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CDT DOM Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation
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CDT DOM Roadmap

CDT DOM Roadmap

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CDT DOM Roadmap

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  1. CDT DOM Roadmap Doug Schaefer

  2. Parser History • CDT 1.0 • JavaCC based parser • Used to populate CModel and Structure Compare • ctags based indexer • Used for open declaration, text hover, content assist • CDT 1.1 • Introduced first handwritten recursive descent parser • Used for CModel and Structure Compare

  3. Parser History • CDT 1.2 • Ctags based indexer replace with parser based indexer • Parser symbol table added to capture semantic info • Added C/C++ Search that used the index • Hooked up content assist to search engine • CDT 2.0 • Added content assist as parser client (more accurate) • Added Type Cache to cache types for Open Type, Class Browser • Added parsing of text selection for search features

  4. CDT 3.0 The Dawn of the DOM • Previous architecture used callbacks to communicate with clients • Passed in objects describing grammar rules that got accepted • Left it to client responsibility to create necessary data structures • Thought it would reduce memory consumption • However, made it very difficult to build clients • That and the objects the parser was passing were almost an AST • Wanted to support advanced features with parser • Refactoring • Code analysis such as call hierarchies • i.e. JDT catch up…

  5. CDT 3.0 The Dawn of the DOM • Better approach is to follow traditional architecture of compilers • Abstract Syntax Tree captures structure of code • Symbol Table captures semantic information • No more callbacks, clients get root node of AST and go from there • We also added links from AST nodes back to source locations • Including navigation through macros and inclusions • Facilitate refactoring

  6. CDT DOM Architecture Abstract Syntax Tree Locations Bindings declarations references Names

  7. CDT 3.0 DOM Clients • DOM (Full) Indexer • Search Actions • Open Declaration, Open Definition • Content Assist • Refactoring

  8. CDT 3.0 Clients Still on Old Parser • CModel and Structure Compare • Requires very fast parsing to satisfy Views • Generally only cares about contents of a given file • Type Cache • Used by Open Type and Class Browser • Previously required since it needs all types in workspace • Also needs to be updated when types are added, removed, or changed • Objective: Move these clients to DOM • Need to make sure DOM meets their requirements • Then we can get rid of the old parser

  9. Problems with the DOM • DOM is complete but requires a lot of processing and memory • Caching DOM parse results would exacerbate the memory problem • Optimized algorithms as much as we could • DOM Indexer is faster than CDT 2.x indexer but still takes a long time on large projects • No rewrite capability • JDT DOM supports translating DOM changes into TextEdits • Required to properly support refactoring

  10. Solving Performance with PDOM • PDOM – Persisted DOM • Persist highly used parts of the DOM in a database • Assumption: • Many clients do not require 100% completeness • Some do • Header files always produce the same AST Nodes • That’s not 100% true (e.g., stddef.h) • Declarations do not span files • I have seen that not true (includes in middle of function) • Database lookups faster than parsing header files • We’ll see but so far I’ve seen that to be true with embedded Derby

  11. PDOM Explained • Skip over header files that have up-to-date information already stored in the PDOM • Persist Names and Bindings in PDOM to satisfy • resolveBinding and resolvePrefix • Navigate from Names to Bindings • getDeclarations, getDefinitions, getReferences • Navigate from Bindings to Names

  12. CDT PDOM Architecture Abstract Syntax Tree Locations Bindings declarations references Names PDOM objects in black

  13. PDOM Database Engine • Want to be flexible to allow ISVs to plugin in their own embedded database technology • Default implementation is on Apache Derby • Embedded SQL database engine • Apache licensed • Already used by other Eclipse projects (BIRT, TPTP?) • Big worry is performance of database writes • Will need to tune caching to make sure it is fast enough • Objective: populate PDOM with Mozilla source in 20 minutes • On my Athon XP 2800 512MB FC4 Linux • Current full index time is 90 minutes

  14. Final Migration • Need to move all features to the DOM • Code reduction exercise • Need for indexer removed • May still want to populate PDOM using ctags • Migrate Search Engine to query the PDOM • Migrate CModelBuilder and CStructureBuilder to DOM • Since we can skip header files, this should be pretty fast. • Need to monitor it though to make sure.

  15. Final Migration • Remove Type Cache • PDOM queries should be fast enough • Migrate Class Browser, Type Hierarchy, and Open Type to PDOM • Use queries to find list of types and relationships