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Bespoke Suits, Anyone? PowerPoint Presentation
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Bespoke Suits, Anyone?

Bespoke Suits, Anyone?

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Bespoke Suits, Anyone?

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  1. Bespoke Suits, Anyone?

  2. You have seen the stars rocking them on TV. Celebrities, political leaders, leaders in general and everybody else who is rich and wants to show it have worn them with dignified pride. There was a time that you had to be well known to get yourself one with a reputable tailor. Nowadays an internet connection may be all you need to be on your way.

  3. They are not off the rack cheap but hey, they start at lower prices than their equivalent twenty or so years back. So what is the big deal about bespoke suits? Aren't they just expensive versions of what you can get from the local clothing store? Yes and no. Yes they are expensive and they look similar. At least from a general standpoint. No because of everything else. It would be like comparing an exotic sports car and an ordinary run of the mill cheap sedan. Bespoke suits will flatter you. They will do this because they are made to fit you and not the other way round.

  4. They also use only the best materials so you will get a durable product. They will be a joy to wear as they will accommodate your body.

  5. The major setback to getting a bespoke suit has always been the price. A great number are content with having only off the shelf suits. As much as there is no problem with that, it is also not a bad investment to get one. With bespoke suits lasting up to twenty years, they are actually cheap in the long run. What would be the harm in pampering yourself with something that you actually need. You are going to buy a suit anyway. It may take some getting used to but you may take solace in the fact that some will fork up to $50000 for a suit! Admittedly it will be made with more expensive material but if the tailor is the same then expect the same quality of work.

  6. If you are planning on getting a bespoke suit its best to keep these tips in mind before you invest your money on a tailor. First off, you need to get a tailor you get along with. You do not have to know a professional tailor prior to getting your suit. The tailor just has to be friendly enough to engage in a conversation.

  7. Remember the tailor is not your servant who you will bark orders to, he is someone you will work together with to build your suit. The sooner you hit it off, the more satisfactory the end product will be. You will need to be patient. A bespoke suit may take months to build. After all it is supposed to be handcrafted. Perfection takes time and this will be evident if you are patient.

  8. You also have to take care of the numbers. It is wise to do a check on where the average price of you desired suit will be. Knowing this will put you at a better position of discussing a price. That being said, do not go for the cheapest option. In this business quality of the finished product is directly proportional to the price. As an alternative you could charm your way to getting a discount as opposed to going cheap. Resources:,-Anyone?&id=8511158

  9. Thank you for reading!