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  1. Aura Photography and Health and Lifestyle Analysis.
  2. Aura Photos Have an aura photo and reading, mini session includes:- Aura Analysis and Photo of Spiritual Body MentalBody Emotional Body Physical Body Chakra Analysis Organ Analysis
  3. What is an Aura ? An Aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. Each individual has their own unique aura and this is an indication of the type of person they are. Looking at your aura can help with self awareness. The aura consists of fine matter dimensions or astral planes, the vital body, the emotional body and the mental and spiritual bodies. The Aura radiates and pulses in shining, transparent colours around the physical body. It consists of so called “Coloured Air”. The colour frequency gives us the evidence about the quality of the consciousness and life energy.
  4. Have you experienced an aura ? Have you ever felt that someone is staring at you, from somewhere in a room ? Have you taken an instant like or dislike to someone before getting to know them ? Have you walked into a room or house and felt an instant like or dislike to it, an atmosphere ? When you are around some people you feel drained and around others feel energised
  5. How It Works Select the best sized hand plate Place your hand on the plate as flat as possible Do not worry if your fingers are over the ends Place your other hand on top The therapist will tell you when the readings have been taken Remove your hand when prompted
  6. Aura Reflexology Points The diagram shows the reflexology points on the hand as analysed by the Bio-Pulsar And Aurascope software. They show any energy imbalances in the Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit. The reflexology points relate to the internal organs, the endocrine system and the chakras. The analysis can be used as part of a reflexology session or with the chromalive colour torch, to work on the chakra area of the hand that is most out of balance. We Offer Reflexology Colour or Crystal Reflexology Chromalive Colour Torch Treatments
  7. Why Do I need Aura Analysis ? You will have an insight into how the mind and emotions affect your health. You will see which thoughts and emotions are holding you back from being the person you really want to be. You will see how your personality affects your health and learn how to get a positive attitude to enhance your life. You will get an insight into how you project yourself and how others see you. You will understand why certain people are drawn to you and tell you their problems without knowing you! You will know why you have chosen your particular career path You will learn why grounding and protecting yourself is important especially around people or situations that you are uneasy with. You will see how balanced your left and right brain are, are you logical or creative or a combination of both ?
  8. Why Do I need Aura Analysis ? You will see how you manage your energy levels throughout the day and where your energy is un balanced. You will see if your spiritual and physical body are balanced. You will see if you are open to the universe, and how the universe communicates with you and how you use your intuition. You will see which organs are over worked and which ones are sluggish or inflammed. You will be able to see before and after therapy pictures, to see how the therapies bring the body back into balance.
  9. What you get...... Mini Reading , comprising A4 Colour printout and Verbal Reading OR Full Reading, comprising A4 colour printout + 20 Page Aurascope analysis + Health and Lifestyle Analysis (using various questionnaires and equipment)
  10. What does your aura say about you ? Are you De-Hydrated ? Do you eat to cover up the “poor me” feeling ? Is your energy on Burnout ? Are you logical or creative ? Are you running on adrenaline and need to relax ? Do you want more support from those around you ?
  11. Interpreting the Organ Analysis Above the green line Organs overworking / working harder due to the organ being depleted in energy (stressed), excess or blocked energy. Small fluctuations Organ sensitivity but power to keep energy under stress. Green Line (average) Optimum energy, harmony and balance. Strong fluctuations –Energy unstable, organ will not be able to hold energy under stress. Below Green Line Depleted energy, sluggish energy, inflammation, scar tissue, muscle damage, bone problems, infection, fever, immune weakness, drug abuse, unresolved physical blockages, repressed thoughts, aggressive energy deficient energy. Organ Vitality Straight Line Optimal Energy. Line drop – There may be a weakness in the organ as it is not holding energy.
  12. Organ Analysis. The Mind / Body Connection. How do your emotions affect your body? Liver – Fear of Failure, resentment and anger. Kidneys – Fear of not being good enough. Pancreas – Poor me, loss of sweetness of life. What emotions are holding you back?
