2015 virginia summer residential governor s school n.
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2015 Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School PowerPoint Presentation
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2015 Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School

2015 Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School

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2015 Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School

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  1. 2015 Virginia Summer Residential Governor’s School The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

  2. What is Governor’s School? • Summer Residential Governor’s School is a month-long, residential, college-like program for selected gifted and talented high school students. • It is an opportunity for those selected to live, study, work with, and get to know other students with similar interests and abilities from across Virginia.

  3. Tell me more… • Summer Residential Governor's Schools provide gifted and talented rising high school juniors and seniors with educational experiences in visual and performing arts; humanities; mathematics, science, and technology; and agriculture; or through mentorships in marine science, life sciences and medicine; and engineering.

  4. What can I expect? Summer Residential Governor's Schools each focus on a specific area. Students may be involved in: • classroom and laboratory work, • field studies, • research, • individual and group projects and performances, • and seminars with noted scholars, visiting artists, and other professionals. • In the mentorship programs, students are selected to work side-by-side with research scientists, physicians, and a variety of other professionals. A director and a student-life staff provide supervision of the students 24 hours a day, for the entirety of the program.

  5. What does it cost? • Loudoun County Public Schools pay a portion of the cost for their students. The remainder is funded through the Virginia General Assembly, the Virginia Department of Education, the hosting university and occasionally private foundations. • Students are responsible for their spending money and must provide their own transportation to their host university. • In other words, it is basically FREE!

  6. SRGS Application Process • It takes commitment to apply to SRGS! • The typed application consists of: • Resume/ Background record • Two teacher references • Essay/ Statement of interest • Test scores (academic applications only) • Grades (academic applications only)

  7. How do I apply? • Go to the Virginia Department of Education (DOE) website for 2015 Summer Residential Governor’s School. To access the application, go to the DOE website, click on “Instruction”. Scroll down until you see “Governor’s Schools” on the right, click on it, and then go to “Summer Residential Governor’s Schools.” • Applications must be typed! You can fill them in online.

  8. Visual and Performing Arts • VPA applicants sign an “Intent to Audition” form letting us know you intend to audition. Parents must sign the form and it must be returned to your guidance counselor by October 15, 2014. • The LCPS local audition date is November 3, 2014 at John Champe HS. All the information you need to prepare for the audition will be given to you today.

  9. Visual and Performing Arts • Being nominated to audition on the state level is not a guarantee for acceptance into Governor’s School. It merely means that you are eligible to audition with other competitors in the state. • State adjudication will be in January 2015 , site TBD. Students will be notified by the DOE in December with their audition time and place. • Completed, typed applications must be turned in to school guidance counselors by December 19, 2014.

  10. Academic GS Application Process • All completed applications must be submitted to your guidance counselor by December 19, 2014. • All completed applications MUST have 2 teacher recommendations and be signed by your school principal. Incomplete applications will be returned to you for completion.

  11. Academic Programs Locations • Agriculture (AG) Virginia Tech in Blacksburg • Humanities (HUM)Radford University, Radford • Mathematics, Science, and Technology (MST) Lynchburg College, Lynchburg • Mentorships include: • Life Sciences and Medicine (LSM) VCU, Richmond • Engineering (NASA/NIA) Christopher Newport University, and NASA/Langley Research Center; the National Institute of Aerospace • and Marine Science (VIMS) Christopher Newport University, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science

  12. Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Dance Music- Vocal and Instrumental Theatre Visual Arts Located at Radford University, Radford.

  13. SRGS Foreign Language Academies • This program is part of Governor’s School, however, additional information and questions should be directed to the foreign language teacher(s) at your high school. It is separate from VPA and Academic Governor’s School.

  14. SRGS Timeline • If accepted, students can attend one summer after the sophomore or junior year. • Program duration is approximately 3 to 5 weeks (depending upon the program). • Beginning and ending dates vary, however, sessions are concluded by the end of July.

  15. Considerations… • SRGS is an excellent opportunity for personal growth, exploration of, and in-depth study of an academic field. • Attendance at a Governor’s School is an accomplishment and a resume builder. • SRGS offers you the opportunity to experience college life (dorms, cafeteria food, …)and meet like-minded students from all across Virginia. • It’s fun!

  16. Additional Considerations… • Students can only apply to one program. • Students can only attend once, either as a rising junior or a rising senior. • Acceptance to Governor’s School is very competitive! It is extremely important that you do your very best in all aspects of application completion. Writing your essay, auditioning, and selecting teachers/adults who will recommend you is very important. Be certain the adults you ask to recommend you can do so without reservation.

  17. Governor’s School State Enrollment • Agriculture- 100 students • Humanities- 200 students • Mathematics, Science, and Technology- 160 students • Life Science and Medicine- 26 students • Marine Science Mentorships – 6 students • Engineering Mentorships- 14 students • Visual and Performing Arts – 200 students

  18. Contacts • Virginia Governor’s School main website: • Contact your Guidance Counselor or one of the Gifted Resource teachers listed below with questions: • Susan • Jennifer Landry