shaffer s transfer moving 814 893 6176 n.
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Shaffer’s Transfer & Moving 814-893-6176 PowerPoint Presentation
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Shaffer’s Transfer & Moving 814-893-6176

Shaffer’s Transfer & Moving 814-893-6176

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Shaffer’s Transfer & Moving 814-893-6176

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  1. Shaffer’s Transfer & Moving 814-893-6176 Residential and Commercial movers. Household and Office re-arrangement. Licensed and Insured state to state

  2. Local moves • The first question customers ask when they call. • Can you tell me how much it will cost? ( there is more involved than most people understand. The estimate is based off of many factors.) • If your move is going to be conducted within a 40 mile radius of your present address the job will be conducted at an hourly rate. The rate is based off of the amount of household goods you will be moving which will determine the amount of men you will need. • The rates are based per man – (2 men and a truck)-(3 men and a truck)-(4 men and a truck)- and additional charges per man after that. • call for pricing (814-893-6176) or (814-279-8048) or email us ( You , the customer ,can request as many men as you want regardless of the size of job, that is your right. a walk through to determine your estimate is not required by the state when conducting a local move that is done by the hour. • General rule to try and estimate the amount of time it will take to move your belongings is ( the number of rooms you have multiplied by 2.5 hours ) this will get you close with the time it will take to move your belongings out and in to your new home. Factors to take into account- if you have multiple levels it will take longer moving things up and down stairs. The access at either location where the truck or trucks can be parked to be loaded and unloaded. And always factor in the time between your present address and your new address. • The fuel charge: the fuel charge changes each month , this is regulated by the state. The fuel charge rates run from the 15th of each month to the 15th of the next month. This is good for the customer, it makes it so moving companies cannot make their own charges up for fuel. • Travel fee: your travel fee is based off of the amount of men conducting your move and the distance they will be traveling to get to the pick up address and the distance home from the delivery address. Although the moving charges do not start until the men arrive at the pick up address there is time the men work between. The travel fee covers this. ( lets face it who wants to work for free). This rate is generally one hour of the estimated rate of your move.

  3. Long distance moves • The long distance move. This is the move that requires a walk through and a detailed inventory of your belongings. A lot of customers do not like to have this conducted and we understand, that’s why with Shaffer’s transfer & moving you can email us a list of your belongings( The availability to do this not only saves you time, but gives you the opportunity to be detailed and lets an open window to add items to your list up until the day of your scheduled move. (Note if you add additional items after you have been submitted an estimate you price will change.) • The long distance move is based off of weight and the distance your belongings will be going. This is why it is very important to list everything you are taking right down to the photos on the wall. The misconception, if you don’t list it, it will save you money (DOES NOT WORK) it’s a close science to judge the amount of weight you will have with all of your belongings added up and when you forget items it can be upsetting when the truck weighs in more than estimated, so having a detailed precise list of things not only helps your mover get you the closet estimate they can, it will help save you disappointment in the end. • Like the local moves there is a fuel charge associated with the move and it is also regulated by the state with the amount that can be charged, based off of the distance you are going.

  4. Items of extra charge • Like most moving companies, there are items that carry an extra charge for either extra care or additional needs to be moved properly. Below is a list of items that carry additional charges. • BIG SCREEN TV’S - • GRAND FATHER CLOCKS - • PIANOS - • GUNSAFES – • RV’s • POOL TABLES • RIDING MOWERS • AUTOS • ATV’S • Unlike other moving companies, we will work with you on the extra charges related with these items.

  5. Packing and unpacking • Like other moving companies Shaffer’s transfer& moving also offers packing and unpacking services. • When acquiring packing services there is also an estimate process. There will need to be a written inventory of the items you want to be packed. • The amount and type of things you will want packed will determine the number of boxes you will need. • There is a price per box and an hourly rate based on the amount of things you will need packed. All pricing will include the materials needed to complete the job. (NO HIDDEN FEES) • All packing estimates are separate from a moving estimate. • ITEMS USED FOR PACKING • BOXES- SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE-WARDROBE BOXES- DISH PACK BOXES • PACKING PAPER • BUBBLE WRAP- VARIOUS GRADES • FOAM SLEEVES

  6. WHY USE SHAFFER’S TRANSFER & MOVING • Your belongings will be packed in the truck and remain there from your pick up address to your delivery address. ( unlike other companies where your belongings may be moved numerous times from truck to truck and storage warehouses and you will wait to have your belongings delivered)- ( These companies don’t tell you about the hidden fees accruing with handling fees and storage fees until its time to deliver, when they require payment before they unload your belongings.) • With Shaffer’s transfer & moving when we tell you your belongings will be delivered that’s when your stuff will be delivered, not just a window of time or even days. • With Shaffer’s transfer & moving you will have the resources to have your items taken apart and put back together when necessary, not just sat in a room where you'll have to figure it out on your own. • If something does get damaged, Shaffer’s transfer & moving will replace or repair the item not just pay you a price per pound like other companies do. This is something that is not required, but we take pride in our services and will do our best to make your moving experience an enjoyable stress free experience. • There is always someone a phone call away to handle any questions you may have before and during your move.

  7. Frequently asked questions • What if it’s raining?- your belongings will be wrapped not only in moving blankets but also a saran wrap covering as well to protect them from the elements. • What are the restrictions on anything you may have?- items such as household cleaners-gasoline or diesel containers-propane cylinders- ammunition or gun powder. • Items such as lawnmowers- snow blowers-weed eaters etc. must have the fuel tanks drained before transportation.( not only for safety reasons, but to avoid the smell of fuel from drawing into your belongings while in transportation in the truck. • You will want to avoid hauling plants, as Shaffer’s transfer& moving cannot guarantee these items from being damaged.

  8. Things to keep in mind • If you pack your own belongings, be sure to use proper packing materials when doing so. • Make sure to mark any boxes or containers (FRAGILE) on at least three sides that contain breakable items. • If you have preference to where you want the boxes placed at your new residence mark the boxes with either numbers or the name of room you wish it be placed. • Remember to remove any breakable items and valuables from dresser drawers. • Remember to plan for your refrigerated items in your refrigerator and freezers. (Shaffer’s transfer & moving can provide coolers temporarily for your items during transportation) • Remember to have all appliances ready and disconnected – gas stoves- water lines to refrigerators- washers and dryers. (Shaffer’s transfer & moving cannot disconnect and reconnect these items due to liability reasons.)