  13. Organs adjacent to each other Signs of Stress Fatigue Indigestion Infections •Irritability Diarrhoea Eczema •Headaches Constipation Psoriasis •Pepticulcer. Muscle tension Allergies •Anorexia Atherosclerosis PMT •Diabetes High blood pressure Sexual problems •Arthritis Neck & back pains Psychological problems •Cancer Irritable bowel Loss of Appetite •Weight changes Insomnia Depression •Memory loss Poor decision-making Low self esteem •Teeth grinding Shallow breathing Withdrawal When the pulsations differ greatly at organs located close together, there is tension, and tension means stress andpain. These organs need balancing with treatments such as acupuncture,as left untreated, long term health problems may occur
  14. Stress Our organs run in “high” gear to meet our daily demands. When we are challenged, the life force energy is steered towards organ zones which are challenged. The nervous system works harder due to energy increase and hormonal secretion output rises. The skin resistance of the reflex zones which are related to the congested organs also change and perspiration increases too. The following endocrine systems work harder and their corresponding organ analysis readings rise above the average line. Endocrine systems affected by stress :- Thyroid Pancreas Adrenals If any of the above are left in permanent stress, it will have negative consequences on our system, exhaustion and hypo function will develop (over reaction). Eventually the body will be painful in affected areas. An aura that is predominantly turquoise and /or royal blue shows that the body is capable of handling everyday demands and can normally “cope” with stress.
  15. Aura Analysis Head Forehead -Future thoughts. Back brain – Past thoughts. Eyes – Vision. Ears – Listening. Mouth Communication. Middle of Body General health of chest and stomach area. Our overall Emotional health. Unresolved fears and feelings. Feeling unappreciated. Self esteem, self worth, self concept. Lungs – Taking in life-force energy Heart – Issues of the heart Reproductive - Sexuality OurOverall mental and spiritual wellbeing Growth and transformation. Progress and change. Thinking and experimenting what we want from life. What thoughts are occupying our mind at the moment. How we think. OUTER edge of the aura How a person expresses themselves to the world Feet Area Hips – Security Issues / Issues holding you back. Knees – Flexibility. Feet – Grounding, moving forward steadfastness, where we are in life, security. What we have on a physical level.
  16. How people close to us can influence our aura Right side of the body (left as looking at picture) Masculine Impressive Active How we project ourselves Physical dangers Memories Goals (Creative Spiritual) Energy Out Influenced by :- Mother Sister Wife Daughter (Female Issues) Left side of the body (right as looking at picture) Feminine Passive Receptive Emotional Imaginative (Logical / analytical) Energy In Influenced by :- Father Brothers Husband Sons (Male Issues) Middle of body Husband Wife Children Seen as Grey in the Aura Negative influence caused by main people in our life Feet Area- Parents (Childhood)
  17. Chakras Heart Love Unconditional Love Warmth Empathy Humanity Tolerance Openness Crown Enlightenment Consciousness Self Respect Dignity Trust Faith Solar Plexus Happiness Sensitivity Clear Communication Will power Confidence Personality Self Control Logic and Study Third Eye (Brow) Intuition Wisdom Realization Awareness Fantasy Imagination Self Knowledge Psychic Abilities Sacral Emotions Joy Reproductive Sexuality Creativity Sensuality Throat Right to express Truthfulness Intelligence Our beliefs Loyalty Communication Inspiration Organisation Base Physical Strength Vitality Energy Security Trust Grounding Survival
  18. When there are strong fluctuations and high amplitudes then the energy state of the organ Is very unstable. The ability of the organ to “hold” energy during “stress” is diminished. The organ energy level “drops” and in order to rise again, it must take energy from other organs Thus eventually the general life force will be gradually reduced. A Vata-Pulse which is a dominance of the air and ether element is prevailing, when the pulse Shows less vitality and has strong fluctuations. Vata signifies reduced life force and strong instability.
