october 24 25 2007 columbus ohio n.
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CES Annual conference PowerPoint Presentation
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CES Annual conference

CES Annual conference

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CES Annual conference

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  1. October 24-25, 2007 – Columbus, Ohio CES Annual conference

  2. CES Officers Front left to right: Teresa Funk, Kaye Clay, Carolyn Hall, Joyce Hauke, Linda Newman. Back left to right: Kris Simpson, Lisa Jinks, Carol Bunn, Lee Ann Johnson, Kathy Mohler, Mary Alice Shupp, Carla Buckler, Jenny Lindimore and Becky Sloan

  3. President hands over the gavel Carol Bunn and Carolyn Hall

  4. Ces annual meeting Carol Bunn, Linda Newman, Sheila Blevins and Julie Strawser Vickie Snyder receiving the Dorothy Rex Award from Kathy Gamble Kris Simpson

  5. Excellence in extension support staff Dr. Smith presents Mary Alice Shupp with the Excellence in Extension Support Staff Award. Dr. Smith talks about this award and how their name will be added to the plaque.

  6. Excellence in extension support staff Mary Alice Shupp showing her Excellence in Extension Support Staff Award Plaque joined by Butler County co–workers, Steve Bartels and Julie Dalzell and Dr. Smith, Director of Extension.

  7. Ces members from other states Sally Tanner (Univ. of Kentucky), Carolyn Hall (OSU), Carol Bunn (OSU), Lillie Thompson (Univ. of Kentucky), Mary Baronet (Louisiana State Univ.) and Gloria Collett (West Virginia Univ.).

  8. Ces annual meeting Linda Newman and Sheila Blevins Marianne Guthrie and Dr. Smith

  9. CES contest winners Carolyn Bunn and Linda Newman present Darlene May and Kelly Nicholas with the Web Page Design Award. Kelly also received the Brochure Award.

  10. Ces annual conference Marianne Guthrie, Carolyn Morgan, Dr. Smith, Carla Buckler, Janet Hutchinson and Kathy Gamble

  11. CES Scholarship winners Dr. Smith presents Linda Good with the CES Scholarship Award. Dr. Smith presents Pam Assenheimer with the CES Scholarship Award.

  12. Some New ces members for 2006-07 Laura Butts, Melissa Hudelson, Tracy Grody and Brenda Sandman-Stover

  13. tech support session Tim Barkley, Bonnie Scranton, Beth Abbott, Rich Emnett, Steve Lichtensteiger and Duane Rigsby

  14. Silent auction The Silent Auction bidders in action!

  15. Years of service awards Kathy Gamble20 Years Pam Assenheimer 15 Years Christine Brubaker 20 Years

  16. Years of service awards Cindy Crawford31 Years Linda Ott 40 Years Becky Hooper30 Years

  17. Support staff conference Carol Bunn with Cindy (Tschanen) Buxton, our new CES Honorary Member

  18. Support staff conference speakers Nancy Recker of OSUE – Allen County Artie Isaac of Young Isaac

  19. Support staff conference