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Is Talent Enough? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Talent Enough?

Is Talent Enough?

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Is Talent Enough?

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  1. PRYDERI Is Talent Enough?

  2. What is Talent? • "Talent" is a term you hear bandied about in all walks of life. It's used constantly to refer to celebrities and famous performers. • In show business, entertainers are often referred to as “naturally gifted” or "the talent“. • We even have “Britain’s Got Talent”. • Sports analysts will talk about an outstanding athlete's "raw talent“, while school children impress audiences full of parents at “talent shows”. • But what exactly is “TALENT”

  3. What is Talent? • Talent can be defined as “"any natural ability or power.“ However does talent really exist? • Are some people born with natural talent or skills that others of us just don’t have? Or do we all have talent? • Is “talented” just a lazy way of us describing someone who is really good at something? • A natural ability can be great but is it worth anything without hard work and perseverance?

  4. Is Talent Enough? • Have any of you said the following or something similar? • “I'll never be as good as them they’re so talented” • “I’m just no good at Maths, I can’t do it” • “I can’t remember what we did, my memory is no good” • If you believe any of the above then you’ve already given up! • We often use talent or a lack of it as an excuse not to try!!!

  5. Is Talent Enough? • Memory – try to remember the following 17 letters • E Z H R B R W O P X W U N M D W Q • Difficult? Impossible? • How long would it take you to be able to do this?

  6. Is Talent Enough? • Now try to remember the following 17 letters • T H E C A T S A T O N T H E M A T • Still impossible? • Why is it easy?

  7. Is Talent Enough? • Why could you remember more letters? • This is called “CHUNKING” and is a technique used by psychologists and memory experts to recall large numbers of digits or numbers. • The reason you could recall the letters second time around is because your brain is programmed to recognise words and sentences since a young age and you have “practiced” the skill of reading • It’s all about practice!!!

  8. Developing Skills • Understanding how to practice and learn is essential in getting better at something. • It is generally thought that to be excellent or an expert at something it takes 10,000hrs of practice. • That is as long as the practice is the right sort!

  9. Is this Talent? • • Does this 7 Year old show talent?? • Yet on April 20th, 2009 she was ranked Number 1 in the world • So how did she get there?

  10. The Value of Practice and Perserverence • Now you may have heard the following lots of times • “Practice Makes Perfect” • Is this true? • What if you practice in the wrong way? • What if you “practice” your maths questions but don’t know if the answers are correct? • Without the right guidance, teaching or coaching how do you know how to practice?

  11. So does Talent exist? • Studies suggest that it is practice and not “talent” that is the key ingredient to success in any walk of life. • Whether it be music, maths, science, sport or art, the correct practice and hard work are the keys to success

  12. What does this mean? • It means that we are all responsible for our own levels of achievement – we have the power to shape our lives as we see fit • If you are not good at something you have the power to change it! • If you put up barriers you will struggle to succeed!

  13. How to be the best you can be? • Practice • Motivation and Hard Work • The right guidance • With these three things anything is possible!

  14. What is impossible? •

  15. Reflection • “Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy”. • Reflect on this quote for 30 seconds. • May Your faith support you