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Bedroom Duvet Covers

High-quality, durable and exceptionally comfortable bedroom duvet covers available are affordable rates only at Linen Drawer. Soft, stylish and luxurious covers making your bedroom supremely beautiful.

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Bedroom Duvet Covers

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  1. Considerations to Make When Buying Baby Beddings Choosing the perfect bedding sets for your baby’s bed is one of the important things that you will have to do. The quality of the bedding is what will determine the quality of sleep your baby will have. It is quite important for you to ensure that you have chosen the right sheets in terms of materials. Factors to Consider  Material You will be required to know the different materials when you are buying the baby bed linen. The materials that you will come across will include;  Cotton; which are the best Microfiber sheets Silk; not recommended for the baby Polyester; not recommended if the baby has sensitive skin    The material of the sheets will also determine the cost of the bed linen sets.  The Thread Count It has been said that the higher the thread count a sheet has the smoother the sheet will be. It is however not recommended for you to consider only the thread count. This is because there are sheets that have a low thread count, but they are of great quality.  The Weaving

  2. The type of weaving that the sheet has, will determine the quality and also the durability of the sheets. There are different types of weave designs that have been used;  Plain weave design; these are created in a criss-cross pattern Sateen weaving; they are mostly used on cotton and rayon materials. They do create a luxurious finishing Percale weaving   There are other different types of weaving that will help you to determine the quality of the sheet. When it comes to buying these sheets, the size of the linens will matter. It is recommended that you choose linen that fits the baby’s bed perfectly. This will prevent the baby from suffocating or rolling in them. Buying Cotton Sheets Everybody loves to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing sleep. That is why most people invest in the quality of their bed and mattress. In addition to the mattress and the bed, you should also consider buying quality bed linens. This is what will make the sleep even more enjoyable. There are different types of sheets that you can choose from. These many include; silk, linen, polyester and the mostly used cotton. These fabrics determine the quality of the sheets. The most expensive sheets in the world are the cotton sheet sets,especially the sheets that are designed from the quality Egyptian cotton. For those people who don’t know the difference between the different types of cotton, buying the sheets will be a challenge. The first step therefore is for you to research and try to understand the different cotton fabrics that have been used.

  3. Cotton Fabric and Their Weaves It is important to note that there are three major types of cotton weaves. These different fibers are made weaved in combination with other fibers to add quality and durability.  The Plain Weave Cotton This is the most common type of weave. They are simple and created with simple patterns. The cotton may be tight or lose depending on the type of fiber that has been used.  Twill Cotton Weave This is created by threading the different fibers of the cottonin a diagonal pattern. The twill fiber is strong and sturdy and it makes the cotton sheets more durable.  Satin Weave These are created tight in a simple design. The fibers are woven bearing the same sides of the cotton. They are tightest form of weave. They create a smooth and soft touch on the sheets. Understanding the different weave and fabric will help you in choosing the best cotton sheets. Contact Linen Drawer Cape Chamber of CommerceAddress 24A Fabriek Street Paarl 7646 South Africa Telephone: 021 8720108 Faxmail: 021 8722389

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