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How 3D is used in society

How 3D is used in society. Product design. My virtual mode I nc created an application of 3D human virtual models. This allowed users to create a model of themselves and try on 3D clothing . 3D printing :

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How 3D is used in society

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  1. How 3D is used in society

  2. Product design • My virtual mode Inc created an application of 3D human virtual models.This allowed users to create a model of themselves and try on 3D clothing.3D printing: • A company will either use 3D software to create what they want to print or scan the object they want to make. • The printer then divides the object into small slices then makes it from the bottom up creating the 3D object.

  3. Models People now make 3D models because they can see the whole product without having to draw the different perspectives They can be used for characters in films, buildings, animation, product design, architectural walk- throughs, games and the web. Recently 3D models can now be printed through a 3D printer, they no longer have to stay on the computer.

  4. Animations • They use 3D software to create 3D models, they can be objects or figures. • Figures are rigged with a virtual skeleton. The eyes, mouth and limbs of the figure are moved by the animator using key frames. • The animation is then rendered this can take a few minutes to a few days the animation is then ready.

  5. Simple animation • To create a moving character the animator has to first draw/ create the character they want to make. • Then they put in a background. They repeat this process moving the character slightly to the left, right, up or down. • If this process is repeated fast enough the character will move smoothly. • This is used in TV and film.

  6. TV • Many TV adverts now use 3D animation a few examples are: Now TV advert Duracell British Gas

  7. Film • A company called Legacy FX get given costumes they need to design. They then have to measure the actors that need to wear the costume. • Once they have the measurements they need they use 3D software to create a 3D model. • When this is done it is checked by the director of the film making sure it is what the director wants. They then 3D print to costumes. • They then go back to the set and make the actors try on the costumes just in case they have to be redone before the film has started to film. • An example of this would be Pacific Rim. The director did not want to use as much CGI as other films so he picked this method instead for the soldiers outfits.

  8. More Legacy FX 3D model costumes

  9. Web • 3D web was first designed to let users see and navigate around the website but now it includes all the 3D interactive content on websites. • This technology has been available since 2011. • There are many companies that now make 3D websites for people to buy, an example would be 3D web and they have international conferences for companies who make 3D websites.

  10. Games • When making video games Maya software can be used. Examples of video games that have been made with Maya are:

  11. Education • There is a 3D virtual frog dissection educational app. • It is ethical and helps students learn biology. It shows individual 3D organ views with information on the organ. • There are dissection tools which you would use in real life to dissect a frog. • There is a comparison of human and frog organs.

  12. Architectural walk through • 3D architectural walk-throughs enable the viewer to walk through a 3D model of a historical building or architectural site. • Examples of this are when people design their own houses and if you are booking a holiday you can see the inside of the place.

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