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Leather Sofas -

Leather Sofas -

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Leather Sofas -

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  1. LEATHER SOFAS is the one stop shop where you can expect to get the finest leather sofa and restoration hardware that you cannot get anywhere else.

  2. Quick guide to buying the best leather sofas online Planning to buy a sofa for your home? Wondering which one will suit the best? Where can you get the finest sofas? Or, which is the best furniture store in Singapore? If you are stuck with handling such questions, then by the time you will end up reading this post you will have answer to all these questions. So let us take a look –

  3. Get to know about the options To begin with you must understand what your home requires. Keeping in mind that there are so many options available in the market when you are looking to buy a sofa or any other type of furniture for that matter, it becomes imperative to have a clear idea about what you want. For instance, whether you want to go for leather sofa, a chesterfield one, or any other design? Once you have a clear idea, you can simply go ahead and visit furniture stores that offer those options.

  4. Have a set budget Another important thing to keep in mind here is to have a fixed budget about the money you can afford to spend on the furniture. The choice of sofa is always going to be dependent on the amount of money you can spend. After all, there is no point running after options that once you finalized end up being out of budget. And I am sure you would not want to decide an option that goes out of your pocket size. So, budget becomes one of the most important things to consider when deciding whether you must go for leather sofas or any other option for that matter.

  5. Compare and Compare Last thing to keep in mind here is to not forget to compare the options offered by various service providers. Considering the fact that different furniture stores in Singapore might be offering similar options at different prices, it becomes imperative to have a thorough look at the options available and the prices at which they are offering the sofas. After all, you would not want to end up spending lot more on something that you could have got at a lesser price.

  6. I am sure those tips are going to help you find the best leather sofa and restoration hardware, and everything else you have been looking for in Singapore. So, what are you waiting for? Begin the search with those tips in mind and see where you end up. Want to buy a chesterfield sofa in Singapore? Visit and check out the options they have to see what you have been missing out on.

  7. Contact Us LOCUS HABITAT (Home For Luxury) Blk18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-06 MIDVIEW CITY, Singapore 573960 Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (11am - 530pm) Close on every Monday Join our Facebook! Tel: +65 6684 1685 M: +65 9756 4169 Fax: +65 3151 8168 Email: