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Jeopardy. Environ-ment. Skills & Processes. Natural Resources. Weathering. Rocks. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500.

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  1. Jeopardy Environ-ment Skills & Processes Natural Resources Weathering Rocks Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $400 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

  2. $100 Question from Natural Resources Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil

  3. $100 Answer from Natural Resources What are the three nonrenewable resources?

  4. $200 Question from Natural Resources How does an increasing population affect energy resources?

  5. $200 Answer from Natural Resources More people will cause more pollution which will increase global warming and decrease the availability of fossil fuels.

  6. $300 Question from Natural Resources If we decrease our use of fossil fuels, what must happen with our use of renewable resources?

  7. $300 Answer from Natural Resources We must increase our use of renewable resources

  8. $400 Question from Natural Resources Which graph illustrates the relationship between an increasing population and our affect on global warming?

  9. $400 Answer from Natural Resources

  10. $500 Question from Natural Resources What is a negative of using solar power as a main source of electricity?

  11. $500 Answer from Natural Resources It can not be used if it is dark or cloudy

  12. $100 Question from Environment How might deforestation affect a forest ecosystem?

  13. $100 Answer from Environment Cutting down trees would cause there to be less habitat for certain animals. This might lead to a species dying out.

  14. $200 Question from Environment Why do waterman and farmers often disagree on the use of fertilizers?

  15. $200 Answer from Environment Farmers would like to use fertilizers to better their crops. Watermen dislike the nutrient pollution does to the Bay.

  16. $300 Question from Environment How does an increasing human population affect rainforests?

  17. $300 Answer from Environment With an increasing population more people will need land for houses and stores. Therefore rainforests will need to be cut down thus decreasing the amount of oxygen they release into the air.

  18. $400 Question from Environment A developer would like to build a new shopping center. The Chesapeake bay Foundation says this is bad for the watershed. What is the most likely reason that they oppose this shopping center?

  19. $400 Answer from Environment The shopping mall would add more parking lots which would cause more chemicals to reach the Bay as a result of runoff.

  20. $500 Question from Environment When bacteria and microorganisms are present in the Bay, this can affect other industries. Explain how this might happen.

  21. $500 Answer from Environment If the bacteria infects fish or other animals this could affect the number of available wildlife for watermen to catch and sell. Could also affect out travel industry in Maryland.

  22. $100 Question from Rocks In which of the three rock groups would you place this rock?

  23. $100 Answer from Rocks Sedimentary

  24. $200 Question from Rocks What characteristics might help you identify a metamorphic rock?

  25. $200 Answer from Rocks May have layers that appear to be formed as a result of great heat and pressure

  26. $300 Question from Rocks Igneous rocks can be classified as intrusive or extrusive. Explain the difference in formation and appearance.

  27. $300 Answer from Rocks Intrusive form within the earth and because of their slow cooling rate would have formed larger crystals. Extrusive rocks are formed on or near Earth’s surface and cool at a faster rate thus having smaller crystals.

  28. $400 Question from Rocks Below is a picture of a foliated rock. To which of the three groups does it belong and how are these rocks formed?

  29. $400 Answer from Rocks This is a metamorphic rock. It is foliated because it was formed through great heat and pressure within the Earth. The pressure causes the minerals that make up the rock to line up in bands.

  30. $500 Question from Rocks Describe the processes that form sedimentary rock and how theses processes affect the rocks appearance.

  31. $500 Answer from Rocks Sedimentary rocks are weathered and eroded. Then they are deposited in layers, compacted and cemented together. Sedimentary rocks may have bits or fragments of other rocks, fossils, shells that help us to identify them as sedimentary.

  32. $100 Question from Weathering Name the two types of weathering.

  33. $100 Answer from Weathering Chemical and mechanical

  34. $200 Question from Weathering Give an example of chemical weathering.

  35. $200 Answer from Weathering Possible: Statue of Liberty Bike rusting, groundwater in caves

  36. $300 Question from Weathering How is mechanical weathering different from chemical weathering?

  37. $300 Answer from Weathering Mechanical weathering changes size, shape or state but not composition.

  38. $400 Question from Weathering Name one factor that could increase the rate of chemical weathering.

  39. $400 Answer from Weathering Increase in rainfall

  40. $500 Question from Weathering What agent of mechanical weathering is most responsible for creating potholes? Explain.

  41. $500 Answer from Weathering Temperature change, the alternate freezing (contracting) and thawing (expanding) of concrete or asphalt leads to cracks and potholes.

  42. $100 Question from Skills and Processes Students want to test how time affects the rate of mechanical weathering on rocks. Each student in the class shakes a jar of rocks for 30 seconds and records the mass lost. Then repeats for 60 seconds and 90 seconds. What might be an error in this experiment?

  43. $100 Answer from Skills and Processes There are actually two variables, time and strength of shake.

  44. $200 Question from Sills and Processes Why is it important for scientists to repeat experiments?

  45. $200 Answer from Skills and Processes Scientists repeat experiments so that they can make sure that they have accurate data that is valid and reliable.

  46. $300 Question from Skills and Processes Students are conducting a lab on chemical weathering by adding different amounts of acid to a limestone rock and measuring how much mass the rock loses. What is the independent variable?

  47. $300 Answer from Skills and Processes Amount of acid

  48. $400 Question from Sills and Processes In the Crystal Lab we grew crystals in hot and cold temperatures, what would be a good control for this experiment?

  49. $400 Answer from Sills and Processes Crystals grown in room temperature

  50. $500 Question from Sills and Processes What might be a drawback to having a local farmer conduct an experiment on the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay?

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