d ifferent technologies i used over the winter break n.
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D ifferent Technologies I used over the Winter Break PowerPoint Presentation
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D ifferent Technologies I used over the Winter Break

D ifferent Technologies I used over the Winter Break

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D ifferent Technologies I used over the Winter Break

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  1. Different Technologies I used over the Winter Break

  2. I used a Blackberry smartphone I used my blackberry for listening to music and social media. Blackberry can improve by it’s picture and resolution quality. Blackberry can also improve on the durability of their devices so they do not break or get scratched easily.

  3. PlayStation 3 • I used my PlayStation to view Netflix and play NHL 13. • This system can improve by letting us listen to music while playing games.

  4. Computer/PC • I use it for playing computer games and watching movies on the internet. • It can improve by giving me more space and memory.

  5. TABLET( iPad 2) • Use it for watching Netflix, Social Media, Music, and Play games. • It can improve on getting Flash Player on the web. It can also improve by allowing other product accessories to be compatible with the iPad.

  6. IPHONE 4G • I use it when my blackberry battery runs out. I use it to call people and text and listen to music. • Nothing it’s better than the 5.

  7. MY CAR (Toyota Echo) • I will be using my car once I get my Learner’s license. Over the winter break I started my car in the driveway to get it ready for my family to use. • When I sat in the passenger seat, I listened to music on the radio and cds. • It could be upgraded to have a GPS system installed also a video camera and alarm to work when reversing the car.

  8. MY TV • I watch my TV shows, movies and play my video game on my flat screen TV. • TV can improve by having a split screen to allow viewers to watch and play video games at the same time.

  9. My microwave • I use it to heat my food up. • This technology can be improved by having a remote control to operate the microwave.

  10. My refrigerator • I use it for storing my food and my groceries. • The refrigerator could have a built in touch-screen that tells you what food is starting to spoil.