5 ngos that provide eye care facilities n.
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5 NGOs that Provide Eye Care Facilities PowerPoint Presentation
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5 NGOs that Provide Eye Care Facilities

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5 NGOs that Provide Eye Care Facilities

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5 NGOs that Provide Eye Care Facilities

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  1. 5 NGOs That Provide Eye CareFacilities

  2. 1. Lok Kalyan Samiti • Lok Kalyan Samiti is a Delhi based NGO, which offers various programs to help the poor people. • They provide free Eye Care as well as Healthcare Programs to the needy. • It has Two offices, one is in Chakkarpur (Gurgaon) and the other one is in NandNagri (Slum Resettlement Area) in Northeast Delhi. It’s Main Office is Located Near ITO. • In the Eye Care Program, they contain a 40-Bed Hospital and OPD Facilities to Eliminate the Cataract Problem around the Country.

  3. 2. Anugrahadrishtidaan • AnugrahaDrishtidaan is National Level NGO, registered under the Societies Registration Act and Eligible for Tax Relief under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. • Their main focus is to Provide High Quality Eye Care Service Programme all over India. • In the Future, The main Priority they will give to those in the ‘Rural’ and ‘Backward Areas’ and living below Poverty Line.

  4. 3. Mission for vision • Mission for Vision, an NGO Established for the Eradication of Avoidable Blindness. • The origins of Mission for Vision was Through the Tulsi Trust, an Organisation Established by Mr. MithumalTulsiChanrai in 1975, Working as a Non-Profit in the Social Development Sector via Initiatives in the Healthcare, Education, Poverty Alleviation etc. • Their Main Aim is to Focus on Eye Vision to Every Visually Impaired Human Being, Irrespective of Nationality, Religion or Social-Economic Status.

  5. 4. Vision Foundation of india • Vision Foundation of India, Established 25 Years Ago by Dr.Kulin Kothari to make India Blind Free. • From the Last 25 Years, Vision Foundation of India Enabling the Treatment among all Parts of India. • Their main Focus is to Provide High Quality Eye Care Facilities Free of Cost, Through Advanced Infrastructure and Equipments. • They have Operated Lakhs of Patients in India and Conducted Free Eye Camps in Both Rural and Urban Areas.

  6. 5. SightSavers • Sightsavers has worked in India since1966, Treating People with Eye Conditions and Bringing Eye Health Services to the Most Remote Areas of the Country. • They have 3 Eye Care Programs, which Covers Schools, Urban Areas and Rural Settlements, to Deliver Good-Quality Eye Care to Everyone Those who are in Need. • In the Past Five Years, they have worked with many other foundations such as, University of Birmingham, University of Exeter, Cochrane Eyes and Vision, Etc.

  7. To make a donation, Visit : https://www.lokkalyansamiti.in/ Lok Kalyan Samiti Sucheta Bhawan (Near ITO) 11-A, Vishnu Digamber Marg, New-Delhi – 110 002 Contact Person: Mr. Manish Kumar Tel: 011-23235505/23230685/23234564 E-mail ID: lokkalyansamiti1@gmail.com