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New Homes -

New Homes -

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New Homes -

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  1. New Homes

  2. Want To Enjoy The Luxury Of Living In Epperson? We all want to lead to a luxurious life. And the first requirement of that luxurious life is having a good home to live it. This is where new homes in Epperson come into the picture. These majestic living spaces are probably the best thing you can ever expect to get that money can buy. Here is a look at some of the magical properties of this region that make such a wonderful choice to live and get settled in – Technologically advanced One of the first things you will notice here is that the place is built using the latest technology to the fullest, keeping the costs down and the water completely clean. You will be amazed to know that lagoon has been awarded more than 1000 patents. Yes, you read it correct – it’s 1000! From high tech filtration equipment to keep it clean to 400+ sensors that monitor the chemical balance in the water, Wesley Chapel lagoonhas been made using it all.

  3. Safe to the environment The second good thing about the lagoon is that it has been created while giving due consideration to the impact it can have on the environment. And, sustainable practices have been taken into account while creating it. for instances, it has been initially filled using bulk water from the Pasco County, but later on it will make use of rain water, and well purchased water if needed. As a matter of fact, it has been said that it uses 50% less water than a park of the same size! All the fun! Most important of all, it has been created with due consideration to the fun elements for people of all age groups. A swim bar/restaurant, a beach island, sunset beach, entertainment activities, a waterfall, gateway cove and so much more – you can expect to find lots of fun things to do here. It is like the perfect place you can ever imagine to live at! And this has been the major reason why it has been attracting investors from near and far! If you are interested in starting a new life, building a new home somewhere then taking a look at new homes in this connected city can be just the perfect idea. Just visit the place and you will get to know what makes it so special!

  4. So, what’s the wait? Come visit Wesley Chapel Epperson and see what it has at offer! With so many amenities and luxurious lifestyle, Wesley Chapel Epperson presents great living opportunity. Visit to know more about it.

  5. Contact Us (813) 469-3427