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  2. INDEX • About Us • Services • Daily Tours • Exclusive Services • Contact

  3. About Us Greetings from ISTANBUL  –the  cradle of civilization, We are celebrating our 3th year of business in tourism industry as Enjoy Travel. We are proud of arranging the Istanbul Daily City Tours and All other Region Tours with our own vehicles. Since 2011, Enjoy holds its honest policy with the professional and experienced staff, by preparing up-to-date programs and giving perfect service to our guests. In our luxurious and comfortable vehicles, you start your adventure with our assurance, you will feel yourself at home and experience your trip as you would in your dreams.  In Istanbul and all over Turkey we operate tailor made programs, cultural tours, business trips, transfer service, rent a car, ticketing, fair organizations, hotel reservation, cruises and any kind of organization for individuals and groups. We are so glad to explore Istanbul wıth you, the pearl of the world, again and again. While we visit this magical city, relax in deep blue sea of Bosphorus, explore the history, we make your memories eternal. Enjoy our music, one of the most important parts of the Turkish tradition and watch folklore -harmony of melody & body. Explore with us the most beautiful parts of this amazing country of thousands of years of cultural heritage, in the most comfortable and safe way. From start to finish of your trip, we will do our best to ensure that your unique experience in Turkey goes as smooth as possible.  We hope to become your family in Turkey, so that you will miss us after leaving this country. Enjoy Istanbul will be here waiting for you on your next trip. 

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  5. Main Services ( Daily Tours) • Princess Island Daily Tour • OldIstanbul ( Imperial ) Tour • BosphorusBoat Trip • Night Life Tour • Out Of City Tours

  6. Princess ISLAND

  7. Princess ISLAND • There are nine small islands in the Marmara Sea arranged like an emerald necklace in the South of Istanbul. JustinianusKuropalatis the Second, the Byzantine Emperor had made a palace and a monastery in the island in A.D. 569, and afterwards it became a place of exile of the princes. There are settlements in five of these islands which are also called the Prince Islands accordingly. • It was a place of exile in the past, but it has become a place where the rich families of Istanbul live as from the 17th century. The most popular location of the Istanbulites who want to get away from the crowd of the city today is the Prince Islands. • Our tour of the Islands starts with our taking you from your hotel between 8.15 - 8.30 in the morning. Our boat sets sail from Kabataş around 9.30 - 10.00; hence, our boat trip towards the islands which lasts approximately 2 hours together with the sailing of the boat starts. • When we arrive at Büyükada, which is the biggest of the Prince islands, we wander all around the island by a horse carriage, and after our carriage trip, we eat lunch in a beautiful fish restaurant and around 3.00, we start our return trip on our boat, and after the 2-hour trip again, we arrive in Istanbul. When we leave you at your hotel, the happiness of leaving a beautiful day behind will hold a nice place in your memories.

  8. OldIstanbul ( Imperial ) Tour

  9. OldIstanbul ( Imperial ) Tour • Hagia Sophia Museum, which is considered 8th Wonder of the World, was constructed by Emperor Justinianos as a church at the beginning of the 6th Century. The Church was converted into a mosque in 1453 and subsequently into a museum in 1935 by M. Kemal ATATURK. Hagia Sophia, which sheds light to history with its beautiful mosaics, is among the museums that are visited the most in the world. • Blue Mosque, which is the most magnificent mosque of Istanbul, was constructed at the beginning of the 17th Century. It is called the Blue Mosque because of more then 20.000 blue and yellow Iznik tiles inside. In addition to its courtyard, domes and its characteristic as the mosque of Turkey with six minarets, it has beautiful calligraphy ceiling decoration • Egyptian obelisks are the oldest historical works in Istanbul. These stones, which were made of pink granite, were constructed in year 390 in the era of Theodosius. Grand Bazaar (Covered market) is a historical location with an extraordinary atmosphere that separates you from the chaos of the modern world and makes you feel as if you are somewhere in the 1001 nights with the positive energy that surrounds you when you enter it. • This structure, which is constructed on a very broad area in a labyrinth shape, is called the covered market because it is completely covered and it has numerous doors opening to the exterior. There are approximately 4.000 stores with jewelry and hand-woven carpets waiting for you inside this unique building. • Topkapi Palace, which has been the headquarters for 400 years for the Ottoman Empire, which has ruled the world for 600 centuries, was constructed by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1478. • Topkapi Palace, which is used as a museum, contains the Kasikci Diamond, which is third largest diamond in the world in addition to the numerous unique works of the Ottoman era. • Rustem Pasha Mosque, which is selected as the most beautiful mosque of Europe by the American Newsweek, was constructed in 1561 by Architect Sinan, who is one of the greatest architects of the Ottoman Empire with the order of Rustem Pasha, who was one of the viziers of Suleiman the Magnificent. • It will dazzle your eyes as soon as you enter the mosque with its Iznik tiles and mosaics.

