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Romeo and Juliet Act 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Romeo and Juliet Act 1

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Romeo and Juliet Act 1

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  1. Romeo and Juliet Act 1

  2. Where does the play Romeo and Juliet take place? A. Venice, Italy B. Padua, Italy Verona, Italy C. D. Rome, Italy

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  5. What are the two families who maintain a blood feud against each other? A. Capulet and Montague B. Montague and Lawrence C. Paris and Capulet D. Mantua and Montague

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  8. What does Capulet tell Paris to do about Juliet? Forget about her and find someone else. A. B. Win her heart C. Run away with her Wait until she is thirty years old and come back for her D.

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  11. Who says the following quote….. “What drawn, and talk of peace! I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.” A. Benvolio B. Tybalt Mercutio C. D. Friar Lawrence

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  14. Who is Romeo in love with in the beginning of the play? A. Juliet B. Rosaline Lady Capulet C. D. Paris

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  17. How does Romeo know about the feast at the Capulet’s? Capulet’s invited him A. Capulet’s servant asked him to read the list B. C. Rosaline asked him to go D. Tybalt invited him

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  20. Where does Romeo first meet Juliet? Streets of Verona A. B. Feast at the Capulet’s Friar Lawrence’s cell C. Nurse’s chambers D.

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  23. Lady Capulet explains to Juliet all of the following, except A. Juliet will meet Paris at the feast She was married when she was Juliet’s age B. Paris is like a book of love, but he just lacks a cover C. D. She should never get married

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  26. What happens when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time? A. He ignores her B. He falls in love at first sight C. He hides from her He continues to look for Rosaline D.

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  29. Romeo and Juliet Act 2

  30. What does Romeo compare Juliet to? A. Morning Sun B. Lark Beautiful Rose C. D. The Moon

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  33. What does Juliet think will happen if Romeo is found in her family’s orchard? A. He will be invited in B. He will be killed C. He will eat all of the fruit He will be made into a servant D.

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  36. What does Friar Lawrence use for healing purposes? A. Narcotics B. Holy water C. Herbs and flowers D. Meditation

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  39. Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? A. He know they love each other B. He has nothing better to do He thinks they look good together C. He thinks it will stop the family feuds D.

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  42. Why does Tybalt send Romeo a letter? A. To invite him to a feast To congratulate him on his marriage to Juliet B. C. To challenge him to a fight To apologize for being mean to him D.

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  45. What does Juliet’s nurse agree to help her do? Come up with a plan to get Friar to marry Juliet and Romeo A. Plan her wedding dress B. Tell her parents she loves Romeo C. Run away from Verona D.

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  48. Where do Romeo and Juliet secretly meet and for what purpose? The Capulet’s house to tell her parents they love each other A. The streets of Verona to express their love B. Juliet’s balcony to watch the stars C. Friar Lawrence’s cell to be married D.

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