tariff in euros valid may 2017 to sept 2017 n.
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Ayuryoga Slimming Retreat, May - Sept 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Ayuryoga Slimming Retreat, May - Sept 2017

Ayuryoga Slimming Retreat, May - Sept 2017

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Ayuryoga Slimming Retreat, May - Sept 2017

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  1. Tariff in Euros (Valid May 2017 to Sept 2017) (Inclusion : Room,treatment+medicines,food,Yoga and fi tness) AYURYOGA SLIMMING RETREAT May 2017 to Sept 2017 21 DAYS Room category Double -twin (for 2 persons) Single Dr. FRANKLIN’S PANCHAKARMA Deluxe Air-conditioned (AC) 4000 2150 Deluxe Room (Non AC) 3800 2000 “A comprehensive Ayurveda treatment programme, concentrating fi tness of your body, tranquillity of your mind and soul.” STD (Non AC) 3600 1900 Hut (Non AC) 3400 1800 28 DAYS Double -twin (for 2 persons) Room category Single Deluxe Air-conditioned (AC) 4870 2650 Deluxe Room (Non AC) 4800 2600 STD (Non AC) 4600 2500 Hut (Non AC) 4400 2400 NB:extra:- follow up medicines to continue after the treatment programme Complimentary services *TRV Airport pick up and drop*Basic blood/urine routine test at our Laboratory *WiFi *Cooking class on Saturdays/Sundays For Reservation and enquires please contact us Dr. Franklin’s Panchakarma Chowara, Trivandrum District, India 695501 Tel. +91-471-2267670 | 2267974 | 2480870 +91 9946310551 email: | Website: | Tel. +91-471-2267670 | 2267974 | 2480870 +91 9946310551 Minimum duration of the programme is 21 days.

  2. Obesity This programme involves • Finding root causes of Medodhathu (Obesity) • Pacifi cation of Kapha dosha Obesity is a serious health problem. When an individual is signifi cantly over weight and excessive body fat is accumulated on the belly, buttocks, breasts, thighs and around the internal organs- he is obese. It affects the active day to day life of an individual reducing the quality of life and the life expectancy. The aggravation of Kapha dosha leads to the accumulation of toxins in weaker channels of the body causing their blockage and leading to the excessive production of ‘Medodhathu’ and fatty tissues. It can lead to a number of potentially life threatening health problems like breathlessness, increased sweating, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, stroke, arthritis… etc.. There are many complex physiological mechanisms involved in the formation of overweight and obesity. It is not merely a cosmetic problem. The causes of obesity varies from person to person. When you consume high amount of calories especially fat and sugars, and not burn off energy through exercise and physical activity the surplus energy will be stored by the body as fat. • Eating large quantity of processed or fast food. • Eating a lot than you need. • Drinking too much alcohol, sugary drinks • Lack of physical activity • Sometimes hereditary reasons or medical conditions. • Maintenance of Digestive fi re • The balancing of vital energy fl ow • The dietary modifi cations: In Ayurveda, treatment and diet goes hand by hand. In our Life n Leaf Ayurvedic restaurant, you can enjoy varieties of nutritious vegetarian food as specially advised to take during the treatment period. • The Yoga postures for daily boosting up of energy. Yoga postures gives fl exibility that helps in enhancing the strength and fl exibility of the joints, back, arms and legs. It stretches the shoulders, chest and belly effectively. All the more you attain tranquillity in mind – get freed from anxiety and stress. • Meditation • Ayurveda procedures : (Duration 2.00 to 3 hrs per day) • Treatment includes Body Massage with special medicated oil, Udwarthanam/ Ulsadanam, Podikizhi, Sirovasthi, Dhara, Pizhichil, Medicated Bath, Medicated Steam Bath, and Panchakarma procedures like Virechanam, Nasyam, Vamanam, Snehavasthi, Kashayavasthi, etc according to the condition of the person. Fitness procedures : Depending on your physique you can get involved in different exercises under guidance of our Physical Instructor at our fi tness Centre. On completion of the treatment programme you will be advised with a diet plan and life style instructions to maintain your body, mind and soul in harmony. To avoid the cause of weight gain and to help the individual to lead a happy enthusiastic life, we dedicate our Ayurveda – Yoga – Diet based Slimming treatment lines of procedures with proven benefi ts. How obesity can be treated without side effect? We have formulated an effective ‘Langhana Therapy’ specifi cally fabricated based on our years of treatment excellence and wisdom in Ayurveda to address the problem of obesity in all its aspects. Based on the information collected by the doctor during the initial medical consultation the best suitable slimming treatment is prepared. We will include treatment and herbal preparations if you have any other medical issues……