  19. Reiki Reiki pronounced (ray-kee) is a gentle hands on therapy that restores spiritual equilibrium and activates the body's own natural ability to heal itself. A Reiki Practitioner channels energy and directs it into the recipient's energy field and body. This is similar to healing systems including qi gong and Tai Chi. Unlike these, a Reiki Practitioner does not use their own energy for healing: they channel directly from the source (universe). Reiki was originally developed by D. MikaoUsui, a Japanese Buddhist Monk, in Japan early in the nineteenth century, which is activated by intention. Reiki originates from the Japanese words 'Rei' meaning universal and 'Ki' energy, the Universal Life Force Energy is vital to our life force energy, the life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is an all encompassing therapy; it balances the mind, body and spirit. It can be used by all, as it is not connected to any religion or belief system. It is a non-invasive treatment that is carried out while the client remains fully clothed. It is suitable for all ages. It is a natural and holistic way of treating the whole person and compatible with all medical and therapeutic practices. What you experience during a Reiki session may vary from person to person, as each of us is unique and individual. There are many names given to Reiki, in essence they all use the same energy, but the hand positions and techniques may vary. Reiki is a complementary healing system that helps revitalise the physical body and remove energy blockages that can cause illness. It does not replace professional medical care.
  20. Organ “Clocks” Before Reiki Healing After Reiki Healing When the symbol of the organ clock appears in a certain organ field, it shows that the organ / meridian is energetically active at this present time
  21. Colours of spinal aura energy Red – Physical energy lack of physical strength. Tiredness. Poor posture maybe seen as curvature of the spine. Orange – Emotional energy, emotionally drained. Yellow – Intellectual energy. Mentally and possibly physically tired Green – Normal vitality, balanced, harmonious and healing energy Turquoise – Optimal energy, strong immune system Blue – Communication energy Indigo – Intuitive energy, running on overdrive, driven by adrenalin Violet – Spirituality, running on overdrive, driven by inspiration Pink – Universal love energy, driven by desire to help others White – Higher Energy, surviving on spiritual, Escapism. Grey – Poor Chi flow, very low physical energy. Struggling with life issues
  22. Colours of spinal aura energy Orange Green Yellow Intellectual energy. Mentally and possibly physically tired Emotional energy, emotionally drained. Normal vitality, balanced, harmonious and healing energy Blue Indigo Violet Intuitive energy, running on overdrive, driven by adrenalin Communication energy Spirituality, running on overdrive, driven by inspiration
  23. Colours of spinal aura energy Grey Pink White Poor Chi flow, very low physical energy. Struggling with life issues Higher Energy, surviving on spiritual, Escapism Universal love energy, driven by desire to help others Turquoise . Optimal energy, strong immune system
  24. Are ALL Auras the same ? No, all auras are unique, a snapshot of that moment in time, showing a persons Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit and what is happening in their life at that point of time. Auras are constantly changing due to many factors which include the environment, energy of other people near them Exercise, diet, hydration levels, drugs, emotions mental health etc
  25. How an Aura changes during the day The pictures below show how the aura changes during the day. Picture 1 (taken in the morning) shows that the client has been studying and passing on this knowledge to others with a little grey depleted energy. Picture 2 is the same client at lunch time, there is more low energy, yellow has changed to orange and more grey has Appeared. Picture 3 is the same client at the end of the day, orange has changed to red, green to yellow, and lots more grey. The client is now totally exhausted, drained of energy and possibly de hydrated... Need to eat, drink and relax !! Morning Lunchtime Evening
  26. Which areas of your life are fulfilled ? Material Wishes Abundance Wealth Diet and Nutrition Drinking Water Hobbies Extended Family (Parents / Siblings) Work YOU Social Network (Friends) Family (Home) Close Relationships (Partner) Physical Sleep Spiritual Which one are you? All Work and no Play. All Play and no Work? Relaxation
