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  1. Creation-100 What was the first two things God made? The Heavens and the Earth

  2. Creation-150 What was Adam’s Job in the Garden? Hint: Before God Made Eve To Rule Over Every Creature

  3. Creation-200 How did God Make Eve? Hint: What did He use from His Creation. Adam’s Rip

  4. Creation-250 How is sin come into the world? The Serpent

  5. Creation-300 Who did Adam blame for eating the fruit? Eve

  6. Creation-350 What was one of the serpent’s curses? Hint: Think of the animal “Cursed above all livestock” or “You will crawl on your belly” or “You will eat dust all of your days” or “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between you offspring and hers” or “The woman’s offspring will crush you head and you will strike his heal’

  7. Creation-400 What was Eve’s Curse? Painful Childbearing or You Husband Will Rule Over You

  8. The flood-100 Why did God flood the Earth? Mankind was Wicked and God Want to Start Over

  9. The flood-150 Who did God save from the Flood? Noah’s Family

  10. The flood-200 What was one thing God told Noah to bring on the ark? All the kinds of animals; two of each; one male one female, Noah’s Family

  11. The flood-250 How long did it rain? 40 Days and 40 Nights

  12. The flood-300 How long did Noah stay on the ark with his family? 1 Year

  13. The flood-350 What was the ark made out of? Cypress Wood

  14. The flood-400 How long was the ark? 450ft

  15. Moses’s birth-100 What was Pharaoh’s order? Hint: Before Moses Every boy 2 years and under be thrown into the Nile, but let every girl live

  16. Moses’s Birth-150 What did Moses’s mother do with Moses so he could live? Put him in a basket and into the bank of the Nile

  17. Moses’s birth-200 Who found Moses? Pharaoh’s daughter

  18. Moses’s birth-250 True or False: Pharaoh’s Daughter knew that Moses was a Hebrew baby. True

  19. Moses’s birth-300 Who helped Pharaoh’s daughter take care of Moses? Moses’s birth mother

  20. Moses’s birth-350 Why did Pharaoh’s daughter name him ‘Moses’? Hint: How did she find him Because she drew him out of the water.

  21. Moses’s birth Did Moses know that his mother was nursing him? No

  22. Moses flees-100 Why did Moses flee? He kill a man beating a Hebrew

  23. Moses flees-150 Where did Moses flee? Midian

  24. Moses flees-200 How did Moses save the priest’s daughters? Hint: where did he find them He drove away shepherds that were taking the daughters’ flock and watered the flock.