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Favorite Things

Favorite Things

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Favorite Things

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  1. Favorite Things DJ Screw Swangaz Jays Guns Fitteds PitBulls

  2. DJ Screwwas the originator of Screwed and Chopped music and the main music mixer for the Screwed Up Click. In his prime he started off making his Screw Tapes from lists of songs people gave him. After a while he had a few of his own artists on the rise; Including Lil Keke & Fat Pat at the top of everybody list.

  3. Swangaz and Vouges..yeah I love those. My dream car would have to be a 1985 Buick Riviera convertible w/ a apple over silver candy paint job, 15 inch gorilla pokers, Momo wood-grain wheel, 8 10’ speakers in the trunk, 8-pack of 6x9s, chrome plated woman, and I cant forget the 5th falling in the back.

  4. GUNS!!!!! Don’t worry I’m not a killer. I just like guns. My favorite handgun is a .45 cal pistol; My favorite shotgun is a 20 gauge pistol grip pump.

  5. Air Jordan Retros are my favorite shoes. The shoe to the left is the Air Jordan Retro OC “Miro Olympic” Edition. I REALLY want them. They are $350 so I’m about to start saving. My favorite Jordan Retro shoe would have to be the Air Jordan Retro 5.

  6. I like fitted caps mainly because I can always find one to match with what I have on. That’s all…lol

  7. Pits, pits, pits. Best dog breed ever. I’m not like most people who just buy any pit though. If its not the bloodline of Razors Edge or a Bully I WILL NOT BUY it. The dog in the picture to the left is one of my dogs; Her name is Fancy and she is a Bully. Believe it or not she was barely 2 in the picture

  8. BYE!!!!!