  27. Aurascope Software The biopulsarreflexograph and aurascope software is helpful in psycho-therapy as it analyses the colours in the aura in relation to the mind / body connection. This is how the thoughts and emotions affect the internal organs of the body. This is based around the teaching of Louise Hay and other leading psycho therapists. Energy follows thought, this can be seen on the organ graphs above and below the average line. Through negative thoughts “life force” gets lost, energy deficiency forms in the internal organs, which can lead to disease (dis-ease), which is the body no longer being at ease with itself. Based on the results of the aurascope analysis, we can determine which therapies could be beneficial, we can offer : - Creative visualisation techniques Positive thinking techniques Counselling Positive affirmation techniques Life coaching Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT) This is a 20 page report ONLY included in the “in depth” reading OR an additional charge is made
  28. Positives and Negatives of a colour Positives. RED.Negatives. Energy No Stability Trusting Lack of Confidence Leader Fatigue Love Tired of Life Risk Taking Lack of Trust Assertive Suspicious Grounded Insecure Manifest Abundance Unfaithful Independent Self Destructive Strong Hperactive Positives. ORANGE.Negatives. Happy Manipulative Enthusiastic Addiction Independent Emotionally Explosive Social Indulgent Creative Pompous Confident Power seeking Energy Moody Outgoing Spontaneous Friendly Positives. YELLOW.Negatives. Humour Pessimism Optimistic Cowardly Thirst for Knowledge Arrogant Happy Suspicious Logical Self Centred Practical Judgemental Expressive Confused Gut Instincts Low Self Esteem Positives. GREEN.Negatives. Loving Anxious Kind Suspicious Sensitive Gossip Adaptable Clingy Compassionate Unworthy of Love Generous Rejection Humble Jealously Family Orientated Envy Abundance Strong
  29. Positives and Negatives of a colour Positives. TURQUOISE. Negatives. Understanding Confusion Acceptance Turmoil Compassion Limitations Freedom of Expression Destructive Thoughts Harmony Responsibility (Too much) Balance Stubborn Love Positives. BLUE.Negatives. Clear Sighted Critical Faithful Snobbish Loyal Scheming Tactful Cold Affectionate Sarcastic Inspirational Domineering Organisational Superior Diplomatic Power Seeking Stable Mentally Cruel Polite Arrogant Positives. INDIGO.Negatives. Higher Knowledge Intolerant Idealist Fearful Leader Absent Minded Counsellor Obsessive Kind Depression Wisdom Fear Thoughtful Learning Problems Telepathic Trust / Faith Positives. PURPLE.Negatives. Intuitive Superstitions Self Respect Fantasy World Dignity Ego Self Worth Insecurity Self Esteem Low Self Worth Solitude Vulnerability Isolation Despair Self Doubting
  30. Positives and Negatives of a colour Positives. MAGENTA Negatives. Humanitarian Immature Clairaudience Dishonest Sensual Obligation Unconditional Love Superior Compassion Self Righteous Spirit Fulfilment Arrogant Contentment Domineering Completeness Martyrdom Positives. WHITE.Negatives. Purity Lack of clarity Ideas Scattered Focus Decisions Impure Intent Illumination Ability to see clearly
  31. Careers associated with colours of the Aura REDS. They are extremely physical. They truly love power and all that it brings. They have an abundance of energy, they are courageous and loyal. They are extremely stubborn and focus on their energy in a very different manner. They are often self -employed. Reds gravitate towards physical occupations like being a footballer, sports coach, athlete, rescue worker, fireman, policeman, security person, working heavy equipment, pilot, mechanic, lorry driver, manual labourer, entrepreneur, singer and actor. ORANGE. They are very creative, they love challenges and excitement. They are excellent strategists. They are extremely resourceful, bold and love their freedom. They are artistic. Orange people need constant challenges to work well. They are usually only willing to work on tasks that they feel are interesting. They also need to feel their boss is mentally stronger for them to work diligently and loyally. They make talented sales people, entrepreneurs; they are good at dealing with the public. Other good careers are artist, florist, decorator or working in the craft business. YELLOW. They are people with the most optimism. If you see yellow, you can be 80% sure they will be a good employee. They are mentally prepared to work. Most yellows have a lot of talent, so be sure to allow them a chance to show their talent and potential. Yellows make good office workers, accountants, lawyers and teachers.