  10. BosphorusBoat Trip

  11. BosphorusBoat Trip • Firstly, we will visit Istanbul’s one of the oldest bazaars, Spice Bazaar. With the smell of the spices and the voice of the merchants that are thrust into your face as you take the first step through its massive door, you will slip away from today and find yourself in the Ottoman Empire of the 17th century. • After the Spice Bazaar, we will take a short Halic tour and go to Kabatas for a Bosporus tour on our private boat. Not only does the Bosporus connect the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, it also separates the continents of Asia and Europe from one another. • While watching Asia on one side and Europe on the other during the tour, you will have the chance to visit an open air museum of incredible size. • You will see the modern side of Istanbul with the Bosporus Bridge and the historical side with the Rumeli Fortress, mosques and old mansions. Note: the Bosporus has always been kind to photographers.

  12. IstanbulNight Life Tour

  13. IstanbulNight Life Tour • One of the most authentic cities in the world, Istanbul fascinates by day with its positive energy and chaos. And at nights, it is a 1001 Nights tale experience to make it the highlight of your stay. • While enjoying the local culinary delights of Turkish cuisine, a fun night is ahead starting with the folk dance shows. • You will visit best quality and best enjoyable place with our city guides you wil see hospitaly of Turkish people.Enjoyistanbul guarantee best night life in your life . Night lifein Istanbul is huge. There are many popular establishments — some aged over thirty years old and some very down to date. Being such a big city with several city centers, Istanbul has more than one entertainment destination.On the Asian side Caddebostan “barlarsokağı” — a street of pubs on Iskele Street — and Kadife Street, both in the Kadıköy district, have a lot to offer. On the European side, night clubs aren’t concentrated in one location. There are numerous venues spread out over Nişantaşı in the Şişlidistrict, Ortaköy in the Beşiktaş district or Taksim, Istiklal Street and Nevizade in the Beyoğludistrict. In this article I can only mention the tip of the iceberg with a list of 10 night clubs locals put on the top of their lists.

  14. Out Of City Tours

  15. Out Of City Tours • We are on our way to explore the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire. Our excursion for Bursa starts with the ferryboat we will take at Yenikapı. After a journey of around 1,5 hours we will have a short passage with our vehicle and reach Bursa. We will first visit the Yeşil Mosque, the Yeşil Sepulcher globally known for its tiles and the Ulu Mosque. We will have our lunch at one of the most famous kebab restaurants of Bursa. The İskender Kebab of Bursa deserves the fame it has earned. • After the lunch we will visit the city’s historic Grand bazaar, Koza Han (Silk Bazaar), Uludağ (Mt. Ulu) and Cumalıkızık. Bursa is the last station of the historical Silk Road therefore sericulture plays an important role in the history of the city. There are many historical caravanserais in Bursa where silk trade has been performed for ages. The most important one is the Koza Han which was built in 1491 by Sultan Bayezid II. • Being one of the most important winter sports centers of Turkey Uludağ is mentioned as “Olympos” in the History of Herodotus by the historian Herodotus. The geographer Strabon writes the MysiaOlympos about Uludağ. You will see a panoramic view of Bursa through the 25 minutes of Telpher Tour to Uludağ. • Cumalıkızık is an authentic Ottoman village and has been untouched from Ottoman days. The village is almost like a living museum. If you take the weekend tour you may visit the authentic village bazaar and buy handmade products. You will enjoy the Bursa Tour.

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