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  1. Hello, everybody. My name is Gary Chen, and I am fifteen years old. I like to play computer games and some sports. I am glad that I can do this video conference with you. And now, I want to talk about my life first.

  2. I go to school from Monday to Friday, and do my homework after school. For me, it is nothing special. But the most interesting thing is that I made some friends on the school bus.

  3. Some of them attended Fenghsin Senior High one or two years ahead of me and some are of the same age as me. And we always play cards when we are going back home. It’s really fun. • Second, I want to talk about my home city ----Kaohsiung.

  4. It is a very beautiful city before, but now, more buildings built in this city. And more motorbikes and cars are running on the street. There are more and more pollution over the city. I am afraid that I won’t like this city anymore in the future. But there still has something very special.

  5. Tall buildings are very popular in Kaohsiung. The tallest building in Kaohsiung has eighty-five floors. I can’t imaging when I am on the top of the tall building, what feeling I will have.

  6. In the building which has eight-five floors, you will see a lot of things. You can go to a theater for movies, a department store for shopping, or a restaurant for lunch. The things there are very very expensive, but they still have many customers. I really can’t believe my eyes. Welcome to Taiwan someday.