  32. Careers associated with colours of the Aura GREENS. They love their work and career. They like jobs that are a challenge and will strive for what’s best. They love competition. They like lots of power and money. They love to create plans and organise phases of work. They are also very caring, nurturing and sensitive and like to help others. Jobs for greens are doctors, nurses, healers and they make good parents, vets, good at working in nature, psychologists, social workers, bankers and good on stock market. TURQUOISE. This is the colour of healing, communication from the heart. It is the colour of caring and sensitivity. They can be highly energised and capable of influencing others. They are good organisers and have good social interaction. Bring new refreshing energy and ideas to situations. They make good managers as they communicate goals clearly and influence the team rather than command it. They make good carers, nurses, doctors, therapists etc. BLUES. They are very spiritual, kind and nurturing people. They are sensitive and loyal. They are also intuitive. Blues need to help others feel fulfilled. Like greens, blues make excellent healers, doctors, therapists, surgeons, social workers, educators, teachers, lecturers, artists, judges, scientists, religious workers and metaphysicians
  33. Careers associated with colours of the Aura INDIGOS. This is the colour of Intuitive and Psychic abilities, Higher Knowledge and Spiritual Awareness. They are people seeking spiritual truth to move towards a deeper connection with spirit. They are deeply intellectual. Jobs for indigos are scholars, scientists, inventors, physically demanding jobs and hands on jobs like carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, where they have to pay good attention. They also make good Clairvoyance, like spiritual work, teaching jobs, jobs using their imagination, like being an artist. They like to rethink and re-examine old beliefs and ways of doing things. VIOLETS. They are visionaries drawn to higher ideals. They can visualise a better world. Violets have a tendency to be quiet fortunate and lucky with a good family, good life, good everything. They are usually content with everything around them. Violets need a job that holds their attention. They do not like stressful jobs. Jobs they are good at are:-, entertainer, movie star, visionary, revolutionary and master teachers. PINKS This is the colour of unconditional love, true love and romance. Faithfulness and commitment. When they find true their true vocation they love it. Driven by the desire to help others. They are bubbly and happy. Appearance conscious. Jobs for pinks are writer of romance books, organising weddings e.g. wedding planner, hen parties, photography, working with children, animals, careering for people, humanitarian, nursing and social worker.
  34. Careers associated with colours of the Aura WHITES This is the colour of purity and spirituality. It is harmony and the blending of all the colours and energy. It is like looking at things from a spiritual perspective. It is intuition and spirit. Whites have Spiritual Ambition. In a fast paced job, white need direction. If you do not manage them, most likely you will not see any accomplishment. Whites are attracted to Spiritual Occupations, non profit foundations, yoga instructors, religious gurus and where ever there is harmony and balance.
  35. What can I do after Aura Analysis Work on the emotions affecting your health which are holding you back in life. This can be achieved by affirmations, counselling, life coaching, holistic and complementary therapies, visualisations, and meditation. Work on grounding and protecting yourself to protect your energy and maximise your energy levels. When we are grounded we are aware of synchronicities coming our way and use them maximise our life. Look at our life as a whole “The Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions” Learn to use your personality to maximise your life and live a fulfilled and positive lifestyle. Use the Aura Analysis to look at your life as a whole, see if there is anything missing in your life or an area that that needs improvement. Are we left / right brain balanced ? Are we all work and no play ?. Use the reading to help bring balance into your life. Use the Aura Analysis to look at what level your intuition is used at, is it on a physical, emotional or spiritual basis ? Do we show trust and faith in the universe ? Do we work out of unconditional love ? Which areas do you need to work on ?
