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Mathematics Education in Florida

Mathematics Education in Florida. Florida Association of Mathematics Supervisors October 22, 2014. Middle School Mathematics. The titles of the middle school mathematics courses have been changed as follows :. 2015-2016 Course Descriptions.

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Mathematics Education in Florida

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  1. Mathematics Education in Florida Florida Association of Mathematics Supervisors October 22, 2014

  2. Middle School Mathematics

  3. The titles of the middle school mathematics courses have been changed as follows:

  4. 2015-2016 Course Descriptions • Grade 6 Mathematics Advanced will be revised to contain all the 6th grade standards and certain 7th grade standards (less than half). • Grade 7 Mathematics Advanced will be revised to contain all the 7th grade standards and certain 8th grade standards (less than half). • Grade 8 Pre-Algebra Advanced will be created to contain all the 8th grade standards and certain Algebra 1 standards (less than half).

  5. Liberal Arts Mathematics

  6. The financial literacy standards from the 2007 Next Generation Sunshine State Standards have been removed from the 1207300 Liberal Arts Mathematics 1 and 1207310 Liberal Arts Mathematics 2 courses. New financial literacy standards are included with the social studies standards and placed in the appropriate courses. • Bright Futures, SUS, and NCAA

  7. Algebra 2

  8. The A2 code in the Course Code Directory (CCD) to signify Algebra II and its equivalents no longer exists. Regardless, the following courses will trigger the statewide, standardized Algebra II End-of-Course (EOC) assessment. • 1200330 Algebra II • 1200340 Algebra II Honors • 1209825 Pre-AICE Mathematics 3 IGCSE Level • 1200395 IB Middle Years Program Algebra II

  9. Equally Rigorous

  10. There is no “EQ” code in the CCD for mathematics to signify “equally rigorous.” To meet the requirement of statistics or an equally rigorous mathematics course to receive the scholar designation, the mathematics credit must be attained by successfully completing a Level 3 course, or a college, credit-bearing mathematics course.

  11. Florida Statutes

  12. The law is the decision-maker concerning student requirements, not the Department. • Each school district has a General Counsel to interpret the law. • When in doubt, read the law. • Additionally, many school districts have requirements beyond the law.

  13. Standards and Assessment

  14. Standards • Course descriptions tell which standards are in a particular course. • Standards define what students should understand, know, and be able to do. • Standards tell what to teach, not how to teach it. • Standards are not curriculum.

  15. www.FSAssessments.org

  16. Test Item Specifications • Florida Standards • content and format for item writers and reviewers • alignment of items • information about the scope and function

  17. Where is the Line? • 25 overlapping standards in A1 and A2 • How to teach standards is a local decision. • Guidelines for item writers are not meant to restrict instruction. • Consider the Test Item Specifications to be sure you’re covering at the very least what is found there, BUT remember and consider the mathematical future.

  18. Formulas and Conversions

  19. Formulas Presented

  20. Conversions will be provided in a pop-up window for the grades 5-12 CBT and as a conversion sheet for grade 4.

  21. Recognition

  22. 2013-2014 K-6 Finalists Mathematics • Angela Phillips- Duval • DeeannaGolden- Jackson • Natalie Pelham- Duval Science • Janet Acerra- Pinellas • Alicia Foy- Palm Beach

  23. Sunshine State Scholars • The names of the district Sunshine State Scholar(s) and one alternate are due no later than Friday, November 7, 2014. • The nine districts with enrollments of more than 75,000 (based on 2013 data) that may select two scholarsare Broward, Dade, Duval, Hillsborough, Lee, Orange, Palm Beach, Pinellas, and Polk. • The two-day program will be February 19-20, 2015.

  24. Resources and Communication

  25. www.FLStandards.org

  26. We Can Do This, Florida! K-5 Video Series

  27. CPALMS Beyond StandardsK-5 Video Series

  28. Florida STEM Wiki

  29. Heidi BrennanK-5 Mathematics and Science Education Program SpecialistHeidi.Brennan@fldoe.org(850)245-7805Dr. Jonathan P. KeenerDirector of STEM and 6-12 Science Education Program SpecialistJonathan.Keener@fldoe.org(850)245-0808Debra WillaceyMathematics Education Program SpecialistDebra.Willacey@fldoe.org(850)245-0830 @MathleteDWill

  30. Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts. - Albert Einstein

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