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Gravel Garden - Low Maintenance Garden PowerPoint Presentation
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Gravel Garden - Low Maintenance Garden

Gravel Garden - Low Maintenance Garden

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Gravel Garden - Low Maintenance Garden

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  1. Planting a Low-Maintenance Garden

  2. Low maintenance gardening is a popular trend today. These types of garden can be high on impact and they can be just as stylish as gardens that demand regular attention. This garden can be achieved relatively easily; if you fail to plan it properly it can end up more work than it should. If you are a person who has a limited amount of time and wants to create a low budget and low maintenance garden, then a gravel garden is going to be right choice for you.

  3. If you are interested in this type of garden then the first thing you have to do is to level off the area that you plan on laying the gravel. After leveling it a sheet of membrane should be lay down to stop weeds growing through the gravel. You can add wooden garden furniture such as table, benches and chairs near the gravel area which will look fantastic all year round.

  4. Once the gravel work is over, the next step would be to get a few low maintenance plants and plant them in decorative pots around the garden. The only job you will need to do on this type of garden to keep it looking good is to pull up weeds between gravel after regular interval of time. . If you let your plants grow and weeds appear, it will only take a few months for your garden to become untidy and possibly overgrown with weeds.

  5. You should consider following points when you are planning for a low maintenance garden: Is it for a mature gardener? Are you doing it because you don't like gardening? Is it temporary due to illness or work commitments? Do you still want plants and flowers? Is it because you just don't have time