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Pipeline Manager- Broker Upload Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Pipeline Manager- Broker Upload Training

Pipeline Manager- Broker Upload Training

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Pipeline Manager- Broker Upload Training

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  1. Pipeline Manager-Broker Upload Training Presented by: Geoff Messerschmidt

  2. Recent updates to Pipeline Manager now gives brokers the ability to upload files directly from your loan origination System by uploading a loan file in a Fannie Mae 3.2 file format. Benefits Ease of use Reduced processing time Ability to check status of a loan in real time and review files notes from lender Lock loans without delay of file input

  3. Granting Access • Broker Admins will need to grant access by updating their teams individual profiles in Pipeline Manager as follows: • Click Administration • Click User, then Broker Profiles • Select User 1 2 3

  4. Once in the User screen, select “Edit Broker Profile”.

  5. Updating Individual Profiles 1 2 3 Broker Admins will have ability to update Loan Files submitted by their Loan Officers should the loan officers be unavailable Broker Admins can update their teams individual profiles in Pipeline Manager as follows: Allow New Loans: Select Yes View Document: Select Yes Upload Documents: Select Yes

  6. To Upload a New Loan 1. Click on the Pipeline tab & then “Active Pipeline”. 2. Click on “Upload New Loan”. 2 1

  7. Uploading to the Carrington Underwriting Pipeline Click Select to upload the file from your documents Select your borrowers loan type under “Loan Program” Select your Broker Loan Officers Name Enter your email address Add any additional comments specific to the Loan File

  8. Email Confirming Submission Once completed, an email will be generated informing you that the new 3.2 file upload has taken place through pipeline manager* *A similar email will be sent to the assigned Account Executive and the loan set up group informing them of the new file upload. The file will now be in “Registered status”.

  9. View Uploaded Loan Once the system successfully receives your file you will also get a pop up screen congratulating you on your successful submission. Once successfully submitted , click “Back to Pipeline” to view the loan that was just uploaded

  10. File Summary Screen Select the loan you uploaded. And proceed to the file summary screen.

  11. Once in the summary screen, select “Upload Document”.

  12. Supporting Documents • At the Document Upload screen you can upload your initial package by selecting loan documents that support your previously uploaded 3.2 File. • Once you have uploaded your supporting documents, make your Document Type selection. 1 2

  13. When selecting Document Type, make sure you select the correct type, for example: Initial Submission of Documents Trailing Documents for Initial Submissions Condition Clearing Documents 1 3 2

  14. Internal Email Notification When initial or additional documents are uploaded to the system by the broker, the internal team will receive a notification (as shown below) indicating which bundle label the documents were sent to.