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FHSAA Pre-Season Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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FHSAA Pre-Season Webinar

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FHSAA Pre-Season Webinar

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FHSAA Pre-Season Webinar

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  1. FHSAA Pre-Season Webinar Soccer Officials

  2. Introduction Alex Ozuna Assistant Director of Athletics aozuna@fhsaa.org; ext. 320 Girls Soccer Administrator Will Adams Assistant Director of Athletics aozuna@fhsaa.org; ext. 470 Boys Soccer Administrator

  3. Important Dates Girls DatesBoys Dates • Soccer Training Session Agendas Due Sept.12 Sept. 12 • Officials Registration Deadline Sept. 30 Sept. 30 • Online Rules Exams Oct. 13-22 Oct. 13-22 • Preseason Tournament Dates Oct. 20-25 Oct.27-Nov.1 • First Competition Date Oct. 27 Nov. 3 • Online Make-up Exams Nov. 6-12 Nov. 6-12 • Late Registration Deadline Nov. 12 Nov. 12 • Soccer Recommendation Forms Emailed Nov. 17 Nov. 17 • Soccer Recommendation Forms Due Jan. 2 Jan. 2 • Last Competition Date Jan. 10 Jan. 17 • District Tournament Dates Jan. 13-17 Jan. 19-21;23-24 • Regional Tournament Dates Jan. 22,27,30 Jan. 29, Feb. 3,6 • State Championship Dates Feb. 4-7 Feb. 11-14 • Soccer Game/Match Reports Due Mar. 6 Mar. 6

  4. NFHS/FHSAA Rule Changes • NFHS Rule 6-2-1 – Official Game Clock • FHSAA Rule Modification – The official game time will be kept on the field by a contest official. If a stadium clock is available, the clock will be considered unofficial. • NFHS Rule 3-3-2B(2) - Substitutions • If the referee stops the clock for an apparent injury to a field player or goalkeeper, the field player or goalkeeper will have to leave the field. The field player maybe replaced and the goalkeeper mustbe replaced. • NFHS Rule 5-1-2 – General • The jurisdiction of the officials shall begin on their arrival at the field of play and its immediate surroundings (to begin their official responsibilities), which shall be no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.

  5. NFHS Points of Emphasis • Sportsmanship • Players, coaches, game officials and spectators must use appropriate language and refrain from insulting, offensive and/or abusive language and gestures. Behavior on the field should be consistent with athletics as an extension of the classroom. • Communication • Game Officials are encouraged to effectively communicate with one another as well as with players and coaches throughout the game. • Penalty Kick • Once the approach to the ball has started, the kicker’s movement may not be interrupted. A continuous forward motion throughout the approach is necessary. If continuous forward motion does not occur, the restart is a retake of the penalty kick regardless of whether a goal is scored or not. • Goalkeepers • Goalkeepers can wear the same colored socks as their teammates but not their opponents. • Goalkeepers must have a number on the front of their jersey or shorts/pants and on the back of their jerseys.

  6. NFHS Points of Emphasis • Concussion Management • The contest official is to be cognizant of student-athletes who display signs, symptoms or behaviors of a concussion (see NFHS Suggested Guidelines for Management of Concussion) and immediately stop play for injury evaluation within the rules of the game. At that point, the contest official’s job is done. It is important to note that the responsibility of the contest official is limited to activities that occur on the field. Once the participant has been removed from a contest due to a suspected concussion, the coach, school and appropriate healthcare professional(s) assume full responsibility for that athlete’s further evaluation and safety.

  7. FHSAA Soccer Official State Series Uniform • Starting with the 2014-15 sport season, soccer officials will be required wear mandatory official uniforms during the state series, which runs from the start of the district tournament through the conclusion of the state championship game.

