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EVOC-101 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course PowerPoint Presentation
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EVOC-101 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course

EVOC-101 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course

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EVOC-101 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course

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  1. EVOC-101 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course

  2. Agenda • The Situation • What is EVOC-101 and its purpose • Beta-Test Results and PRIMA • Strengths and Opportunities of EVOC-101 • Target Clients • Implementation • The Challenge

  3. M2VAR2 ProjectMunicipal MVA Risk Reduction Project "We identify and define the trends and emerging needs of brokers and the industry, continuing to provide an unparalleled commitment to the best specialized insurance solutions, which result from our proven expertise, experience, and service."

  4. The Situation • Exposure to severe MVA’s in Emergency Scenarios arguably exists at all times • Public Entities have diminishing training budgets • Inconsistent seat belt use • Multiple In-Vehicle Distractions • MVA’s are a controllable Multi-Million Dollar Loss Exposure

  5. EVOC-101 What is EVOC-101 and its purpose?: • To Reduce the Risk of MVA’s during emergency scenarios • To motivate, educate, and increase capabilities of driving through intersections during emergency scenarios • Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (approved and endorsed by International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training and POST)

  6. Risk Rating Index Scale: Range is 125 to 1 Most common risk index for E.V. operators being involved in an intersection accident is probably 60 with 100 being the highest possible. The risk index is in the higher range for muni.’s that ineffectively train on MVA prevention.

  7. Risk Rating Index and more consistent Safe Behavior: Based on Effective Training Captain Hodak, Creve Coeur Police Department: “We have had 2 intersection related accidents now in over a year. In the second accident, the fact that the officer slowed considerably while negotiating the intersection contributed to the accident being decidedly minor.”

  8. Muni. MVA Risk Reduced

  9. Beta-Test PRIMA Participants Test Market Comments: • “It would be very likely that I would promote the use of this system with my 80 PD’s” • “I see a lot of value to this training. I would definitely advocate this training to our Sheriff's Department.” • “Program looks very practical and fairly easy to implement. Meets a lot of the issues related to Emergency Vehicle Operation”

  10. Strengths of EVOC-101 • Reach and Substance • Cost-Effectiveness • Economies of scale by using one risk control technique to address loss exposures on more than one line (WC and AL)

  11. Immediate Feedback

  12. Opportunities • An additional resource from CRL • Supplement or alternative to simulator training • Partner with police academies

  13. Target Clients • Most-Help-Needed based on the highest incurred in Public Entities the last 5 years • PRIMA Beta-Test Participants • Prior to PRIMA Beta-Test Participants • Early Adopters

  14. Overall, use of EVOC-101 will help: • Reduce Auto Crashes and subsequent cost • Serve the law enforcement, firefighter, EMT Communities and the general public

  15. The Challenge • Motivate maximum use • Make use of our influence • EVOC-101: Own it and Promote it