the man in the iron mask analysis n.
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The Man in the Iron Mask Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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The Man in the Iron Mask Analysis

The Man in the Iron Mask Analysis

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The Man in the Iron Mask Analysis

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  1. The Man in the Iron MaskAnalysis Sr. Felix Lopez

  2. The Man in the Iron Mask Opinions and Comments

  3. Who’s this guy?

  4. Alexandre Dumas Author for the following novels: *“The Man in the Iron Mask” (1847) “The Three Musketeers” (1844, First novel) “The Count of Monte Cristo” (1845-1846) Born: July 24, 1802 in Paris, France Died: December 5, 1870 Most of his works are still in print today His writing genre includes: adventure, honor, loyalty

  5. “The Man in the Iron Mask” Why the asterisk (*)? The novel was originally published with the name “Ten Years Later” When published in English was divided in three parts; being The Man in the Iron Mask the third and most famous part.

  6. Basic Information of the movie • Director: Randall Wallace • Producer: Randall Wallace & Russell Smith • Cast: • Leonardo DiCaprio (King Louis XIV/ Philippe) • Jeremy Irons (Aramis) • John Malkovich (Athos) • Gerard Depardieu (Porthos) • Gabriel Byrne (D’Artagnan) • Anne Parillaud (Queen Mother Anne)

  7. Louis XIV King of France Ruthless Shows no mercy for anyone Egocentric Maniacal Loves power Put his own brother in prison Do whatever he wants Take whatever he wants Older brother of Philippe

  8. Philippe The Man in the Iron Mask Opposite to his brother Louis XIV Calm Forgiveness Good feelings Love and empathy for everyone Identical in physics to his brother Louis XIV, because of this, he was condemned to wear the Iron Mask to hide his face

  9. Athos Ex-member of the Royal Army (Musketeers) Patience Loyal to the former king Friend to Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan Had a son named Raul Wants revenge on Louis XIV for his son’s death; calls D’Artagnan a traitor Trained Philippe to replace Louis XIV as king

  10. Porthos Ex-member of the Royal Army (Musketeers) Ladies man Had a mid-movie depression Friend to Athos, Aramisand D’Artagnan Participate in the kidnaping of Louis XIV and the liberation of Philippe

  11. Aramis Ex-member of the Royal Army (Musketeers) Friend to Athos, Porthos and D’Artagnan After retiring from the King’s forces, he became a priest Leader of the Jesuits Only person to know the existence of the twin brother of Louis XIV; person who puts the Iron Mask on Philippe Mastermind behind the plan of switching brothers

  12. D’Artagnan Captain of the Musketeers Friend to Athos, Porthos and Aramis Secret lover of Queen Mother Anne Loyal to his Musketeer’s Oath Father of Louis XIV and Philippe Best Musketeer when comes to sword's play Carries a secret within his heart

  13. Queen Mother Anne Mother of Louis XIV and Philippe In love with D’Artagnan Carries the secret of Philippe Very sentimental person Worried by the conduct of Louis XIV and his way of ruling France Participated in the brother switch; she knew that Philippe was sitting on the throne

  14. Movie Analysis • You are going to write, in the classroom, a paragraph answering the following questions: • Why D’Artagnan spoil the plan during the escape of Athos, Porthos and Aramais with Louis XIV? He said something while holding his sword in Philippe’s throat, what was the line? Why do you think he said that? • Why does D’Artagnan was with a heavy heart during almost the entire movie? What was the only part in which he was happy? • Does people notice the “switch” of brothers? In what scene? What happened?