  8. FHSAA Soccer Official State Series Uniform • The FHSAA official uniform providers are Honigs Whistle Shop and Gerry Davis/Cliff Keen • Honigs Whistle Shop: • Details: FHSAA Shield embroidered on the chest pocket, FHSAA Acronym and USA Flag embroidered on the right and left sleeves, with Velcro on the inside of both chest pockets to keep the pockets closed. • Cost: $44.95 • Contact: Fred Collida, fcollida@honigs.com, (800) 955-1754 • Website: http://www.honigs.com/detail.asp?Item=1618&Sub=65 • Gerry Davis/Cliff Keen: • Details: Fully sublimated design; there is no embroidery or patches attached to the shirt. The FHSAA logo, FHSAA acronym and American Flag are dyed directly into fabric. Both pockets have a flap with Velcro on the inside to keep the pockets closed. • Cost: $55.90 • Contact: Customer Service, safe@gerrydavis.com, (800) 918-9088 • Website: http://www.gerrydavis.com/mm5/category/FHSAA

  9. FHSAA Soccer Card Accumulation System • Pilot Program • Need the assistance of two associations in collecting and accounting the number of cards teams in a given area receives during the 2014-15 sport season. • The association will record the number of cards issued per game, what type of card was issued per game (yellow/red/blue), which team received the card(s) per game, and the reason for the card issuance • Objective • Identify potential problem areas • Reduce overly aggressive play over time • Reduce number of card issuance and ejects over time

  10. New Soccer Officials Ranking System • Starting with the 2015-16 sport season, an officials new ranking system will be in place for the sport of soccer. • The new ranking system will use the following criteria when rating the officials: • Evaluation Score 40 • Test Results 30 • Previous Year’s Contest Officiated 10 (1/2 Credit for Varsity; ¼ Credit for Sub Varsity; Max at 10 points) • Field Clinic Attendance 10 (Once every 4 years) • Training Sessions Attendance 10 (1 Points/Pre-approved Session Attendance; Max at 10) • Years of Service (Bonus Points) 10 (0-3=2;4-6=4;7-10=6;11-14=8;15+=10) 110

  11. New Soccer Officials Ranking System • Ranking Categories • Rank 1 and Rank 2 officials will be eligible for officiating state series games • Rank 3 officials will be ineligible for officiating state series games • Ranking Breakdown • Rank 1 = 85 -100 • Rank 2 = 70 -84 • Rank 3 = 69 – Below

  12. FHSAA Soccer Officials Evaluation Program • Purpose • Discover Excellence • Stimulate Improvement • Give Officials Accurate Data for Reflection • Ascertain Weaknesses • Create an Additional Tool for Future Assignments • Cornerstone of the New Officials Ranking System • Goal • To Improve Individual Officials • To Rank Individual Officials by Their Ability • To Promote Standardized Mechanics Through the Evaluation Process

  13. FHSAA Soccer Officials Evaluation Program • Evaluation Form • Match Difficulty • Professionalism/Pre-Game Responsibilities • Appearance/Fitness • Field Positioning • Mechanics/Signals • Application of Rules/Consistency • Communication with Player/Coaches/Partners • Comment Section • Overall Crew Impressions • Positive Feedback • Areas Needing Improvement • Additional Comments

  14. FHSAA Soccer Officials Evaluation Program • Procedure • To be eligible for the state series, each official must be evaluated at least once every two years • The evaluation score received will be calculated into the ranking formula • If an official has multiple evaluations, the average score of the evaluations will be taken into the ranking formula • Each official and/or association is responsible for contacting and scheduling the date/time of each evaluations with one of the FHSAA Certified Soccer Evaluators • Once an evaluation has concluded, the evaluator will provide a copy of the evaluation to the contest official, the official’s association, and the FHSAA • The evaluations will be done at the expense of the association or the individual officials at a rate not exceeding $60 (including mileage) per crew

  15. FHSAA Soccer Officials Evaluation Program • Here is the current list of the FHSAA Certified Soccer Evaluators • Contact information for the FHSAA Certified Soccer Evaluators will be posted on the FHSAA Official’s page under the information box on the right side of the page.

  16. Questions? • Contact Information • Girls Soccer • Alex Ozuna • aozuna@fhsaa.org • (352) 372-9551 ext. 320 • Boys Soccer • Will Adams • wadams@fhsaa.org • (352) 372-9551 ext. 470