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Wholesaler of Custom Lanyards PowerPoint Presentation
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Wholesaler of Custom Lanyards

Wholesaler of Custom Lanyards

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Wholesaler of Custom Lanyards

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  1. What is a Lanyard? Lanyards are strings, thick strands or cords which you wear around the neck. They are best used to securely hold your ID cards. As per the current trend, you can also hold your keys, pouches, pens, or mobile phones to these cords.

  2. What are the popular kinds of Lanyards? There are various kinds of lanyards in many colors, designs, and textures. Distinguishing colors add a fantastic and productive flair to every industry's marketing drive. Their types can be broadly classified into three groups, namely, Polyester Lanyards, Printed Lanyards, and Woven Lanyards.

  3. Which type of Lanyard is right for you? A detailed knowledge about different types of lanyards will help you in making the right choice. Among various type of lanyards, the ones which are widely used are polyester, nylon printed or woven lanyards.

  4. Polyester Lanyards They are cost-effective and mostly sold in a blank form. Organizations prefer polyester fabric as they withstand everyday wear and tear. Printing on them is quite easy. They are non-absorbent, does not let ink seep into the fabric and the colors can be imprinted perfectly. They are resistant to fading and does not shrink.

  5. Nylon Lanyards Nylon has a thicker and yet finer texture a than polyester. It is slightly more expensive but is water-resistant, durable and very flexible. It is the perfect material for lanyards, with high tearing intensity. Such types also come back to their initial form after being folded.

  6. Woven Lanyards These look great and are comfortable to wear. Those with an additional budget purchase this kind. They are made using different coloured threads. Their durability stands it out and creates a bold impression at first glance. Printing names or logos on them is quite easy. It is possible to wash woven lanyards without worrying about damage or removal of the design.

  7. What are the benefits of Custom Printed Lanyards? Printed Lanyard is commonly used by businesses. They are excellent for supporting your brand. Imprinted lanyards guarantee that your clients and customers remember your brand for a long time. Different institutions prefer different prints as a mark of their identification.

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