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Preschool Franchise in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Preschool Franchise in India

Preschool Franchise in India

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Preschool Franchise in India

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  1. Little Planet Pre-School Best Franchise Opportunity

  2. Overview If you love to surround by the little kids and want to contribute in growth of these young minds then you have come to the right place. We are offering franchise of our play school, Little Planet to the people who want to be their own boss. To start any new business, it is important to understand all the aspects of that business. Thus, we are providing some basic information about the requirements to start franchise of Little Planet. This franchise deal will be a low cost and high returns business opportunity. Though, it will require a lot of hard work and test your business skills. But the reward for this hard work which you will get in the form of love and appreciation of kids would be priceless.

  3. Play schools in India Nowadays, play school admission has become a great matter of concern for Indian parents as they understand that these initial years of kid’s education laid the foundation stone of his upcoming future. Moreover from the time Indian middle class people have realized the importance of education, it has started spending wisely. Today, people are willing to spend extra money for providing best quality of education to their kids and play school is a very part of their education. In fact, the time which a kid spends in a preschool plays a great role shaping his upcoming life. Moreover, the spending capacity of Indian society has also increased due to which educational market is growing day by day. In fact, the reports of some of the highly reliable educational organizations of India, states that the Indian middle class people are spending 5-15 percent of their total income on education of their kids and in upcoming years there will be huge increase in these figures. This clearly shows that venturing into preschool business would be a great business opportunity.

  4. Permission to start up a play school There are many people who have dropped the idea of opening a play school just because they think that it involves completing various kinds of legal procedures. But that’s not true; in fact there are rules and regulations for opening a play school or day care centre. So, if you have resources and willing to open a playschool then you don’t have to worry about the legal issues.

  5. About Little Planet Preschool Little Planet Preschool is counted among one of the leading preschools of Delhi, we are offering our services to the people of Delhi from the last 14 years. There are various things which contribute in success of our preschool like being a trusted brand name, revising curriculum from time to time, introduction of new teaching methodologies etc. Little Planet is looking for the people who are interested in preschool franchise business. We will provide them in-depth knowledge of preschool business and permission to run their preschool under the brand name of Little Planet. But, they have to follow all guidelines laid by us for running franchise. Working areas of Little Planet- our school offers three kinds of facility for kids play group, day care and pre nursery. Apart from this franchise offer, we have an added business proposal for you in the form of Little Planet Academy. In this academy, various kinds of courses will be offered like drawing, painting, music, computer courses etc. If you have space and investment and want maximum utilization of this franchise business then you should try the services of Little Planet Academy. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any extra amount for opening this academy.

  6. Little Planet Pre School Franchise How to set up the school- To establish the school, you firstly need to have clarity about the investment and area. Especially, be careful with the budget as there can be lot of difference in estimate cost and real cost. Thus, we suggest you to contact our Marketing Executives for calculating the cost accurately. Qualifications- though the business of play school or day care, do not require any specific qualification. However if you have qualification like Nursery teacher training/Montessori teacher training/ Pre primary teacher training/Early childhood care training then it would be a great advantage. Budget Planning- we will give you complete assistance in budget planning because we want to reduce your expenses. By having a well defined budget, the distribution of money will be done in a right way. However, there will be various miscellaneous expenses but still you will get a rough idea about all the things required to setup the school. Teacher training- we will provide complete training for the teachers and staff members of your school at your own school premises.

  7. Little Planet Pre School Franchise Fees & Marketing Marketing Promotion- once we are done with budget planning then we will start working on promotion strategy to make people aware about the school. The complete planning will be done by our corporate managers and your inputs are always welcome. Transport Facility- it will be provided as per our convenience with the location. Private and personalized transport can be planned. Fee Structure- You should offer services of your playschool at competitive prices. For doing so, we will conduct survey in your area, observe the living standards of the people and then come up with a fee structure that is acceptable by you and affordable by parents. Location Location and Building Cost- A ideal location of a playschool is the one which is located in a residential area with ample amount of space and greenery. The minimum area requirement for a playschool is at least 1500 sq. ft. Any independent house, duplex house or the ground floor of a building would a great location for a playschool. Areas which are really unsuitable for opening a

  8. Little Planet Pre School Franchise playschool are the ones which are too much crowded or filled with traffic. The setup cost of building includes interior-exterior painting, purchasing necessary equipments etc. Infrastructure and Set up Infrastructure- ambience of the school plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of kids as well as parents. Thus, the ambience of your school should be highly attractive for which you should have top class interior, exterior, toys, equipments etc. The playschool infrastructure includes the following areas: • Rooms • Receptions • Class Rooms • Dramatization room • Audio Visual room • Ball room • Activity room

  9. Support from Little Planet If you purchase the franchise of our playschool then we will provide you below mentioned services: Complete support for designing the interior/exterior of playschool Full support for recruiting staff Staff training at our corporate office Full support to set up the school Multilayer support system Study material and uniform will be provided from our side at reasonable prices Full support for business promotion Being a leading preschool of Delhi, purchasing franchisee of Little Planet would be a great business opportunity. We have good amount of experience in child education and pioneer of concept based learning. Moreover, we have a team of expert working professionals of different fields like marketing, training and advertisement who will take care of your every business need.

  10. Contact Us Little Planet Preschool Address A1/11, PrashantViharRohini, MadhubanChowk, Near Pitampura Metro Station, Outer Ring Road, New Delhi, India-110085 Phone:- 011-47581581/582 Email ID