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Web Design and Web Development

Thenewtek is leading web design and web development company in orlando. We provide many it consulting services such as hardware solution, network assessment, cloud assessment, software evalution, web analysis and stategy and many more. for more it services visit, http://www.thenewtek.com/

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Web Design and Web Development

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  1. Web Design And Development Company http://www.thenewtek.com/

  2. About Us • NewTek is a small team of talented people who are poised with providing quality services and results. We relish our flexibility and flexible schedules and being satisfied with our work and satisfying you. • Our team has a diverse skill set so whether you need to manage a sprawling network, set up an internet marketing campaign, design or redesign your website, or create a customized shopping cart, we are here to help. We also offer wide range of services including an internet and Email Services, security audits and protections, Backup Solutions, Architect designs, ASP.NET Web application development and Hardware Solution Orlando. • Not sure what’s next? NEWTEK Technologies can provide IT assessment services to help you get a handle on your IT environment. http://www.thenewtek.com/about/

  3. IT Consulting • Careful Planning and Analysis is the very first step to ensure the most from every initiative. Let us demonstrate how we can achieve success for your business. • Our goal is to first understand your needs and then pair them with our expertise to ensure greater success. We believe in the power you can bring to your business. • Every business has an IT ecosystem that is ever developing. Every single piece performs an important function and as a whole, is vital to your business. • Having all information about your business is very important for us to decide your current and future need. In order to understand the full scope of your IT ecosystem, analysis is very useful for our technical expertise. http://www.thenewtek.com/it-consulting/

  4. Network Assessment • It is very important for you as business owner have to have a knowledge and control over your existing network. At Newtek you can gain both by our most efficient Computer Networking Orlando Assessment. • We analyze and document all aspects of your current network. An assessment is performed that will pinpoint hardware, firewall and security, IP scheme, backup methods, messaging and collaboration, mobile devices, software licensing, and common procedures.  • We will also work with you and your teams to align your network investment to your business drivers during the analysis time. We will provide you options on the basis of identified current state, desired state and technology gaps. This will be your complete guide on how to best invest in your network for business growth. http://www.thenewtek.com/network-assessment/

  5. Cloud Assessment • Cloud Assessment is a helpful tool to answer the common questions when asked if the Cloud is right for your business. • As businesses attempt to increase mobility of information and take advantage of reduced hardware and maintenance costs cloud computing can be a normal solution. We understand not only your current IT and business strategies, but also your employee workflow and process that can determine the success of a full cloud solution or a hybrid solution. • We will guide you through the technical Cloud Readiness Assessment process. This includes gathering business drivers as well as determining what IT Cloud solution is best for your strategic business needs. At conclusion you have a well-thought out and complete guide to leveraging the cloud for our business, including strategy, financial impact to your business. http://www.thenewtek.com/cloud-assessment/

  6. Software Evolution • We can help cut through the complexity and provide a clear, understandable evaluation and selection matrix of possible solutions. This includes an important decision of whether to use commercial off the shelf software (COTS) or launch into a custom application development project. • Newtek can provide the unbiased advice needed to ensure a well thought out and data driven decision. • Newtek’s clear and understandable method will guide you through the selection process. In addition to selection, Newtek can handle contract negotiation and even assist in ensuring that the vendor selected delivers the product that was agreed upon. http://www.thenewtek.com/software-evaluation-selection/

  7. Web Analysis And Strategy • It is very important for us that customer gain a clear, usable understanding of their website performance and reach. Newtek being an expert in web analysis and strategy have always helped all the customers to gain that knowledge to identify key issues and opportunities, gain a sharper and clearing understanding of use, create a long term continuous improvement plan and implement ongoing analysis tracing with clear and usable metrics. • We will walk your team through a proven procedure that comprises, strategy, design, usability, information architecture and statistics. Making sure that the site is not only usable and meaningful to the visitor, but also delivers on the business objectives that have been established. • A website is an investment and therefore should be constructed in a way that you can continue to invest in the original foundation. Newtek guarantees that you have the analytic understanding and strategy to build and maintain a site that is appropriate to your business today and into the future. http://www.thenewtek.com/web-analysis-and-strategy/

  8. Contact Us Newtek Address:- 7065 WestPoint Blvd, Suit 311, Orlando, Phone :- 407-915-4433 Fax :- 407-915-4434 Email : - info@thenewtek.com http://www.thenewtek.com/contact/

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