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  2. CUBISM Influenced by Cezanne's work on structure and formEmployed fragmented forms and multiple viewpoints Flat, jagged shapes-like a piece of broken glassRearranged compositions to explore shape Analytic Cubism-explore shape Synthetic Cubism-Collage Cubism Had a major influence on 20th Century art

  3. PABLO PICASSO, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, June-July 1907. Oil on canvas, Flat planes-no sense of depth or chiaroscuro for bodies Multiple viewpoints-figures seen from different angles Note influence of African masks and Iberian statues Begins Picasso's movement toward Analytic Cubism

  4. PABLO PICASSO, Still Life with Chair-Caning, 1912. Oil and oilcloth on canvas Synthetic Cubism Incorporates oil cloth, chair caning, and rope

  5. PABLO PICASSO, Guernica, 1937. Oil on canvas Painted to protest an atrocity during the Spanish Civil War Used fragmented forms and basic color scheme of black, white and grey to convey horror of the atrocity Used a pyramid composition for dramatic effect

  6. GEORGES BRAQUE, The Portuguese, 1911. Oil on canvas Collaborated with Picasso in the development of Analytic and Synthetic Cubism

  7. Cubist Sculpture

  8. PABLO PICASSO, Maquette for Guitar, 1912. Cardboard, string, and wire (restored),

  9. JACQUES LIPCHITZ, Bather, 1917. Bronze

  10. ALEKSANDR ARCHIPENKO, Woman Combing Her Hair, 1915. Bronze

  11. FAUVISM First appeared at the Salon d' Automne in 1905 Non-representational color to express feelings Influenced by Gauguin and Van Gogh

  12. HENRI MATISSE, Woman with the Hat, 1905. Oil on canvas

  13. GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM Expressive use of color and shape Two key movements-Die Brucke and Der Blaue Reiter Die Brucke-bridge the distance between Germany's traditional art forms and the new 20th century art Der Blaue Reiter-painters convey feelings about life and spirituality

  14. ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER, Street, Dresden, 1908 (dated 1907). Oil on canvas Disillusioned--expresses feelings of alienation Garish use of colors

  15. FRANZ MARC, Fate of the Animals, 1913. Oil on canvas Paintings of animals Colors express deeper emotional states

  16. VASSILY KANDINSKY, Improvisation 28 (second version), 1912. Oil on canvas, First European artist to paint nonrepresentational works Colors and lines represent musical concepts Called his paintings improvisations and compositions

  17. MAX BECKMANN Departure 1932-33 Oil on canvas triptych, • Best known for a series of symbolic triptychs

  18. FUTURISM Italian art movement Rejects classical and Renaissance art Primary interest-modern technology, speed, motion Exhibits elements of the following art styles: • Cubism-fragmented forms • Fauvism-arbitrary use of colors • Sequential motion photography

  19. UMBERTO BOCCIONI, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913 (cast 1931). Bronze,

  20. GIACOMO BALLA, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, 1912. Oil on canvas

  21. SEVERINI, Armored Train, 1915. Oil on canvas