectrometer Degasing Unit Density Index Unit is also a part of SAPL Facility. This is very important Test which provide Gas content into molten metal. The metal analyser is used for material testing in foundries. It determines all of the elements in the metal, trace analysis of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur & nitrogen. Foundry degasing unit is installed for molten metal treatment. By purging inert gas we improve metal and casting quality. SAPL – Quality Assurance

  8. DIFFERENTIATOR • Buhler Die Casting Cells. – Fully Automatic. • Maximum automation, minimum man power requirement. • Auto Ladle, Auto Sprayer, Auto Extractor. • Components ranging from 150 Tons to 800 Tons locking force. • Raw Material Quality control through Spectrometer. • Molten metal treatment through Nitrogen Degassing. • Molten metal quality control through Density Index Testing. • Environment friendly initiative with Bio Fuel for melting furnace with zero emissions. (95% Methane.) SAPL – What makes us different ?

  9. DIFFERENTIATOR • In house casting, machining, finishing and sub assembling. • Energy efficient set up. Maximum use of alternative clean fuels. Energy cost constant for several years. • Product development and Engineering Support from – • Buhler AG • Ace Micromatics. • Separate Melting shop – Die Casting Shop and Machine Shop. • Dedicate Tool Maintenance Area. • Future Ability to ramp up and expand. With Electrical, Plumbing, Pneumatic and civil infrastructure laid out for further 3 HPDC cells each of 840 T. • Industry renowned and highly experienced & qualified Technical advisors. SAPL – What makes us different ?

  10. PLANT LAYOUT Melt Shop– 3,000 sq ft. Die Casting – 10,000 sq ft. Machine Shop– 7,000 sq ft. Melting Shop Die Maint. Die Cast Shop Quality Lab Machine Shop Dispatch Gate RM Store SAPL – Efficient Movement! Total Land Area – 1,40,000 sq ft. Total Plant Area – 20,000 sq ft.

  11. Suvarna Alloys Pvt Ltd. Plant-1 Total Area constructed 20,000 Sq ft. It covers Melting shop, Raw Material store, Compressor Room, Die casting Shop for 5 Machines, Die Maintenance, Quality Lab, Machine Shop, Shot Blasting Area, Finished good Store and Dispatch. Plant in Picture Suvarna Alloys Pvt Ltd. Plant-1 Double girder EOT crane is installed of Size 10T x 2T. Crane is suitable to take care all die maintenance as well other operations in the plant. 200 TR capacity cooling tower. Layout of Plant is planned as suitable for process.

  12. Future at SAPL • Land, Electricity, Manpower available to set up another 2 plants of this size at this location. • Energy price is locked for 5 years for bio gas, hence making sure cost control is possible. • Non Destructive Testing will be set up in next 12 months. • Image Analyzer • X- Ray. • Ability to ramp up in short time and expand. With Electrical, Plumbing, Pneumatic and civil infrastructure laid out for further 3 HPDC cells each of 840 T. • Looking for Joint Venture in setting up entirely dedicated plant for single customers long term requirement or dedicated new product development facility. SAPL – Future offerings.

  13. POLICIES THAT GOVERN US • Operating Policy: • Most efficient operating practices should be employed. • Standardization of operations and practices. • Documentation of operations. • Maximize waste reduction. • Simplification of tasks and micro – processes. • Infrastructure Policy: • Best possible equipment in terms of technology and quality has no alternative. • Focusing on consistent quality output, even if it means low ROI. • Equipments and technologies to enable future advancements and developments. • Infrastructure that has global acceptance in terms of best in class standards and technologies. SAPL – Beliefs

  14. POLICIES THAT GOVERN US • Man Power Policy: • Worlds best machines and pure raw material will only lie idle without able hands to direct it in the right manner - • Organizations most important resource is HR. • Get the best possible human resource only then world class infrastructure can operate to its potential. • HR is partner in growth and success of the organization. Accordingly they share the stakes of performance just like owners and management. • Multi level empowerment of employees. Through delegation of work comes responsibility and sense of owning. • Continuous & comprehensive training and technical foundation of work force. To know HOW, one needs to understand what, where, when and why first! SAPL – Beliefs

  15. Contact Plant Address: Sameer Potdar Plant Head Plot C-8, Kagal Five Star MIDC, Kolhapur. Correspondence: Office: +91-231-2662167 Fax: +91-231-2662170 Office Address: Rahul Suvarna Director – Operations 255/1, Highway Park, Old PB Road, Tararani Chowk, Kolhapur – 416003

  16. Thank you – Please Visit us!