a perfect logo design breathes life to your brand n.
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A Perfect Logo Design Breathes Life To Your - Logo Experts PowerPoint Presentation
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A Perfect Logo Design Breathes Life To Your - Logo Experts

A Perfect Logo Design Breathes Life To Your - Logo Experts

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A Perfect Logo Design Breathes Life To Your - Logo Experts

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  1. A Perfect Logo Design Breathes Life To Your Brand

  2. Logo designing can’t be just explained as a piece of graphics work, it’s an art! It oxygenates identity into a brand, therefore it is called corporate identity or business identity. A logo is considered to be an equity of a brand that is erected over time. A perfectlydesignedlogocancosta$100butwithtimeitachievesaworthofmilliondollars.

  3. It has been seen that some brands have changed their logos slightly but majority of them have stuck to the same. There are a lot of these logo designs that have been available in the market for several years and have an exciting background. In this article, we have tried to discuss some of the famous brand logos and their interestinghistory.

  4. Domino’s • Domino’sis a leading pizza chain that has thousands of outlets worldwide. It holds an interesting logo design that has universal recognition. Tom Monaghan and his brother had started this pizza restaurant, but later on Tom purchased it from his brother and became its whole-n-sole owner. It has a history of three dots in the logo which means it owns three original Domino’s outlets. Tom had an idea behind these dots, he wanted to add a new dot in the logo whenever he opened up a new outlet. But there wasn’t any possibility for it. Just imagine how it would have been looked like if it had thousands of dots.

  5. McDonald’s • McDonald’sis the largest fast food chain in the world with thousands of stores worldwide. Today, it accredits billion-dollar worth. The restaurant has a logo design which is globally recognized, the popular golden ‘M’ or the ‘golden arches’. Though, these golden arches don’t relate to the M in McDonald’s. Actually, there were big golden archways in the original outlet which were designed by the architecture Stanley Meston. The idea behind these arches was to expose the restaurant massively so that it could be seen even from far away. This idea went too successful that the company had decided to utilize it in their logo and it has become a part of it ever since.

  6. Apple • In the world of technology, Apple has a remarkable position. The company has one of the unique custom business logos that has a global recognition. Their logo has some interesting rumors behind it, exclusively with the second logo design that featured a bitten technicolor apple. People had different opinions about it some thought it represents the fruit of knowledge that was eaten by Adam. Some used to say it represents the apple which was eaten by Newton. Another rumor which was widely talked about that it represents Alan Turing, because of the sexual orientation he had. Interestingly, all of these rumors were false. The logo designer of the Apple company Bob Janoff confirmed on several occasions that all the rumors about his design are baseless there is no mystery related to it. He further confirmed that he just wanted to build a unique logo for Apple so people won’t confuse it with a cherry.

  7. About Author: • MoazHamid is a professional logo designer and is working with leading logo design company, Logo Experts, having experienced in designing custom business logos for Dubai based clients. They got a team of professionals in custom business logo design, branding, and web design.