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Day Trips from Pullman PowerPoint Presentation
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Day Trips from Pullman

Day Trips from Pullman

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Day Trips from Pullman

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  1. Day Trips from Pullman By Jenny Baylon Mark Eberhardt Kefi Lewis Deb Marsh

  2. Is the Pullman area a recreational wasteland?

  3. Our group says “No!” There are all sorts of things to do and see in the Pullman area!

  4. The purpose of our site is to show some of the many activities available to WSU students and people new to the Pullman area.

  5. Our web site, titled “Day Trips from Pullman,” will provide four detailed day trip examples. Where to go What to see What to eat How much the trip will cost How long it will take

  6. In addition, our web site will provide general Pullman area information and links to other information sources.

  7. Don’t despair if you are staying in Pullman over the summer – You can have a wonderful time!

  8. Why is the website needed? • There currently isn't a travel page catered toward WSU students and Pullman newcomers. • Summer is approaching. • People like picnics, sun tanning, getting out, and seeing new things. • Many people seem to be unaware of what this area has to offer.

  9. What purpose will the creation of this website fulfill? • This website will be focused toward students and newcomers looking for day trips. • It will highlight scenic local areas. • It will provide ideas for outdoor and indoor activities near Pullman. • This website will also improve the image of the Pullman area by letting people know how many recreational opportunities we have here.

  10. Food Dining Arts Culture Entertainment Sightseeing Shopping Recreation Day Trips From Pullman: Objective Statement By highlighting daytrip ideas, this site will introduce newcomers to many regional opportunities for:

  11. These are not necessarily only WSU students but rather anyone new to Pullman. It could also include people of all ages who have been in the area for a while, but who haven’t taken the opportunity to explore. Our audience — newcomers.

  12. Usually the best-kept secrets of a region are not gleaned from typical resources such as books, newspapers, and the web. This is especially true of a small, rather rural region. The good stuff is often learned by word of mouth.

  13. Our team will attempt to fill this information gap. We will introduce you to the good stuff by way of the back door.

  14. Food Costs Timing Weather Appropriate apparel Links And we’ll show you many web-friendly photos! We will divide the area into four “obvious” regions where we will conveniently share many of the fun and diverse things to see and do.We will give directions and provide information on:

  15. For example, you might have heard someone mention the Snake River. Well, the Snake River is many miles long. Where do you go, what route do you take, what is there to do? Grandma and Grandpa might not be thrilled with the Dunes. The Dunes is a wonderful example of the geology of the Palouse, but depending on the time frame, they might think they were at Miami Beach on spring break! We will share that type of information here.

  16. Specifics to meet:

  17. Welcome the audience and state the purpose of the site: • Pullman and the surrounding areas provide many fun and diverse things to do and see. • These opportunities have been captured and conveniently presented for you here.

  18. Introduce the reader to Pullman and the regions surrounding Pullman. Define and display the regions surrounding Pullman for organizational/navigational purposes. (Note: We’ll talk about this in more detail later in the presentation.)

  19. Narrate example day trips and/or possibilities from each region. • In each example, discuss these factors: food, costs, time, clothing, weather, what to wear. • In each narrative, provide • area maps • directions • mileage estimates • 1-2 images of selected destinations • links to general resources, online maps, etc.

  20. Methods or Process

  21. Each person in the group is responsible for a particular daytrip. They will research and write their own section, based on a particular model. Kefi Lewis – Pullman Jenny Baylon – Spokane and vicinity Mark Eberhardt – Southeastern Washington, including Palouse Falls Deb Marsh – Northern Idaho

  22. Our site will have some similar features to the “Travel Portland” site, especially the daytrip section. Here’s a look at what they’ve done with daytrips: Overall, their site offers many things that we are unable to do in the time we have. Deb will show you later exactly what we have planned.

  23. Here’s a site that shows a couple of daytrips from the Pullman area. However, the overall site has a different purpose (promoting the entire Northwest region’s outdoor activities). Our site will provide not only outdoorsy information, but also ideas on indoor activities (arts, dining, shopping, etc.), and we will only cover the greater Pullman area.

  24. I think our site will be better than either of the ones we just saw because it won’t have any advertising!

  25. Besides dividing up regions, we’ve divided up some of the overall work. • Each person provided information for part of this Site Proposal, then I organized the PowerPoint presentation. • Deb has done the storyboard, again, with input from everyone. • Kefi and Mark will do more of the actual website work, with each of us providing information on our region and daytrip.

  26. Evaluation Criteria • Does the site provide useful information? Note: Our goal is not to tell everything about the region, but to provide ideas. Specifically, does our site detail four interesting day trips and provide some regional information? • Is the site clear and well organized? • Will some people enjoy the Pullman area more after seeing our site?