  36. Therapies we offer Meridian Therapies Electronic Acupuncture Crystal Healing Emotional Freedom Technique
  37. Chakra and Aura Therapies
  38. Before and After Reiki. Notice the Difference Above The Head: Spiritual Energy (white) Unconditional Love (Pink). Healing Energy (Turquoise). Generally more Green throughout aura which indicates balanced energy. Less energy depletion (Grey). More Grounded Energy (Green) leg area. Before Reiki After Reiki Why not book a Reiki Session and have a before and after Reiki Photo to take away.
  39. Aura’s Before and After Acupuncture. In the after acupuncture picture you can see that the aura is starting to become more balanced after a 15 minute session. The white energy below the feet and chest area is starting to lower, seen by the magenta. The spinal energy has gone from orange which is a lower energy to a higher energy which is yellow. After Before
  40. Acupuncture The average line runs at 60, its colour is green / turquoise and corresponds to the energy of the heart chakra
  41. Acupuncture Higher than 60 It shows too much energy in the affected zone. This is called an “Energy jam”. The energy needs reducing through acupuncture
  42. Acupuncture Lower than 60 It shows too little energy in the affected zones, this is called “deficient energy”. We must “add energy” to these zones in order to re balance them.
  43. Acupuncture Mixture of High and Low Readings The energy distribution is blocked, some zones high, some zones low, the energy will need re balancing. The organs do not pulsate in harmony.
  44. Chromalive Colour Therapy . Why not book a Colour Therapy Treatment.
  45. Key Body Systems I am an Independent Distributor of Natures' Sunshine products. I use the Biopulsar system to look at the key body systems in conjunction with the Natures Sunshine “Lifestyle Analysis” form to determine which food supplements may be beneficial as a preventative measure and to help bring the key body systems back into balance.
  46. Key Body Systems with suggested NSP Supplement Products Urinary System – Colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and rectum (anus) Natures Sunshine Product :- Juniper and Parsley Intestinal System – Colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and rectum (anus) Natures Sunshine Product :- Bowel Build Skeletal System – Spine, shoulders, upper and lower arms, elbow, hands, pelvis Hips, legs, knees and feet Natures Sunshine Product :- Skeletal Strength
  47. Lymphatic System – Spleen, throat, oesophagus, adrenals, neck, thymus, armpits, upper arms, lower arms, legs and feet Nature Sunshine Product – Defence Maintenance Cardiovascular System – Heart, lungs, and spleen Natures Sunshine Product – Mega chel Digestive System – Mouth, oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas. Natures Sunshine Product – Proactzyme. Respiratory System – Mouth, ears, nose, oesophagus, lungs and heart Natures Sunshine Product – Fenugreek and Fennel
  48. Endocrine / Hormonal System – Thymus, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals, Reproductive (ovaries and gonads), hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal (secondary, liver, kidney, heart) Nature Sunshine Product – Master Gland Nervous System – Brain, spinal, eyes, thyroid, pancreas and adrenals indicate anxiety, tension and stress) Natures Sunshine Product – Nutri Calm
  49. Testimonials “I was a little sceptical at first but when the reading was explained almost every part rang true. From the analysis of the colours of my aura the reader correctly identified all aspects of my current state I was impressed and very happy with the results” D Wilson July 2010 Lincoln “I am a big believer in all of these things, and pretty open minded. The reading was very accurate and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend a reading to anyone E Clark
  50. Testimonials “I am both fascinated and impressed. The reading was definitely accurate with respect to issues in my life” R. Rogers Lincoln “I was very impressed with the reading, it gave me a good insight into where my problems are and how to go forward in life. It was very accurate on how I am emotionally. “ Lincoln “Really informative, a bit of an eye opener on how my lifestyle and choices influence my aura. Thank you. ” Lorrraine Lincoln July 2010
  51. Aura Party. Are you fed up with attending the same old house parties? This is the one Party Not To Be Missed! Spend time with your friends and family having fun! Why not book an Aura Party!